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Manuals Available from the Clearinghouse

One copy of these manuals has already been distributed to each LSC-funded office. Additional copies are available for purchase.

The Right to Health Care: An Advocate's Guide to the
Hill-Burton Uncompensated Care and Community Services Requirement,
by Armin Freifeld.

This manual provides a comprehensive examination of the obligations of certain health care institutions to provide medical care without charge to low-income people and to meet other obligations to make necessary care available under the federal Hill-Burton program. The manual includes an overview of the Hill-Burton program and describes problems of noncompliance and ineffective enforcement that have plagued the program. It also provides detailed discussion of the regulations covering community service and uncompensated care obligations imposed on 7,000 institutions nationwide by Hill-Burton. Included with this manual is an update written by Michael Dowell of the National Health Law Program. This update, entitled “Public Facility Hill-Burton Uncompensated Care Compliance Alternative," summarizes recent amendments to federal regulations that provide public medical facilities with an alternative means of complying with Hill-Burton requirements.

$15, Clearinghouse No. 41,900 (326pp.), ISBN 0-941077-16-0.

Women, Poverty, and Child Support, by Paula Roberts.

This manual includes articles originally published in the Child Support series in Clearinghouse Review and updates to the original articles. Areas covered include the right to counsel in paternity proceedings, blood testing, AFDC custodial parents and the IV-D system, the attorney-client relationship and the IV-D system, an AFDC mother's right to counsel in custody proceedings instigated by the IV-D agency, expedited processes and child support enforcement, federal and state income tax intercepts, income withholding, and the additional remedies available under the Child Support Enforcement Amendments of 1984.

$15, Clearinghouse No. 41,980 (166pp.), ISBN 0-941077-15-2.

An Advocate's Guide to the Medicaid Program,
by Roger Schwartz of the National Health Law Program.

This manual offers a concise yet detailed description of the federal Medicaid program. Administration of the program, eligibility, and services are the main topics covered. This edition replaces the widely used 1980 edition of the same title.

$8, Clearinghouse No. 40,200 (66pp.), ISBN 0-941077-00-4.

An Advocate's Guide to the Medically Needy Program,
by Jane Perkins, National Health Law Program, and Lucien Wulsin.

This manual describes thoroughly one aspect of the Medicaid program: that dealing with persons considered “medically needy” under the Medicaid laws and regulations. Main topics covered are operation of the medically needy program, medically needy income levels, state implementation of federal regulations governing spend down, and administrative barriers to eligibility.

$10, Clearinghouse No. 40,250 (120pp.), ISBN 0-941077-01-2.

State and Local Government Responsibilities to Provide Medical Care for Indigents, by Michael Dowell of the National Health Law Program.

This manual focuses on medical care available for poor people who are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. The first part of the manual describes the different kinds of responsibilities state and local governments have, or may have, to provide indigent care. The second part of the manual provides a state-by-state analysis of relevant laws.

$25, Clearinghouse No. 40,275 (384pp.), ISBN 0-941077-02-0.

Single sets of the four health-related manuals may be purchased for $45.

Overpayments of Veterans Administration Benefits,
by Keith Snyder of the National Veterans Legal Services Project.

This manual describes the statutes, regulations, and internal VA policies to be followed in cases where the Veterans Administration claims an overpayment of benefits has been made.

This manual is particularly timely since the VA has recently increased collection efforts through consumer reporting agencies and the Internal Revenue Service.

$15, Clearinghouse No. 39,980 (236pp.), ISBN 0-941077-11-X.

Adult Domestic Violence: Constitutional, Legislative and Equitable Issues, by Ann Marie Boylan and Nadine Taub.

This study examines domestic violence legislation to disclose the range of issues addressed, to set forth alternative provisions, and to suggest problems raised by some statutes. The authors review policy choices and drafting problems, examine the basis for and obstacles to relief in equity, consider constitutional difficulties posed by provisions for ex parte relief, and discuss the option of having judges who persistently disregard the concerns of abused women disqualified or disciplined.

$5, Clearinghouse No. 31,841 (430pp.), ISBN 0-941077-12-8.

Clearinghouse Review Cumulative Index: 1967-1984,
compiled and edited by Katherine Stevenson and Fay Dickerson.

This index is a convenient and comprehensive two-volume reference set for researching Clearinghouse files. It is a complete compilation of indexes from the first 17 years of the Clearinghouse Review—September 1967 through April 1984. Volume I lists all articles and columns appearing in the Review, arranged by author and by subject. Volume I also provides an alphabetical casetable to over 18,000 cases that have appeared either in the Case Developments or Advance Sheet Highlights sections of the Review. The casetable provides detailed information on the cases reported in the Review, including the history of the case as the case progressed and as it was reported in the Review, court citations and dates of decisions, cross-references to case name changes, and the Clearinghouse Number assigned to a case. Volume II of the Cumulative Index consists of the subject matter index detailed according to the Clearinghouse's thesaurus of poverty law terms.

Copies of the two-volume index are available for $50 each ($75 outside the continental U.S.) (792pp.), ISSN 0009-868X.

Final Evaluation Report Demonstration Project: Computer Assisted Legal Research and Technological Improvements, by Legal Services Corporation.

This 1981 report compares the relative merits of the Lexis, Westlaw, and Juris computer-assisted legal research systems based on the results of a three-year study by six demonstration computer research projects in the legal services system and a controlled comparison project. The effects, acceptance, cost, efficiency, and responsiveness of the systems are compared under varying program activities. Each system is evaluated on the basis of cost, training and materials, responsiveness to user needs, average search time, comprehensiveness, reliability, and efficiency and effectiveness in retrieving useful cases.

$5 (Special Sale Price), Clearinghouse No. 32,789 (223pp.), ISBN 0-941077-13-6.

Interstate Child Custody Disputes and Parental Kidnapping: Policy, Practice and Law, by Patricia M. Hoff, Joanne Schulman, Adrienne E. Volenik, and Jean E. O'Daniel.

This manual examines the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) and the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act of 1980 (PKPA), state and federal statutes that have been enacted to minimize conflict between states in the conduct of child custody proceedings. Judicial decisions interpreting these laws, strategies for litigating interstate jurisdictional disputes, and the policies underlying the UCCJA and the PKPA are also discussed.

Topics include jurisdiction; judicial duties and powers; pleading and notice requirements; interstate procedures for adducing evidence; interstate recognition and enforcement of custody determinations; attorney fees, costs, and expenses; international child custody disputes; constitutional issues; retroactivity and judicial adoption of the UCCJA; location of abducted children; “child snatching tort suits”; and legal ethics.

The appendices contain the texts of the UCCJA, the PKPA, UCCJA state variations, criminal custodial interference laws, a state-by-state table of UCCJA cases, an annotated bibliography of parental kidnapping and interstate child custody cases, and various forms and pleadings.

$25, Clearinghouse No. 35,967 (500pp.), ISBN 0-941077-03-9.

Policy Analysis Skills Series,
by the National Social Science and Law Center.

Interpreting Evaluation Studies of Social Services Programs, Clearinghouse No. 38,475 (67pp.), ISBN 0-941077-06-3. Presenting Numbers Clearly in Judicial and Public Hearings, Clearinghouse No. 35,969 (103pp.), ISBN 0-941077-07-1.

Budget Analysis as a Monitoring Technique, Clearinghouse No. 35,968 (120pp.), ISBN 0-941077-08-X.
Using Consultants and Experts Effectively in Legal Services, Clearinghouse No. 35,970 (68pp.), ISBN 0-941077-09-8.

These four manuals offer guidance to advocates on obtaining, interpreting, and using statistics and numerical data, state and local budget documents, and consultants and expert testimony. The manuals are available separately for $8 each; the four-volume set is available for $25.

Preserving HUD-Assisted Housing for Use by Low-Income Tenants: An Advocate's Guide, by Sara E. Johnson and the National Housing Law Project.

This book examines HUD's statutory, regulatory, and HUD Handbook authority over the foreclosure, disposition, and transfer of physical assets of HUD-insured or subsidized property, with the applicable law for Section 8, Section 221(d)(3), and Section 231 properties. Topics include:

• HUD Handbook chapters and issues;
• low-income housing tax shelters;

challenging HUD's decision to foreclose on cooperative and nonprofit owners of subsidized housing; and
project conditions and preservation of low- and moderate-income housing.
$25, Clearinghouse No. 38,900 (484pp.), ISBN 0-941077-05-5.

Representing Older Persons: An Advocates Manual, by the National Senior Citizens Law Center.

This manual presents detailed analyses of selected legal issues of concern to senior citizens: age discrimination; home- and community-based long-term care; Medicaid; Medicare; nursing homes; private pensions; protective services; and railroad retirement, social security, and SSI benefits.

$15, Clearinghouse No. 38,950 (124pp.), ISBN 0-941077-10-1.

Truth in Lending Case Summaries (Third Edition), by the National Consumer Law Center.

This handbook examines attorneys' fees, class actions prior to and under the 1974 amendments, consumer credit transactions, creditor defenses, creditor liability, damages, requirements under disclosure provisions, exemptions, federal courts, authority and expertise of the Federal Reserve Board, open-end credit, remedies, rescission, limitations periods, and TILA. Every chapter includes brief case summaries; citations; and reference to either Regulation Z, 12 C.F.R. § 226, or TILA (Consumer Credit Protection Act), 15 U.S.C. $$ 1601 et seq.

$15, Clearinghouse No. 22,250 (350pp.), ISBN 0-941077-04-7.

Water Law: A Growing Dimension of Poverty Law; A Water-Law, Resource and Litigation Manual
for Low-Income Advocates,
by Margot J. Steadman and Alice G. Hector.

This manual addresses water problems affecting poor people as to water quality, quantity, and pricing. The authors examine federal, state, and local water pollution remedies affecting water quality and discuss rate structure, uniformity and discrimination in ratesetting, and termination procedures. They analyze water supply problems in terms of conservation measures, access to municipal service, and federally funded water projects. The publication includes charts, maps, bibliographies, and other appendices.

$20, Clearinghouse No. 33,680 (538pp.), ISBN 0-941077-14-4.

Bulk Rates

Bulk discounts are available for training sessions or other purposes. For bulk rates, contact Michael Leonard at the Clearinghouse.


NP Clearinghouse Book The Law of Age Discrimination:

A Reference Manual

by Burton Fretz and Neal Dudovitz

of the
National Senior Citizens Law Center

This manual examines federal laws dealing with the issue of discrimination on account of age. The majority of the information deals with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and its amendments, as well as the actions of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in administering and enforcing the Act. Topics include coverage, administrative exhaustion, civil actions, defenses, remedies, and jury instructions. Also treated are possible causes of action under the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and the federal constitution.

The 120-page manual is available from the Clearinghouse. One copy has already been distributed to each LSC-funded legal services office and law school legal clinic and each Administration on Aging-funded legal services office. Additional copies are available for purchase for $15 per copy; order Clearinghouse No. 42,450. A bulk rate of $12 per copy for orders of 15 or more to one address for pro bono panels or workshops is also available. Non-LSC-funded offices may order copies at the regular price.

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