Lapas attēli

Jawful in U. S., 64.
unlawful in England, 64.
of contraband articles,

extended to the neutral
ships, 143.
for breach of blockade,

Common law adopted in the se- Consuls, no judicial authority, 42

[blocks in formation]

no privileges of public

ministers, 44.

U. S., law concerning

them, 42.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Court, Supreme, its jurisdiction, | Diplomatic agents to the Barbary
when a state is a party,
States, 45.

323. 327.
or a state is interested,
its power to enforce its
appellate decrees,316.

321. 441.
is confined to matter of
record, 326.
Courts, U. S. Circuit, their gene-
ral powers, 301–303.
District, their general pow-
ers, 303-305.
jurisdiction as prize
courts, 356.
cognizance of captures
on the coast, 29.
criminal jurisdiction,


limits of admiralty juris-
diction, 365.

jurisdiction as Instance
Courts, 378.

civil jurisdiction, 381.
Territorial Courts, 383.
State Courts with federal
powers, 306.
U. S. courts not controlled
by state courts, 409.
may set aside unconsti-
tutional laws, 449-

Cowell's Inst. 508.

Direct taxes, 254.
District of Columbia, 256, 349.
District Courts-see Courts, U.S.
Doctor and Student, by St. Ger-
main, 504.
Documents of neutral vessels,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

when so in matters of

commerce, 74.

by possessing the ene-

my's soil, 74.

by residence, 76–81.
by sailing under his flag,


how regarded by the old
law, 89.
English decisions, their weight on
national questions, 69.
Ex post facto laws, 408.


243. Feudal rule as te assistance in
war, 50.

Decisions, judicial, force of, 473.
Declaration of war, 52-55.
of independence, 208.

Delictum, 86. 123. 152.
Despatches to enemy, 152.
Diebitsch, Count, his moderation
in war, 92.

Fearne's Treatise, 514.
Finch's Treatise, 509.
Fitzherbert's Abr. 508.
Flag of the enemy, sailing under,


[blocks in formation]


Jurisdiction of U. S. Courts.

Supreme Court,

as to persons, 343

when a state is a
party, 323. 327.
when a foreign so-
vereign sues,
none at common law
in criminal cases,

common law influ-
ence in civil ca-
ses, 341.

See Courts U.S.

Jus civile Papirianum, 517.
Jus in rem and jus in re, 177.
Jus postliminii, 108.

Jus pretorium, 528.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

knowledge of it from ju- Laws,

unconstitutional, void, 448

dicial decisions, 18.



[blocks in formation]

states, 19 Law Reports, their necessity and

ordinances of

opinions of ju-
rists, 19.

new principles since the

age of Grotius, 71.
its sanctions, 181, 182.
its application to assist-
ance to new states,


value, 473, 474. 496.
old, character of, 486.
modern, 488.

Letter of credence, 40.
License to trade with the enemy.

coming from the enemy,
void, 85,

[blocks in formation]

License to trade with the enemy, | Nations, their rights survive re-

valid with the power

granting it, 163.

limitation of time and

place, 164.

not to be granted by an

ally, 69.
necessary to bring home
property, 61.
Lien of U. S., 245, 246. 248.

Littleton's tenures, 503.

[blocks in formation]

volutions, 25.
assistance to allies, 49,

rights and duties as neu-

trals, 135-158.

rights as belligerents,
47-64. 90-113.

National character, test of, 76—

Naturalization laws, 423.

Ne-exeat, writ of, 300.


Neutrality, rules of, declared by

U. S. 122.

great value of, 115.
armed, 126, 127.

Neutrals, title of captors in their

ports, 109-121.
their rights and duties,


must be impartial, 116.
may fulfil prior engage-
ments, 116.

to judge of the casus fœ-
deris, 117.
carriers of enemy's pro-

perty, 117. 124.
their goods in enemy's
vessels safe, 117. 128.

their territory inviola-
ble, 107.

to restore captures made
within it, 121.
may shut their ports to
prizes, 123.
allowed freight for ene-
my's property, 125.
claims by the Baltic neu-
trals, 126-131.
no legal claim to free
ships free goods, 129.

restrictions on neutral

trade, 135-158.
rights and duties as to
blockades, 143-152.
not to carry enemy's de-

spatches, 152.

subject to right of
search, 153

character tested by do-
micil, 75

question of trade with ene

my's colonies, 81-85.

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