United States Circuit Courts of Appeals Reports: With Key-number Annotations ... V. 1-171 [1891-1919].

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West, 1915

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402. lappuse - It is a finality as to the claim or demand in controversy, concluding parties and those in privity with them, not only as to every matter which was offered and received to sustain or defeat the claim er demand, but as to any other admissible matter which might have been offered for that purpose...
85. lappuse - The essence of the wrong in unfair competition consists in the sale of the goods of one manufacturer or vendor for those of another ; and if defendant so conducts its business as not to palm off its goods as those of complainant, the action fails.
573. lappuse - Provided, That no operator, train dispatcher, or other employee who by the use of the telegraph or telephone dispatches, reports, transmits, receives, or delivers orders pertaining to or affecting train movements shall be required or permitted to be or remain on duty for a longer period than nine hours in any twenty-fourhour period in all towers, offices, places, and stations continuously operated night and day...
390. lappuse - ... debts owing to any person who by the laws of the States or the United States is entitled to priority.
209. lappuse - The executor or administrator of a decedent, who has left, him or her surviving, a husband, wife, or next of kin, may maintain an action to recover damages for a wrongful act. neglect, or default, by which the decedent's death was caused, against a natural person who, or a From Id.
139. lappuse - No seaman shall by any agreement forfeit his lien upon the ship, or be deprived of any remedy for the recovery of his wages to which he would otherwise have been entitled ; and every stipulation in any agreement inconsistent with any provision of this...
402. lappuse - From the variety of cases relative to judgments being given in evidence in civil suits, these two deductions seem to follow as generally true: first, that the judgment of a court of concurrent jurisdiction, directly upon the point, is as a plea, a bar, or as evidence, conclusive, between the same parties, upon the same matter, directly in question in another court...
xix. lappuse - Making a manuscript copy of the record, when required by the rules, for each one hundred words (but nothing in addition for supervising the printing...
xix. lappuse - For receiving, keeping, and paying money in pursuance of any statute or order of court, two per cent, on the amount so received, kept, and paid.
186. lappuse - ... to make any arrangement or setting of it or of the melody of it in any system of notation or any form of record in which the thought of an author may be recorded and from which it may be read or reproduced...

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