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INTERSTATE COMMERCE. Mr. CULLOM. Mr. President, during the last days of the last session of Congress a conference was appointed by the two Houses upon the bill (S. 1532) to regulate commerce. The conferees on the part of the Senate have instructed me to make a report, which I send to the desk.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The conference report will be read. The Chief Clerk read as follows: The committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendment of the House of Representatives to the bill (S. 15:32) to regulate commerce having met, after full and free conference, have agreed to recommend, and do recommend to their respective Houses as follows

Mr. CULLOM. The conferees report an amendment to the Senate bill in the nature of a substitute, and, as the Senate will remember, the bill is a pretty long one, and as it is not my purpose to ask the Senate to yote upon it to-day, because I think it is due to the Senate that every member should have an opportunity of seeing what it is, I do not know that it is necessary to have it read. I ask, therefore, that the report be printed and laid upon the table for action hereafter.

Mr. ALDRICH. I would like to suggest to the chairman of the committee that as this is an important bill, and contains important provisions affecting vast material interests which have never been considered by the Senate, a day certain be fixed for its consideration after the holiday recess.

Mr. HOAR. I hope the Senator from Illinois will not call it up before the holidays.

Mr. CULLOM. It is my purpose to ask that the report be printed, as it is in the natnre of a new bill, laid upon the table, and then to

call it up on Monday or Tuesday of next week. It may be possible, if it is desired on the part of the Senate to discuss it at length, that it may go over the holidays; I do not know how that may be. I hope not, but I am perfectly willing to give fair opportu for discussion, as the Senate has a right to it whether I were willing or not, but I hope no Senator will insist upon a motion to postpone until after the holidays.

Mr. HOAR. The Senator will allow me to make a suggestion to him. This is a matter in which my constituency as that of every other Senator-there is nothing peculiar in my condition-bas a very deep interest indeed, and it is a bill containing, as I understand, a new scheme in part, which demands not only profound study on the part of the legislators who are to vote upon it, but also demands that the business interests of the country should have an opportunity to see it and to make their communications to their representatives here, because every body knows that this is peculiarly one of those cases in which the suggestions that will be made by practical business men will be extremely instructive to legislators. Next week is a time when the holidays are likely to begin, and a day or two before those holidays is always a bad time for the consideration of important measures. I hope the Senator will now, in order to save any trouble, get the Senate to agree that this measure may be assigned for the second day after the holidays. Then we shall be sure of what is going to happen.

Mr. CULLOM. I do not know that Congress is going to have any holidays, so far as an adjournment is considered. All I desire now is to have this report laid upon the table and printed. It is within the power of the Senate to postpone the consideration of it, if it desires to do so, until the first part of next week, when I shall seek to call it up. I think that the probability is that, if there is a desire for discussion, it may then go over further, but I would prefer not to agree to that at this time. I desire to add to my motion that the report be printed; also that the Senate bill, as it passed the Senate, shall be printed with the amendment proposed by the conference committee to the Senate bill in italics, so that every Senator can see exactly what changes are proposed in the Senate bill.

Mr. HARRIS. I desire to suggest to my colleague on the committee that he give notice at this time, the bill being printed as it will be under the order of the Senate made this morning, that on Monday next he will call up the report. Of course a majority of the Senate will determine then whether it will consider it or not; but I think that will give ample time to every Senator to examine the report, examine the bill, and be prepared to act upon it as well then as at any later day.

Mr. CULLOM. That is my purpose.
Mr. PLATT. Mr. President, as this report-

Mr. CULLOM. My present 'motion is that this report be printed and that the Senate bill as passed by the Senate be also printed again, with the amendments proposed in italics, so that every Senator can see exactly the changes made in the Senate bill. I desire that motion to be acted upon by the Senate, after which I shall ask the indulgence of the Senate simply to make a statement of fact as to the changes in the bill.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Senator will have to make his statement before that action is taken, or otherwise, the report being laid on the table, it would not be debatable.

Mr. ALLISON. I wish to make a suggestion to the Senator from Illinois respecting the printing of this bill and report.

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