America and the Permanent Court of International Justice

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World Peace Foundation, 1923 - 393 lappuses

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367. lappuse - The jurisdiction of the Court comprises all cases which the parties refer to it and all matters specially provided for in the Charter of the United Nations or in treaties and conventions in force 2.
365. lappuse - If in any such case the member of the Court and the President disagree, the matter shall be settled by the decision of the Court. Article 25 1. The full Court shall sit except when it is expressly provided otherwise in the present Statute.
368. lappuse - The official languages of the Court shall be French and English. If the parties agree that the case shall be conducted in French, the judgment shall be delivered in French- If the parties agree that the case shall be conducted in English, the judgment shall be delivered in English.
370. lappuse - Should a state consider that it has an interest of a legal nature which may be affected by the decision in the case, it may submit a request to the Court to be permitted to intervene.
364. lappuse - Every member of the Court shall, before taking up his duties, make a solemn declaration in open court that he will exercise his powers impartially and conscientiously.
369. lappuse - The decision of the Court has no binding force except between the parties and in respect of that particular case.
365. lappuse - If, for some special reason, a member of the Court considers that he should not take part in the decision of a particular case, he shall so inform the President.
369. lappuse - The Court must, before doing so, satisfy itself, not only that it has jurisdiction in accordance with Articles 36 and 37, but also that the claim is well founded in fact and law.
345. lappuse - Hague tribunal into a permanent tribunal composed of judges who are judicial officers and nothing else, who are paid adequate salaries, who have no other occupation, and who will devote their entire time to the trial and decision of international causes by judicial methods and under a sense of judicial responsibility.
352. lappuse - Differences which may arise of a legal nature, or relating to the interpretation of Treaties existing between the two Contracting Parties, and which it may not have been possible to settle by diplomacy...

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