A Classical Tour Through Italy An. MDCCCII...

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Glaucus Masi, 1818
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433. lappuse - Mantua me genuit : Calabri rapuere : tenet nunc Parthenope : cecini pascua, rura, duces.
207. lappuse - I must not pass over the well known exhibition that takes place in St. Peter's on the night of Good Friday, when the hundred lamps that burn over the tomb of the apostle are extinguished, and a stupendous cross of light appears suspended from the dome, between the altar and the nave, shedding over the whole edifice a soft lustre delightful to the eye and highly favourable to picturesque representations.
266. lappuse - Oenotria tellus 85 in dubiis responsa petunt : hue dona sacerdos cum tulit et caesarum ovium sub nocte silenti pellibus incubuit stratis somnosque petivit, multa modis simulacra videt volitantia miris et varias audit voces fruiturque deorum 90 conloquio atque imis Acheronta adfatur Avernis.
42. lappuse - The palaces of these fortunate nephews are the most costly monuments of elegance and servitude ; the perfect arts of architecture, painting, and sculpture, have been prostituted in their service, and their galleries and gardens are decorated with the most precious works of antiquity, which taste or vanity has prompted them to collect.
343. lappuse - Latin writer j that at an early period of the Roman republic , the tract of country afterwards included in the marshes contained thirty-three cities, all of which gradually disappeared before the ravages of war, or the still more destructive influence of the increasing fens. These fens are occasioned by the quantity of water carried into the plain by numberless streams that rise at the foot of the...
255. lappuse - Lucus erat, quem medium ex opaco specu fons perenni rigabat aqua, quo quia se persaepe Numa sine arbitris velut ad congressum deae inferebat, Camenis eum lucum sacravit, quod 4 earum ibi concilia cum coniuge sua Egeria essent.
199. lappuse - ... the two deacons that kneel at his feet with the book of the gospels, and resigning his tiara, stands while the gospel is sung in Latin and in Greek ; after which he commences the Nicene creed which is continued in music by the choir. When the creed and the psalm that follows it are over, he descends from his throne, and approaching the altar with the same attendants and the same pomp as in the commencement of the service, he receives and offers up the usual oblations, fumes the altar with frankincense...
156. lappuse - Far behind and above it rises the matchless Dome, the justly celebrated wonder of Rome and of the world. The colonnade of coupled pillars that surround and strengthen its vast base, the graceful attic that surmounts this colonnade, the bold and expansive swell of the dome itself, and the pyramid seated on a cluster of columns, and bearing the ball and cross to the skies, all perfect in their kind, form the most magnificent and singular exhibition that the human eye perhaps ever contemplated. Two...
154. lappuse - PETER'S. From the bridge and Castle de St. Angela, a wide street conducts in a direct line to a square, and that square presents at once the court or portico, and part of the Basilica. — When the spectator approaches the entrance of this court, he views four rows of lofty pillars sweeping off to the right and left in a bold semicircle. In the centre of the area formed by this immense colonnade, an Egyptian obelisk, of one solid piece of granite, ascends to the height of one hundred and thirty feet...
385. lappuse - Posilipo rose close behind it, with churches and villas, vineyards and pines scattered in confusion along its sides and on its ridge, till, sloping as it advanced the bold hill terminated in a craggy promontory. On the left at the end of...

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