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Madison, James. Letters and papers of. (8 vols. of drafts, 1780-1835;

I vol. of letters of John Armstrong, 1804-14; 1 vol. of letters of Joseph

Jones, 1780–1804; and i vol. of letters of Edmund Randolph, 1781-1812. Marcy, William L. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1836, Apr. Martin, Thomas. Petition to the Governor of the Natchez District,

1792, Oct.

Maury, Dabney H. Two letters to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1862,

June and July. Miller, John. Release of bond of Col. Anthony Hutchins, 1784, Dec. 31. Morgan, Edwin D. Letter to Maj. Gen. James Bowen, 1866, May. Morrill, Lot M. Letter to William P. Fessenden, 1867, Sept. Nolan, Philip. Account against James Wilkinson, 1800, May. Norman, James C. Letter to William P. Fessenden, 1867, Mar. Perry, Oliver Hazard. Letter to Capt. P. C. Wederstrandt, 1814, Oct. Phillips, Philip. Miscellaneous papers. The Kansas-Nebraska bill

with amendment, and letters from Reverdy Johnson, Stephen Mallory,

and others, 1854–1882. (17 pieces) Phillips, William H. Miscellaneous letters, 1887-93. (3 pieces) Pierce, Franklin. Two letters to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1852, June and

Aug. Pike, Zebulon. Two letters to Capt. Isaac Guion, 1797, June and Aug. Poindexter, George. Letter to J. Jaudon, 1835. Polk, James K. Diary, 1845-49 (24 vols.), and miscellaneous cor

respondence. (About 400 pieces) Porter, David. Letter to Capt. P. C. Wederstrandt, 1810, May. Quitman, John A. Letter to Dr. F. R. Witter, 1855, Feb. Reynolds, Alexander W. Verses to Mrs. William J. Hardee, 1864, Mar. Rodney, Cæsar A. Letter to George Poindexter, 1822, Feb. Schoolcraft, Henry R. Reminiscences of the Tawasentha valley, 1862. Sevier, John. Letter to George W. Sevier, 1812, May. Seward, William H. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1842, June. Sherman, William T. Letter to James Grant Wilson, 1888, Oct. Short, William. Diplomatic, political, and personal correspondence,

1785-95. Shunk, Francis R. Letter to C. L. Ward, 1844. Smith, Hezekiah. Letters, sermons, and diaries, 1762-1805. (33 pieces) Smith, Jonathan. Letter to Benjamin Austin, 1813. Smith, Mrs. Margaret Bayard. Diaries, correspondence, etc., 1798–

Spencer, John C. Letter to Bowen Whitney, 1823.
Spring, Gardiner. Legal opinion, 1824, Aug.
Stanton, Edwin M. Letters to, from cranks and insane people, 1864-5.
Stephens, Alexander H. Letters to J. Barret Cohen, 1864–81. (16

Stevenson, Andrew. Note (1839), July.
Stevenson, Andrew and John. Papers of, 1820-86.
Story, Joseph. Letter to George Poindexter, 1818, Sept.
Strecker, Herman. Letter to De B. Randolph Keim, 1879.
Talleyrand, Auguste, Comte de. Letter to Mons. Osmond, 1825.

Taylor, Zachary. Commission as lieutenant-colonel, 1820, and brevet

colonel, 1834; letter to George Poindexter, 1829, Dec.; contemporary copy of letter respecting his candidacy for the Presidency of the

United States, 1847. Ternant, Jean Baptiste. Letters to Henry Laurens, 1778–83. (2 pieces) Thomas, George H. Letter to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1859, Sept. Tilford, John. Letter to Leslie Combs, 1830. Trescot, William Henry. Letter to Henry Wilson, 1867, Sept. Troup, George M. Letter to Cowles Meade, 1808, Jan. Twiggs, David S. Letter to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1859, Aug. Van Buren, Martin. Letters to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1858, June and

July. (2 pieces) Van Dorn, Earl. Appointment as major-general in the confederate

army, 1861. Vaux, Robert. Letter to Reuben Haines, 1812. Wade, John. Epitaph on his horse, 1795. Walker, Robert J. Guarantee of a note, 1845, Mar. Wallace, George W. Letter to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1859, Aug. Washington, George. Three receipts for household expenses, 1787-91;

photograph of family Bible showing entry of Washington's birth. Weare, Meshech. Official, personal, and family papers, 1683-1786. (95

Weld, Theodore Dwight. Miscellaneous papers, 1836–88. (17 pieces)
Wickliffe, Charles A. Letter to Judge Alexander Porter (1876?]
Wilkinson, James. Letter to Capt. George W. Sevier, 1808, Oct., and

one to Brig. Gen. F. L. Claiborne, 1812, Dec.
Wilson, Henry. Miscellaneous papers, 1852–78. (106 pieces)
Wirt, William. Letter to George Poindexter, 1834, Jan.
Worth, Gorham A. Miscellaneous papers, 1817-51. (41 pieces)
Wright, Silas. Two letters to John Law, 1842, Nov. and Dec.
Young, Brigham. Letter to Luke Lea, 1851, Nov.


United States:

Continental Congress. Resolve on the Confederation, 1786, July

14. Signed by Charles Thomson.
Memorial of Revolutionary officers to Congress, 1792.
Acts to suspend intercourse with France, 1800.
Supplemental embargo act, 1808.
Rights of belligerents, 1808.
Embargo act, 1813.
Vessels detained by the embargo, 1814.
Act establishing the Indian Territory, 1834.
Miscellaneous broadsides relating to the Civil War, Copperhead-

ism, sanitary fair, election tickets, etc. (19 pieces) Confederate States of America:

A prophecy of the southern confederacy (1861). Delaware:

Proclamations: Embargo, 1779; Trade with the enemy, 1782.

Great Britain:

Miscellaneous broadsides, posters, and leaflets of the general elec

tion of 1910.

Jackson, Andrew:

Farewell address to the people of the United States, 1837. (On

silk) Kansas:

Appeal for the Kansas sufferers (1860?). Kentucky:

Mr. (Chilton] Allan's second speech in the Kentucky senate, 1824,

Dec. Louisiana:

Pertinent questions, by R. R. Barrow, 1861.

“Le Porteur de La Renaissance à ses abonnés''[New Orleans], 1864. Massachusetts:

Legislative resolves condemning the war and calling for a conven

tion of New England States at Hartford, 1814. New Hampshire:

Elegies on members of the Sanborn family and George Hancock,

jr., and reprints of various broadsides, 1795-99. Extra of the New Hampshire Patriot, Apr. 19, 1809.

Rules and Regulations of the Portsmouth Democratic club, 186–. New York:

The British King's speech, 1783, Feb. 10.

To the electors of the State of New York (1795).

Board of War announcement, 1777.
Philadelphia prices current, 1784.
Mathew Carey to the Committee of public health of Philadelphia,

1794, Sept.
Coxe & Frazier, trade circular, 1784.

Memorial of the Society of Constitutional Republicans, 1805.
Rhode Island:

Act ordering inhabitants to arm, 1776.
Resolve of general assembly, 1778, Oct.
Report of legislative committee on the state debt, Mar. 17, 1787,

and act for more equal representation in the general assembly. Two broadsides of the political campaign against [Samuel] Eddy

[1821?) Scotland:

Address of the Clan MacLean to King George V. 1910. South Carolina:

Act for levying and collecting certain duties and imposts, 1783,

Aug. 13. Texas:

Governor's proclamation exempting state officers from conscrip

tion in the confederate army, 1864, June. Virginia:

The case of Virginia (1750?].

West Indies:

Bahamas-Nassau prices current, 1785.
Barbadoes—Historical notes and reprints of letters and docu-,

ments, 1625-57. (11 pieces) Miscellaneous:

Anti-slavery broadsides, 1835–46. (7 pieces)
Destiny of the black man, 189-.
Menus of dinners at the Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, 1896–7. (4

Rules and regulations of the Yellowstone National Park, 1887.


British Museum (Additional MSS):
Selections from

5540 Letters and papers of John Cary.
12423 Journal of Proceedings of Colonel Edward D'Oyley,

Jamaica, 1655-1662.
13879 Papers on West India Islands.

Granada, St. Vincent, Dominica and Guadaloupe,

1763-1765; plan of introducing Chinese settlers at

Trinidad, 1805.
13977 Papeles varios de Indias.

[Selections relate to California]
14936 R. Morris, Misc. Collections.
23618 Military Plans and Maps. [Photographic negatives of

Havana, 1762; St. Lucia, 1778; Dominica, 1782] 33440 Correspondence of Comte de Pontchartrain, 1698-9.

34599 Spelman Correspondence.
Newcastle Papers: Official correspondence of Thomas Pelham
Holles, Duke of Newcastle.
Home correspondence:

32687 Vol. II. 1724-1732.
32688 Vol. III. Apr.-Oct. 1733.
32689 Vol. IV. Nov. 1733-Dec. 1734.
32690 Vol. V. 1735-1737.
32691 Vol. VI. 1738.
32692 Vol. VII. 1739.
32693 Vol. VIII. Jan.-13 July, 1740.
32694 Vol. IX.

14 July-5 Sept. 1740.
32695 Vol. X. 6 Sept.-Dec. 1740.
32696 Vol. XI. Jan.-15 May, 1741.
32697 Vol. XII. 16 May-Aug. 1741.
32698 Vol. XIII. Sept.- Dec. 1741.
32699 Vol. XIV. 1742.
32700 Vol. XV. Jan.-July, 1743.

British Museum.
· Newcastle Papers: Home correspondence:

32701 Vol. XVI. Aug.-Dec. 1743.
32702 Vol. XVII. Jan.-Apr. 1744.
32703 Vol. XVIII. May-Dec. 1744.
32704 Vol. XIX. Jan.-July, 1745.
32705 Vol. XX. Aug.-Dec. 1745.
32706 Vol. XXI. Jan.-Mar. 1746.
32709 Vol. XXIV. Oct.-Dec. 1746.
32710 Vol. XXV. Jan.-Apr. 1747.
32711 Vol. XXVI. May-June, 1747.
32712 Vol. XXVII. July-Aug. 1747.

Vol. XXVIII. Sept.-Dec. 1747.
32714 Vol. XXIX. Jan.-Apr. 1748.
32715 Vol. XXX. May-July, 1748.
32716 Vol. XXXI. Aug.-Sept. 1748.
32717 Vol. XXXII. Oct.-Dec. 1748.
32718 Vol. XXXIII. Jan.-July, 1749.
32719 Vol. XXXIV. Aug.-Dec. 1749.
32720 Vol. XXXV. Jan.-May, 1750.
32721 Vol. XXXVI. June-July, 1750.
32722 Vol. XXXVII. Aug.-20 Sept. 1750.

Vol. XXXVIII. 21 Sept.-Dec. 1750.
32724 Vol. XXXIX. Jan.-July, 1751.
32725 Vol. XL. Aug.-Dec. 1751.
32726 Vol. XLI. Jan.-25 Apr. 1752.
32727 Vol. XLII.

26 Apr.-16 June, 1752.
32728 Vol. XLIII.

16 June-July, 1752. 32730 Vol. XLV. Oct.-Dec. 1752. Diplomatic correspondence:

32738 Vol. LIII. Jan.-16 May, 1724.

32739 Vol. LIV. 17 May-July, 1724. Hardwicke Papers: 35407 Vol. LIX. Political correspondence of the first Lord

Hardwicke and the Duke of Newcastle,

1741-1743. 35415 Vol. LXVII. Ditto, 1755-1756. 36125 Vol. DCCLXXVII. Warrants to Solicitor- and Attor

ney-General, 1720-1725. 36127 Vol. DCCLXXIX. Warrants to the Attorney-General,

1727. 36129 Vol. DCCLXXXI. Warrants to the Attorney-General,

1730-1731. 36132 Vol. DCCLXXXIV. Warrants to the Attorney-Gen

‘eral, 1762-1763. 36216 to 36220 Volumes DCCCLXVIII to DCCCLXXII.

Cases on appeal from the plantations to the

Privy Council, 1722-1769.

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