Local Enforcement of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, United States Senate, Eightieth Congress, Second Session, on S. 2452, a Bill to Amend the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938, as Amended, with Respect to Local Enforcement of Safety Regulations of Civil Aviation, and for Other Purposes. May 17, 1948

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1948 - 50 lappuses
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44. lappuse - Air commerce" means interstate, overseas, or foreign air commerce or the transportation of mail by aircraft or any operation or navigation of aircraft within the limits of any civil airway or any operation or navigation of aircraft which directly affects, or which may endanger safety in, interstate, overseas, or foreign air commerce.
40. lappuse - Interstate air transportation", "overseas air transportation", and "foreign air transportation", respectively, mean the carriage by aircraft of persons or property as a common carrier for compensation or hire or the carriage of mail by aircraft...
39. lappuse - States; and (c) a place in the United States and any place outside thereof, whether such commerce moves wholly by aircraft or partly by aircraft and partly by other forms of transportation.
39. lappuse - Foreign air carrier" means any person, not a citizen of the United States, who undertakes, whether directly or indirectly or by a lease or any other arrangement, to engage in foreign air transportation.
40. lappuse - Every air carrier shall maintain rates of compensation for all of its pilots and copilots who are engaged in overseas or foreign air transportation or air transportation wholly within a Territory or possession of the United States...
26. lappuse - That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about, for example, the Mad River, or the Naugatuck River, which are not navigable.
44. lappuse - overseas air commerce", and "foreign air commerce", respectively, mean the carriage by aircraft of persons or property for compensation or hire, or the carriage of mail- by aircraft, or the operation or navigation of aircraft in the conduct or furtherance of a business or vocation...
41. lappuse - The issuance, denial, transfer, amendment, cancellation, suspension, or revocation of, and the terms, conditions, and limitations contained in, any certificate authorizing an air carrier to engage in overseas or foreign air transportation, or air transportation between places in the same Territory or possession...
30. lappuse - ... rights and carrying new threats which society could meet with timely adjustments only by prompt invocation of legislative authority. However useful parallels with older forms of transit may be in adjudicating private rights, we see no reason why the efforts of the Congress to foster and regulate development of a revolutionary commerce that operates in three dimensions should be judicially circumscribed with analogies taken over from two-dimensional transit.
37. lappuse - We find no indication that the Congress either entertained or fostered the narrow concept that airborne commerce is a mere outgrowth or overgrowth of surface-bound transport. Of course, air transportation, water transportation, rail transportation and motor transportation all have a kinship in that all are forms of transportation and their common features of public carriage for hire may be amenable to kindred regulations. But these resemblances must not blind us to the fact that legally, as well...

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