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$ 1. Amends section 105 Act of 1872.

$ 105. Provides that thirty days must


(HOUSE BILL No. 782. APPROVED JUNE 26, 1917.) An Act to amend section 105 of an Act entitled, “An Act in regard to

the administration of estates," approved April 1, 1872; in force July 1, 1872.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That section 105 of an Act entitled, “An Act in regard to the administration of estates," approved April 1, 1872; in force July 1, 1872, be amended to read as follows:

$ 105. The notice required in the preceding section may be given at any time after the filing of the petition, and shall be published once in each week for four successive weeks, and no default or proceeding shall be taken against any defendant not served with summons, and not appearing, unless thirty days shall intervene between the first publication, as aforesaid, and the first day of the term at which such default or proceeding is proposed to be taken.

APPROVED June 26, 1917.

PROCEEDINGS TO SELL REAL ESTATE OF DECEDENTS TO PAY DEBTS. f 1. Constructive notice to be from time of filing bill of complaint or petition-who

deemed subsequent purchaser-notice as to property outside of county where suit is brought.

(HOUSE BILL No. 343. APPROVED JUNE 11, 1917.) As Act concerning constructive notice of suits in equity, proceedings to

sell real property of decedents to pay debts, or other suits in the nature of suits in equity, involving real property.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That every suit in equity, proceeding to sell real estate of decedent to pay debts, or other suit in the nature of suits in equity, affecting or involving real property, shall, from the time of the filing of the bill of complaint or petition, be constructive notice to every person subsequently acquiring an interest in or a lien on the property affected thereby and every such person and every person acquiring an interest or lien as aforesaid, not in possession of said property and whose interest or lien is not shown of record at the time of filing such bill of complaint or petition, shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed a subsequent purchaser and shall be bound by the proceedings to the same extent and in the same manner as if he were a party thereto. If in any such suit, complainant or petitioner

shall neglect or fail for the period of six months after the filing of the bill or petition, to cause notice to be given the defendant or defendants, either by service of summons or publication as required by law, then such bill or petition shall cease to be such constructive notice until service of summons or publication as required by law, is had. Provided, however, that no such suit or proceeding shall be constructive notice as aforesaid, either before or after service of summons or publication, as to property situated outside of the county where the suit or proceeding is brought, nor shall subsequent purchasers be bound thereby, as aforesaid, until a notice setting forth the title of the cause, the court where it was brought, a description of the real estate affected thereby, and the general object thereof, which may be stated briefly and in general terms, shall be filed in the office of the recorder of deeds in the county where such property is located.

APPROVED June 11, 1917.



$ 19. Seal. 8 1. Title of Act.

§ 20. Employment, subject to civil serv


of necessary employees$ 2. “Department" defined.

compensation. $ 3. Departments of state government $ 21. Hours of labor of employees. created.

$ 22. Employee entitled to annual leave $ 4. Department heads-directors, offi

of absence. ces created.

§ 23. No employee sl:all be paid for ex$ 5. Executive and administrative offi

tra services.
cers and boards and commis-

$ 24. Civil service-application of law. 6. Advisory and non-executive boards, § 25. Annual report to Governor by di

rectors of departments-other 8 7. Qualifications of members of ad

reports. visory non-executive boards,

§ 26. Cooperation by directors of depart$ 8. Powers and duties.

ments. $ 9. Salaries of administrative and ex § 27. Money received by departments ecutive officers,

payment into State treasury. § 10. Advisory and non-executive boards $ 28. Contracts for buildings and sup. to receive no compensation,

plies let to lowest bidder-ad

vertisement bids "official $ 11. Executive and administrative offic

newspaper." ers to devote entire time to duties-shall hold no other posi § 29. Contracts for fuel-approval by tion.


[blocks in formation]
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THE DEPARTMENT OF REGISTRATION AND § 62. Functions and duties of State enEDUCATION,

tomologist, State laboratory of § 58. Shall

natural history, State water surhave power to exercise

vey and State geological survey rights, powers and duties vested

to be exercised at University of in

1. Board of education of the
State of Illinois


§ 63. Board of natural resources and boards of trustees of State

conservation-duties-board of normal schools ;

State museum advisors.
2. State board of veterinary
examiners ;

$ 64. Acts and parts of Acts repealed.
3. Board of examiners of horse-

$ 65. Repeal a dato. 4. State board of examiners of


(HOUSE BILL No. 279. APPROVED MARCH 7, 1917.) An Act in relation to the civil administration of the State government,

and to repeal certain acts therein named.

GENERAL PROVISIONS. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: This Act shall be known as "The Civil Administrative Code of Illinois.

$ 2. The word "department," as used in this Act, shall, unless the context otherwise clearly indicates, mean the several departments of the State government as designated in Section 3 of this Act, and none other.

§ 3. Departments of the State government are created as follows:
The Department of Finance;
The Department of Agriculture;
The Department of Labor ;
The Department of Mines and Minerals;
The Department of Public Works and Buildings;
The Department of Public Welfare;
The Department of Public Health ;
The Department of Trade and Commerce;
The Department of Registration and Education.

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