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Positions: Four staff attorney positions: 3 at 2 neighborhood law offices; 1 at program's office for the elderly.

Responsibilities: Participation in a full range of representational activities within program's priority areas.

Walker T. Thompson, Project Director Position: North Country Legal Services seeks
Bronx Legal Services

an attorney to work in its office located in
579 Courtlandt Ave.

Plattsburgh, New York.
Bronx, NY 10451, (212) 993-6250

Background: The service area is large and
extremely rural. Opportunity offers challenging

general practice poverty law (with an emphasis New York-Housing Unit Director on administrative law issues) in a pristine natu

ral environment. Position: Housing Unit Director.

Responsibilities: Attorney will handle caseload Responsibilities: Supervision of attorneys and

and develop community education projects on paralegals; performance evaluations; develop- issues concerning the developmentally disabled. ment of unit litigation strategies and skills. In addition, the attorney will handle a general training programs; responsibility for impact

caseload. litigation.

Qualifications: Member of New York State bar Qualifications: Substantial housing litigation

and experience or a demonstrated interest in the . experience in federal and state courts; admis- practice of poverty law is preferred; candidate sion to New York bar; strong supervisory skills;

will be expected to take the next NYS bar exam some appellate and federal practice experience if not currently admitted; a sensitivity to the helpful.

needs of low-income people is essential.

Qualifications: Favorable qualifications include admission to the New York bar and litigation experience in an area of poverty law.

Closing Date: When filled.

Salary: $22,560 to $47,698 per annum depending on the year of law school graduation.

Applications: Send resume to:

Walker T. Thompson, Project Director

Bronx Legal Services

579 Courtlandt Ave. Bronx, NY 10451, (212) 993-6250

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New York-Staff Attorneys

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Positions: Seeking attorneys—recent graduates and experienced for all divisions including tort, general litigation, family court, commercial litigation, affirmative litigation, and administrative law.

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Peyton Whiteley, Executive Director

Oregon Legal Services 516 S.E. Morrison, Suite 1000 Portland, OR 97211, (503) 234-1534

OregonStaff Attorney

Position: Senior Citizens' Attorney.

Responsibilities: Work with 4-person benefits team" handling the full range of benefits cases, including state and federal appeals work; responsible for senior citizens' issues.

Diane Kemelman
New York City Law Department

Ohio Staff Attorney
100 Church St.
New York, NY 10007, (212) 566-8696

Position: Advocates for Basic Legal Equality,
Inc. (ABLE), seeks a staff attorney for its Rural

North Carolina Staff Attorney

Responsibilities: Under general supervision of Position: Staff Attorney.

Managing Attorney, staff attorney handles indi

vidual service caseload, impact litigation, and Responsibilities: He/she will be responsible for

works with client and community groups in a regular caseload, assisting in developing and addressing the legal problems of the poor. maintaining positive working relationships with the client community, and participation in the

Qualifications: Applicant must be member of daily operations of a legal services program.

Ohio bar or willing to take next exam; excellent

writing and oral communication skills; prior Qualifications: Licensed to practice in North experience in legal services preferred. Carolina or eligible for admission by comity; sensitive to the needs of low-income people and Closing Date: When filled. possess the ability to relate to persons of all educational and economic backgrounds.

Salary/Benefits: $18,000-$35,000 D.O.E.; ex

cellent fringe benefits. Opening/Closing Date: Closed when filled.

Applications: Send resume to:
Salary/Benefits: Starting salary is $17,230
D.O.E.; excellent fringe benefits package.

Staff Attorney Position

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE) Applications: Send resume to:

740 Spitzer Bldg.

Toledo, OH 43604, (419) 255-0814
Kathy Joyner
Eastern Carolina Legal Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 2688
Wilson, NC 27894, (919) 291-6851

Oregon-Director, Native American


Qualifications: Minimum 2 years experience, primarily in benefits; commitment to benefits work; desire to work with community groups and to develop client strategies.

Opening/Closing Date: Open until filled.

Salary/Benefits: $18,000 + D.O.E.; liberal fringe benefits.

Applications: Send resume to:

Laurence H. Hamblen, Executive Director
Lane County Legal Aid Services, Inc.

376 E. 11th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401, (503) 342-6056

Oregon-Staff Attorney

Position: Staff Attorney.

Responsibilities: This is an entry-level, general practice position, which will develop emphasis area later.

Position: Director, Native American Program Ohio Experienced Legal Services

(NAPOLS), Oregon Legal Services (OLS). Attorney

NAPOLS is an impact-oriented unit that repre

sents tribal governments. Position: Experienced legal services attorney to work in consumer/government benefits unit.

Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the

Executive Director, the NAPOLS Director manBackground: Canton has the lowest metropoli- ages the Native American component of OLS tan cost of living in the State of Ohio and 7th including supervising personnel, coordinating lowest in the nation.

litigation, promoting and maintaining a good

working relationship with tribes and advisory Qualifications: Must have minimum of 2 years board; performing administrative duties, includexperience in a legal services program as a

ing budgeting; maintaining caseload. The posilicensed attorney.

tion necessitates extensive in-state travel.

Qualifications: Demonstrated interest in domestic relations, government benefits, or senior citizens legal work; 2 years related experience preferred but not required.

Opening/Closing Date: Open until filled.

Salary/Benefits: $16,800+ D.O.E.; liberal fringe benefits.

Applications: Send resume to:

Opening/Closing Date: Open until filled.

Qualifications: Solid and extensive background

in federal Indian law; administrative ability and Salary/Benefits: $21,000 to $33,000 D.O.E.; experience; commitment to legal services for excellent fringe benefits including dependents.

Indian people; ability to work well and super

vise in team setting; ability to communicate and Applications: Send resume to:

work well with people of diverse backgrounds.

Laurence H. Hamblen, Executive Director
Lane County Legal Aid Service, Inc.

376 E. 11th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401, (503) 342-6056

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Staff Attorney

Applications: Send resume to:

Position: Staff Attorney.

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South Carolina-Staff Attorney

Position: Staff Attorney.

Responsibilities: Provide legal services to lowincome persons in a 2-county area.

• Please use the handy form printed at the beginning of each job ads

section. If for some reason you cannot use the form, which automatically indicates to us that you are placing an ad and not sending in a posting, please stipulate on your correspondence that you are en

closing a job ad. • Although we prefer that you send a check for the proper amount with

your ad, we can bill you the proper amount if it will be more

convenient for you. • Please keep in mind that the August and September issues are

combined and that a job ad for August will not appear until September. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Qualifications: Member of South Carolina bar or willing to take next bar exam; willingness to work with low-income and minority clients.

Opening/Closing Date: Continuous recruitment until filled.

Background: Yakima, a city with a population of 80,000 people, is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, approximately 50 miles east of Mount Rainier National Park. This office also serves the community of Ellensburg, which is a college town 30 miles from Yakima.

Responsibilities: Varied caseload, primarily in ties (including 3 Indian reservations); total anhousing, family, and public benefits areas; some nual funding of $670,000. Initial responsibiliadministrative and supervisory responsibilities ties primarily in administration, program man(less than 10 percent).

agement, and development of staff training plan

with later expansion of litigation role. Qualifications: Virginia bar membership or eligible for reciprocity; preference given to candi- Qualifications: Minimum 5 years legal services dates with 2 years experience.

experience, with demonstrated management, ad

vocacy, leadership, and interpersonal skills; memOpening/Closing Date: Open until filled. ber of at least 1 state bar and eligible to take the

next Washington state bar exam. Salary/Benefits: $17,000-$23,655 D.O.E., plus liberal fringe and leave benefits.

Opening/Closing Date: Open until filled.

Responsibilities: The attorney will be responsible for the delivery of legal services to lowincome citizens of both counties. The attorney will maintain a reasonable caseload and, under the supervison of the office Directing Attorney, will advise gruops, aid community organizations in planning goals, and establish contacts with the local courts, bar associations, etc.

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Qualifications: Member of the Washington State bar or willing to take the next bar exam; ability to speak Spanish is required.

Opening/Closing Date: Immediate opening.

Executive Director Search Committee

c/o Sally Pritchard
Spokane Legal Services Center

N. 14 Howard, Suite 310
Spokane, WA 99201, (509) 838-3671

Washington-Executive Director

Salary: Dependent upon experience; minimum starting salary is $18,278 per year.

Applications: Send resume to:

Position: Executive Director, Spokane Legal
Services Center, Spokane, Washington.
Responsibilities: Overall administration of a

Washington Staff Attorney
1-office (plus a rural area PAI panel) program
with 7 attorneys, 5 paralegals, a PAI coordina- Position: Evergreen Legal Services is seeking a
tor, a deputy director, an accountant, and 7 staff attorney for its Yakima-Kittitas office lo-
support staff; serves 1 urban and 4 rural coun- cated in Yakima, Washington.

Patrick McIntyre, Deputy Director

Evergreen Legal Services

101 Yesler, Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 464-5933

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