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compenfation to the door-keepers of the two To the door Houfes, for fervices which have been hereto- keepers, fore rendered, or may be rendered in the recefs of Congress for the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two, and certified by the Prefident of the Senate or Speaker of the Houfe of Reprefentatives, in manner required by law, for like fervices during feffions, fhall be difcharged out of the money herein before appropriated for the contingent expenfes of the two Houfes of Congress.


civil lift,

of courts,

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That for discharging certain liquidated claims upon the For liquiUnited States, for making good deficiencies in claims, deormer appropriations for the fupport of the ficiencies in civil lift-establishment, and for aiding the fund payment of appropriated for the payment of certain officers officers, &c. of the courts, jurors and witneffes, and for the & ten cutestablishment of ten cutters, there fhall be appropriated a fum of money not exceeding one hundred and ninety-feven thousand, one hundred and nineteen dollars, and forty-nine cents; that is to fay,


For discharging a balance due on a liquidated claim of his moft Chriftian Majefty against Balance the United States, for supplies during the late due his war, nine thoufand and twenty dollars, and majesty. fixty-eight cents.


For payment of the principal and interest on Claim of a liquidated claim of Oliver Pollock, late com- o. Pollock, mercial agent of the United States, at NewOrleans, for fupplies of clothing, arms and military fores, during the late war, one hundred and eight thoufand, fix hundred and five dollars, and two cents: Provided, That the faid monies be not paid to the faid Oliver PolVOL. H. B

Deficiencies of civil


For fundry expenfes.

lock, without the confent of the agents of the court of Spain.

For making good deficiencies in the last appropriations for the compenfations to fundry officers of the civil lift-eftablishment, five thoufand four hundred and feventy-one dollars.

For defraying fundry authorized expenses to the commiffioners of loans in the feveral ftates, twenty-one thousand dollars.

For defraying a balance of certain liquidated and contingent expenses in the treafury-department, two thoufand eight hundred dollars.

For defraying the additional expenses of the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, nineteen thoufand feven hundred and feventy-two dollars and feventy-nine cents.

For making good a deficiency in former appropriations, to difcharge the expenfes to clerks, jurors and witneffes in the courts of the United States, five thousand dollars.

For the maintenance and repair of lighthouses, beacons, piers, ftakes and buoys, fixteen thousand dollars.

For the expenfe of keeping prifoners committed under the authority of the United States, four thousand dollars.

For the expense of clerks and books in arranging the public fecurities, two thousand four hundred and fifty dollars.

For the purchase of hydrometers for the use of the officers in the execution of the laws of revenue, one thoufand dollars.

For the farther expenfe of building and equip ping ten cutters, two thousand dollars.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That for

ment for

the fupport of the military establishment of the For milita United States, in the year one thousand seven ry establishhundred and ninety-two, the payment of the 1792. annual allowances to the invalid penfioners of the United States, for defraying all expenfes incident to the Indian department, and for defraying the expenses incurred in the defensive protection of the frontiers against the Indians, during the years one thousand feven hundred and ninety, and one thousand feven hundred and ninety-one, by virtue of the authority vefted in the President of the United States, by the acts relative to the military establishment, paffed the twenty-ninth of September, one thousand feven hundred and eighty-nine, and the thirtieth of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, and for which, no appropriations have been made, there fhall be appropriated a fum of money, not exceeding five hundred and thirty-two thoufand, four hundred and forty-nine dollars, feventy-fix cents, and two thirds of a cent; that is to fay,

For the pay of the troops, one hundred and two thousand fix hundred and eighty-fix dollars.

For fubfiftence, one hundred and nineteen thousand, fix hundred and eighty-eight dollars, and ninety-feven cents.

For clothing, forty-eight thousand dollars. For forage, four thousand one hundred and fifty-two dollars.

For the hofpital-department, fix thoufand dollars.

For the quarter-master's department, fifty thousand dollars.

For the ordnance department, feven thou

Compenfation to fun


fand two hundred and four dollars and fixtyfour cents.

For the contingent expenfes of the war department, including maps, hire of expreffes, allowances to officers for extra-expenfes, printing, lofs of ftores of all kinds, advertifing and apprehending deferters, twenty thousand dollars.

For the discharge of certain fums due for dry oficers, pay and fubfiftence of fundry officers of the late army, and for pay of the late Maryland line, for which no appropriations have been made. ten thoufand four hundred and ninety: dollars, and thirty-fix cems.

To invalid

For the payment of the annual allowances penfioners. to invalid penfioners, eighty-feven thoufand four hundred and fixty-three dollars, fixty cents and two thirds of a cent.

Indian de

For defraying all expenfes incident to the partment. Indian department, authorized by law, thirtynine thoufand four hundred and twenty-four dollars, and seventy-one cents.

Frontiers, For defraying the expenfes incurred in the defenfive protection of the frontiers, as before. recited, thirty-feven thoufand, three hundred and thirty-nine dollars, and forty-eight cents.

for the feveral ap



Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the The funds feveral appropriations, herein before made, fhall be paid and discharged out of the funds following, to wit; firft, out of the fum of fix hundred thousand dollars, which, by the act, intituled, “An act making provifion for the debt of the United States," is referved, yearly, for the fupport of the government of the United States, and their common defence; and fecondly, out of fuch furplus as shall have accrued to

the end of the prefent year, upon the revenues
heretofore established, over and above the fums
necessary for the payment of intereft on the
public debt during the fame year, and for fa-
tisfying other prior appropriations.

of the House of Reprefentatives.

JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President of the United
States, and Prefident of the Senate.
APPROVED, December twenty-third, 1791:
Prefident of the United States.


An Act for carrying into Effect a Contract between the United States and the State of Pennfylvania.


OR duly conveying to the state of Pennfylvania a certain tract of land, the rightto the government and jurifdiction whereof was relinquifhed to the faid ftate by a refolution of Congress of the fourth day of September, in the year one thousand feven hundred and eighty eight, and whereof the right of foil has been fold by virtue of a previous refolution of Congrefs of the fixth day of June in the faid year;

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re- Tract of prefentatives of the United States of America in land conCongress affembled, That the Prefident of the veyed to PennfylvaUnited States be authorized, on fulfilment of nia on certhe terms ftipulated on the part of the state of tions.

tain condi

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