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Maryland: 1808, May. List of vessels in the port of Baltimore pending the

Embargo act. (Transcript) 1845, Mar. Various promissory notes showing the embossed stamp

of the tax of 1845. Massachusetts:

1746. Letter of the Governor to Col. John Stoddard.

1861. Boston election tickets. (2 pieces) Mississippi: 1794-97. Two letters from the Governor of Natchez to Col. Anthony

Hutchins. New Mexico: 1712–1826. Chain of land titles from Juan Gonsales to Julian

Lorenzo Rael de Aguilar. 1785-90. Papers respecting suit against the estate of Clemente

Gutierres by a collector of tithes. New York: 1734. Draft of the charter of the Dutch Reformed Church at

Schenectady. 1764–75. Documents relating to land grants. (8 pieces) Rhode Island:

1744, Aug-Sept. Votes and proceedings of the Legislature. South Carolina: 1776–79. Miscellaneous communications of the Assembly to the

Governor, etc. (6 pieces)
1802. Governor's certificate of Isaac Mott Dart's authority.

1835. Letter of Governor to the Governor of Mississippi. Virginia:

1722–26. Acts of the General Assembly. (28 pages)
1780. A rental for the county of Berkeley for the year. (38 pages)
1782. Letter of the Governor to the President of Pennsylvania.


America, British Colonies in: 1765. Hugh Finlay's distances in America in English miles, and

the population of the different colonies. 1783. Ramsay's observations on the slave trade and sugar cultiva

tion in the colonies, with a letter from W. P. Perrin re

specting the same. Great Britain: 1646–1715. Index of marriage licences in the Vicar General's Office

by Sir Isaac Heard. 1662-1740. Miscellaneous Revenue papers, abstracts, estimates,

etc. of the military establishment and other exXV Century. Cartularium Sancti Johannis de Beverly. On vel

penses. Copies made for Lord Polwarth. 1665–85. London News Letters. Daily letters sent from Whitehall

and London to William Scott and other Scotch lairds. (9 vols.)

lum. (1 vol.) XV-XVI Centuries. Reports of legal cases under Henry VI in

various counties, relating mainly to monas

teries. (1 vol.)
Reports on various counties during the reign of Henry VII by

J. Lucas. (1 vol.)
XVI Century. Reports of legal cases in reigns of Henry VII, Henry

VIII, Edward VI, Philip and Mary and Eliza

beth, by William Benloe. (1 vol.) Reports of legal cases in the reign of Henry VI, Edward IV,

Richard III and Henry VII, supposedly by John Jenoure.

(1 vol.) XVII Century. Genealogical collections of Yorkshire (The New

march and Neville families) by Richard Gas

coigne. (1 vol.) 1808. Passport for the American schooner Union, signed by the

King and Lord Hawkesbury. Indians: 179-. Daniel McGillivray's list of debts of the Upper Creek

1803. Letter of John Sergeant to Rev. Solomon Williams.

1813. Ferdinand L. Claiborne's talk with Pushamataha. Italy:

Beverini, Bartolomeo. Notizie di molte famiglie de Lucca.

1697. (1 vol.) Journals and Diaries:

Cutler, Manasseh. Common-place book kept at Yale College, 1762.

(Typewritten transcript) Owner, William. Diary kept during the Civil War. 1860–67.

(9 vols.)

Waddel, Moses. Diary and miscellaneous sermon briefs, 1824-26. Letter-books:

Beverly, Ro ert. 1761-93. (1 vol.)

De Berdt, Dennys. 1765–70. (1 vol.) Mexico: 1849. Petition of Pasquier de Dommartin to the Chihuahua Con

gress. 1876. Nicholas Del Monte. Loa que ha de cantarse en el Real

Coliceo de Mexico. Orderly books:

1777. Fragment of a British orderly book in South Carolina.

1792. Orderly book of the 2d United States Infantry. Philippines:

Papers [relating to the Real Compañia de Filipinas]: Reflections

as to the future of the port [in South America) for a mercantile expedition from Manila; route that should be taken from Manila to Callao; new and direct route from the Philippines to Lima and extract of occurrences at the port [of Manila?] 1799–1800. (In Spanish)


Baptist Records. Miscellaneous correspondence of Dr. S. Chapin,

William Ruggles, Solon Lindsley and others relating to church matters and Columbian College in Washington, D. C. 1822–36.

(55 pieces) Dowie, John Alexander. Circular, tithe card, etc. with coupon

stock certificates of the Zion City organization, 1902–21. (7

pieces) Shakers. Hymn and song books, religious writings, mortality

records, letters, account books, etc. etc. of the community at

Union Village, Ohio. (54 vols. and loose documents)

Stone, John Seely. Sermon.
Slave Papers:

Appraisals of slaves, 1783–1814. (7 pieces)
Barchelot Deshubres, Carlos E. Slave mortgage, 1786. (In


Wilkins, Thomas. Bill of sale of negroes, 1789. South America:

Colombia. Correspondence between President Murillo, Secretary

of Foreign Affairs Samper and the French Consul at Quito respecting the Panama Canal, 1862-4. Originals and copies.

(20 pieces) Union Soldiers' Alliance. Menus of annual banquets, 1880-1909. West Indies:

Bahamas. Miscellaneous documents, 1756–86, including a list of

the Loyalist refugees from East Florida, 1785. San Domingo. Traité de police . pour les colonies fran

çaise et espagnole de St. Domingue, 1776; letter from President Buenaventura Baez to De B. Randolph Keim, 1869.


Adams, John Quincy. Letter to George Poindexter, 1807, Nov.
Andros, Thomas. Letter to Rev. Preston Cummings, 1834.
Armstrong, George. Letter to [Benjamin?] Chew, 1766.
Astor, John Jacob. Letter to Elbert Herring, 1835, Aug.
Babcock, Orville Ellis. Letters to Gen. Adam Badeau, 1872–81. (14

pieces) Baird, Samuel J. Correspondence with prominent ministers relative

to church affairs, Presbyterian doctrine, etc., 1841–75. (652 pieces) Barbour, James. . Letter to George Poindexter, 1820. Barbour, Philip P. Letter to George Poindexter, 1822. Bautista, Francisco. Receipt, 1847. Beauregard, Pierre G. T. Letters to J. F. H. Claiborne and Maj. Gen.

Earl Van Dorn, 1860-2. (4 pieces) Bell, Andrew. Letter to Cornelia Bell, 1777. Bend, George. Letter to Andrew Bell, 1784. Benton, Thomas H. Orders, 1814, Sept.; letter to the Secretary of

War, 1829, May.

Biddle, Nicholas. Letter to James G. Wilkins, 1828, Mar.
Boudinot, Elisha. Letter to

-? 1783
Bragg, Braxton. Two letters to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1862–3.
Branch, Joseph. Letter to George Poindexter, 1831, Mar.
Breckinridge, James D. Letter to the cashier of the Lexington Bank,

1826. Breckinridge, John C. Letter to Major Kimmel, 1862, July. Brinsmade, Daniel. Order for pay, 1777. Brown, John. Extracts of letters relating to the arms captured at

Harpers Ferry, 1859. (Typewritten transcripts) Buchanan, James. Letter to the President of the United States, 1838,

Jan. Burr, Aaron. Note to Maj. Isaac Guion (1805, July] Carroll, William. Letter to George Poindexter, 1815, Feb. Cass, Lewis. Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, 1823, Jan. Clay, Henry. Miscellaneous letters, 1805-44. (6 pieces); letter to

J. F. H. Claiborne, 1845, June. Clayton, John M. Letters to Zachary Taylor, 1849. (5 pieces) Clinton, De Witt. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1827, Mar. Corwin, Thomas. Letter to Mrs. J. M. Williams, 1832, Mar. Cutter, Calvin. Biographical sketch. Crallé, Richard K. Miscellaneous papers of. 1814–61. (81 pieces) Crosman, George H. Letter to Lt. Col. Thomas F. Hunt, 1845, Aug. Cushing, Caleb. Letter to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1845, July. Dallas, George M. Letter to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1856, Oct. Davis, Jefferson. Two letters to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1861–2;

letter to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1877, Oct.; letters to Crafts J. Wright,

1876–78. (Originals and typewritten copies) Davis, Mrs. Varina. Letters to Martha (Phillips), 1865-8. (6 pieces) Dearborn, Henry. Letter to Capt. George W. Sevier, 1808, June. Duane, William, jr. Letter to J. Livergood, 1841. Duer, W. A. Letter to S. B. Ruggles, 1857. Dunglison, Robley. Letter to Dr. Hartshorne, 1845. Du Ponceau, Pierre Étienne. Letter to Nicklin & Griffith, 1804. Eaton, John Henry. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1823, Aug. Edwards, Daniel. Letter to Abraham Lincoln, 1864, Mar. Everett, Edward. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1830, Apr. Ewing, Thomas. Letter to J. S. Perley, 1864. Fessenden, William P. Letter to James C. Norman, 1867, Mar. Fillmore, Millard. Letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1858,

Oct. Gaines, Edmund P. Letters to Capt. James McDonald, 1811, Nov.;

to the Secretary of War, 1845, and to Brig. Gen. Roger Jones, 1845,
Galan, Francisco X. Receipt to Philip Nolan, 1799, Apr.
Gallatin, Albert. Letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1826,

Garland, John. Letter to Samuel A. Abbot, 1820.
Gerry, Elbridge. Papers of. 1797-1801. (47 pieces)


Girod, S. C. F. Letter to J. Joicher, 1798, June.
Govett, William. Letter to Nathaniel Appleton, 1790.
Granger, Gideon. Letter to Governor David Holmes, 1815, Jan.
Gratz, Benjamin. Two letters to Maj. John Tilford, 1837, Nov.
Grimké, Angelina and Sarah M. Letters, 1836–71. (11 pieces)
Grundy, Felix. Letter to George Poindexter, 1825, Jan.; letter to the

Secretary of War, 1831, Sept.
Guion, Isaac. Letter to Capt. Stephen Minor, 1798, Jan. 3.
Hamilton, Alexander. Certificate and passport to Capt. John Johnson,

1780. Hamilton, Paul. Letter to George Poindexter, 1810, Sept. Hamlin, Hannibal. Letters to W. P. Haines, 1849-54; two letters to

Ferguson Haines, 1882. (9 pieces in all) Hampton, Wade. Letter to Capt. [James] McDonald, 1811, Oct. Hardee, William J. Letter to Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, 1858, Nov. Harrison, Burton, collection. Miscellaneous papers of Samuel Jordan

Harrison and Jesse Burton Harrison; papers relating to the break-up of the Confederate government, Jefferson Davis, James Madison,

etc. (102 pieces) Harrison, William Henry. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1826, Sept.;

letter to George Poindexter, 1834, June. Hennery, Catherine. Letter to Edwin M. Stanton, 1865, May. Hoge, Moses. Life of. (1 vol.) Houston, Samuel. Letter to the Secretary of War, 1831, Nov. Hoyt, J. Letter to Capt. C. L. Ward, 1846. Hull, A. M. H. Letter to Mrs. Atwood [n. d.] Ingersoll, Jared and John Sergeant. Letter to Richard Peters, 1812. Ingham, Samuel D. Letter to George Poindexter, 1832, Jan. Izard, Ralph. Certificate of authorship of a letter, 1778, Oct. Jackson, Andrew. Letter to George Poindexter, 1823, July; letter to

the Secretary of War, 1830, Jan. Jefferson, Thomas. Speech to the Cherokees, 1809, Jan. Johnson, Edward. Letter to J. F. H. Claiborne, 1844, Dec. Johnson, Richard M. Letters to George Poindexter, 1815, July; Maj.

John Tilford, M. T. Scott, and Toler Cash, 1823-39 (20 pieces); to the

Secretary of War, 1836, April; protest of his draft, 1819. Klingensmith, John. Letters from his constituents, 1832–4. (12 pieces) Laurens, Henry. Correspondence and papers, 1775-99. (63 pieces) Laurens, John. Miscellaneous papers, 1777-80. (8 pieces) Lawrence, Abbott. Circular to U. S. Consuls, 1850. Lever, Charles. Letter to Anne -? 1872, Nov. Lewis, Meriwether. Letter to Capt. Ferdinand L. Claiborne, 1801, Mar. Lewis, William. Letter to Dr. [William] White, 1812. Lincoln, Abraham. Letter to the Secretary of the Interior, 1849, June;

to John Addison, 1850, Sept. Livingston, Edward. Letter to George Poindexter, 1833, Jan. Longstreet, James. Letter to J. F. H. Claiborne [1877], Dec. McLean, John. Letter to William Ward, 1825; to Mathew Carey, 1826. Madison, Dorothea Payne. Miscellaneous letters and papers, 1838–48.

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