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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1975

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19. lappuse - ... pictures of Jupiter and its inner moons, and provided much new information on its turbulent atmosphere and cloud currents, its bizarre Red Spot, its murky interior and the surrounding magnetic, electrical and radiation environments. Pioneer 10 is now beginning a five-year extended mission — to reach the orbit of Saturn in 1976, and the orbit of Uranus, the present limit of earth spacecraft communications, in 1979.
6. lappuse - Administrator to have significant value in the conduct of aeronautical and space activities. Each application made for any such award shall be referred to the Inventions and Contributions Board established under section 305 of this Act.
5. lappuse - States to observe this week with appropriate ceremonies and activities. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this...
19. lappuse - Communication Satellite — First RCA Domestic Communications Satellite (Reimbursable) Scientific satellite to investigate the properties in interplanetary space close to the Sun— Cooperative with Germany Experimental High Powered Communications Satellite — Cooperative with Canada Comsat Communications Satellite — Reimbursable Comsat Maritime Communications Satellite — Reimbursable Second RCA (Satcom) Domestic Communications Satellite — Reimbursable Communications Satellite for the North...
12. lappuse - for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency or safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year.
28. lappuse - ... lunar orbit flight. During the time Dr. Low directed the program, five manned flights were flown, including Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in July 1909.
7. lappuse - Health Aides who relied on radio consultation with the nearest outside hospital in case of serious illness or accident. The Secretary also told us about the formation of a ... Public Service Satellite Users Consortium — a national organization of health and educational organizations which feel they can both use and pay for a special high-power satellite communication service. This represents the first attempt to form a sufficient market of small independent users to attract private investment capital...
25. lappuse - Viking mission is to advance significantly "knowledge of the planet Mars by means of observations from Martian orbit and direct measurements in the atmosphere and on the surface. Particular emphasis...
5. lappuse - That the sum of $5,000 a year, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for five years is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available, for experimental work and investigations undertaken by the committee, clerical expenses and supplies, and necessary expenses of members of the committee in going...
15. lappuse - To the Congress of the United States: I am pleased to transmit this report on the activities and accomplishments of the United States in aeronautics and space in 1974. This is in accordance with Section 206 of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended (42 USC2476).

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