Report to the Congress: Extensive Use of Military Personnel in Civilian-type Positions

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1. lappuse - civilians shall be utilized In all positions which do not require military incumbents for reasons of law, training, security, discipline, rotation, or combat readiness, or which do not require a military background for successful performance of the duties involved.
6. lappuse - Congress created the Bureau of the Budget (now the Office of Management and Budget) to review the morass of agency budgetary information and to approve agency budget requests.
25. lappuse - The Passenger Reservation Center at Travis Air Force Base schedules international air travel for all DOD personnel on flights made on military or commercial aircraft originating from the west coast. The Center was authorized 57 military positions and 37 civilian positions. Installation officials stated that 49 of the 57 military positions could be filled by civilians.
6. lappuse - No person shall be appointed as a full-time civilian employee to a permanent position in the executive branch during any month when the number of such employees is greater than the number of such employees on June 30, 1966.
9. lappuse - At three Navy bachelor officers' quarters located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 109 military positions were authorized to provide services to and housekeeping for officers using these quarters. Navy officials agreed that all 109 positions could be filled by civilians. A shortage of funds was cited as a factor considered in not having civilians assigned to these positions.
26. lappuse - ... military staffing mix at all levels. We believe we have an adequate program. It is not necessarily a problem of transferring money. Mr. FLYNT. As an example, the GAO stated that "1,746 military personnel were assigned to garrison units at Fort Carson, which were authorized a total strength of 806. These units were responsible for performing administrative maintenance, and operating functions — housekeeping-type duties — at the installation. Duties performed by most of these personnel could...
9. lappuse - Survey teams are not giving serious consideration to substituting civilians for military personnel, and survey team findings are not always reported to headquarters. For example, in June 1970, the Marine Corps initiated a study to determine the maximum number of military positions that could be converted to civilian positions. At Camp Pendleton 478 of the 2,351 military positions reviewed were considered to be suitable for conversion.
9. lappuse - ... end year civilian ceilings accordingly. Mr. FLYNT. For example, the GAO found that "At the Security Police Squadron, Travis Air Force Base, Calif., 19 military personnel were being used in clerical or administrative positions. Base officials agreed that civilians could be used in 13 of these positions. The officials stated that placing civilians in these positions would release military security policemen for police-type work and would make more military security policemen available for overseas...
25. lappuse - ... possible. Mr. DAVIS. Tending to support some of our previous discussion here, in that GAO report, General, there appears the following: "These Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, requested an authorization for 13 additional civilian and 74 military positions to handle an increased workload for its ADP installation. Officials at the base stated that they did not request more civilian positions and less military positions because of civilian employment ceilings.

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