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Action Alliance of Senior Citizens of Greater Philadelphia v.
Bowen (34,403).

.165 Albany County Dep't of Social Servs. v. Englehardt

.195 Aldrich v. Bowen (30,542)

.184 Allison v. Allison

.191 Amanullah v. Nelson

.195 American Fed'n of Gov't Employees v. Weinberger

.192 Amoco Prod. Co. v. Village of Gambell

.196 Anderson v. Lyng (40,136]

.170 Arghandiwal v. County of Contra Costa (42,318).

.189 B., Derek, In re (42,330)

179 Baird v. Herrmann

.191 Bales ex rel. Proffitt v. Word (42,375]

.175 Benavides v. Benavides (41,417)..........

164 Biggs v. Lyng (39,955)

.170 Bixler v. Children & Youth Servs. of Delaware County (42,317) 178 Blassingame v. Secretary of Navy..

.198 Boddy v. Fare (42,384)

.175 Bolden v. Alston .

.196 Bolthouse v. Continental Wingate Co. (41,765)

.173 Bowen v. Gilliard (6986)

.186 Bradshaw v. Heckler ..

197 Breff v. Hialeah Hous. Auth. (42,383).

176 Brown v. Artery Org., Inc. (41,944)

.176 Burch v. Barker ......

191 Butler-Bey v. Frey

.197 Byrd v. Bowen (42,316)..

.182 Clouter v. Bowen (41,998)..

.162 Coalition of Bedford-Stuyvesant Block Ass'n v. Cuomo

.195 Coleman v. White (42,346)

.188 Colorado v. District Court

.195 Community for Creative Non-Violence v. Pierce (38,505) .164 Cook Inlet Native Ass'n v. Bowen

196 Cornelius ex rel. Goree v. Secretary of HHS (42,336).

.182 Cristiano v. Courts of the Justices of the Peace (42,382)

.166 Curtin, Thomas J., In re (42,345)

.184 Deel v. Lukhard (42,328)..

.187 Delgado v. Bowen..

.197 De Vaul v. Bowen (42,315).

.163 Dixon v. Bowen (42,381).

182 Doe v. Roe (42,401)......

.168 Duerksen v. Transamerica Title Ins. Co.

193 EEOC v. Westinghouse Elec. Corp.

193 F. v. Cambridge School Dep't (42,344)

.164 Fears, In re (42,320)

186 Federal Land Bank of Wichita v. Bott

197 Field er rel. Coon v. Heckler (42,335)..........

183 Fields v. City of Omaha...

191 Fraga v. Bowen.

197 G., In re (42,011).

.184 Garrett v. Lyng (23,198)

172 Gomex v. Texas Employment Comm’n (42,337)

185 Grant v. Cuomo.....

195 Greenwich Gardens Assoc. v. Pitt (42,343)

178 Gruter Found., Inc. v. Bowen

.194 Hadden v. Bowen (42,327)


Hager v. Prudential Ins. Co. (42,314)
Heath v. Wood (42,342).
Henson v. East Lincoln Township (30,808]
Hladki v. Jeffrey's Consol., Ltd..
Hodge v. Dade County (42,380)
Hodges v. Arkansas Dep't of Human Servs. [42,334)
Housing Auth. of New Orleans v. Wilson (42,398]
Huskey v. Kentucky (42,326)
Hutchison v. Sallee (42,325).
Jackson v. City of New Rochelle (42,313).
Jameson v. Bowen (42,312).....
Jimenez v. Cohen (40,185)
Jimenez v. Honig
Johnson v. Transportation Agency, Santa Clara County, Cal.
Kalaw v. Ferro.....
Kidney ex rel. Kidney v. Kolmar Laboratories
Kidney ex rel. Kidney v. Kolmar Laboratories
Knapp v. Secretary of HHS .....
Koons v. Hillcrest Children's Home (42,333)
Lewallen v. Ledbetter (41,201)
Linquist v. Bowen (30,109)
Little Rock Wastewater Util. v. Stiles..
Loewenhagen v. Benson (42,379)
Luna v. United States
Marquis v. United States Sugar Corp.
Marshall, In re (42,378).
Maynard v. Mac Askill (42,338)
McCugh v. Texas Dep't of Human Resources (40,513)
McDiarmid v. Economy Fire & Casualty Co. (32,940)
McGrew v. Johnson (42,332)......
Miller v. Hepburn Orchards, Inc. (42,324)
Mueller v. Midwest Collection Servs. [42,377)
Mundy v. Johnston Memorial Hosp. (42,323).
Nelson v. San Diego County Board of Supervisors (41,441]
Newland v. Vista Golden Age Leisure Home, Inc. (42,347]
New York ex rel. Abrams v. Hamilton .......
Norals v. Schneider Bros., Inc..
O., In re (42,341).
O'Connor v. Ortega
Olivares v. United States (41,433)
Otto Kaiser Memorial Hosp., In re (42,385)
Pang v. Maimonides Medical Center-Maimonides Hosp.
Peery v. Rutledge (42,376)
Peters v. Weatherwax
Planned Parenthood Ass'n of Utah v. Dandoy
Poteat v. Employment Sec. Comm'n of N.C.
Potter v. Bowen.
Price v. Wilzack (41,527]
Quinones v. Coler
Rivera v. INS
Robinson v. Bowen (42,331)
Robinson v. Pinderhughes
Roxse Homes, Inc. v. Secretary of HUD (42,322)
St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center v. Twin Falls County.
Samuels v. District of Columbia (39,840)
Sanchez v. Rowe.



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195 194 194 197 169 .187 .181 .198 169

198 .196 .185 .181 174 166 .190 180 .167

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194 .194

198 .197


193 .195 .183 193 177 194 .176 .191

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