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81st Congress, 1st Session

(January 3-October 19, 1949)


VOL. 4



facilities at Los Angeles, Calif.

Haven, Conn., nonnavigable stream.

724. Conference report on public buildingsiact of 1949.
726. Consideration of bill to provide for further contributions to International

Children's Emergency Fund.
727. Providing additional funds for extension and improvement of post-office
728. Relating to loans by Federal agencies for construction of certain public
729. Amendments to Federal employees compensation act.
730. Declaring waterway in which Brewery Street Channel is located at New


700. Relief of Harry Fuchs.

701. Relief of Robert A. Atlas.

702. Relief of Sirkka S. Saarelainen.

703. Relief of Daniel Kim.

704. Relief of Christine Kono.

705. Relief of Rudolf A. V. Raff.

706. Relief of Teiko Horikawa and Yoshiko Horikawa.

707. Relief of Sadae Aoki.

708. Removal of obstructions to marketing of securities of International Bank

for Reconstruction and Development.

709. Stimulating exploration, development, and production from domestic mines

by private enterprise.

710. Recognizing Mdewakanton and Wahpekute Sioux Indians as band for pur-

poses of organization.

711. Conveyance of land to Alpena, Mich.

712. Protecting scenic values along and tributary to Aspen Basin Road within

Santa Fe National Forest.

713. Providing transportation of passengers and merchandise on Canadian vessels

in Alaska.

714. Deci: ring United States holds certain lands in trust for Minnesota Chippewa
715. Authorizing Secretary of Interior to construct, operate, and maintain

Vermejo reclamation project, N. Mex.

716. Cancel drainage charges against certain lands within Uintah Indian irrigation

project, Utah.

717. Quitelaim land at Delta Branch Experiment Station to Mississippi State

718. Authorizing sale of lands to Sisters of St. Joseph in Arizona, Inc.

719. Authorizing appropriations for agricultural experiment station work in

Alaska equivalent to that for each State.

720. Extend to Alaska full benefits of Extension Service.

721. Granting consent of Congress to northeastern interstate forest fire pro-

722. Amending Agricultural adjustment act so as to include filberts and almonds

under marketing agreements.

723. Conference report on bill amending Commodity Credit Corporation charter


731. Providing benefits for annuitants under Civil service retirement act who

retired prior to Apr. 1, 1948.

732. Annual appropriation for work of President's Committee on National

Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.

733. Reforestation and revegetation of forest and range lands of national forests.
734. Alaska veterans' hom adi act of 1949.
735. Consideration of bill relating to telephone and telegraph service and clerk

hire for Members of House.
736. Authorizing Committee on Armed Services to conduct studies relating to

matters involving B-36 bomber.

737. Amending D. C. Code to provide for enforcement of court orders for pay-

ment of temporary maintenance.

738. Amending D. C. Code rel. to notice to be given upon petition for probate of

will and to probate of such will.

739. Amending D. C. Code rel. to applications for divorce and annulment, to

conform to Federal nomenclature.

740. Permit settlement of estates in probate court in D. C. 6 months after ap-

pointment of personal representative.

741. Amending D. C. Code rel. to time within which caveat may be filed after

will has been probated.

742. Providing that attorney be appointed by court to defend all uncontested

annulment cases in D. C.

743. Providing for constructive service by publication in annulment actions in

D. C.

744. Providing family allowance and simplified procedure in settlement of small

estates in D. C.

745. Increase maximum sum allowable out of assets of estate in D. C. as preferred

charge for funeral expenses.

746. Amending act to regulate practice of optometry in D. C.
747. Amending act regulating salaries of teachers, school officers, and other

employees of D. C. Education Board.

748. Payment of Animal Industry Bureau employees for overtime duty at

establishments which prepare virus, serum, etc.

749. Granting renewal of patent relating to badge of American Legion.

750. Granting renewal of patent relating to badge of American Legion Auxiliary.

751. Granting renewal of patent relating to badge of Sons of American Legion.

752. Removing certain restrictions on land conveyed to Porter Academy.

753. Increased pensions for widows and children of members of Police and Fire

Departments of D. C.

754. Professional personnel of NACA to attend accredited graduate schools for

research and study in aeronautics.

755. Providing cumulative sick and emergency leave with pay for teachers, etc.,

of D. C. Education Board.

756. Granting rights to U. S. Park Police commensurate with rights of Metro-

politan Police as to time off from duty.

757. Readjustment of Medical Service Corps promotion list.

758. Retention of captains in Medical Corps, Navy, and Dental Corps, Navy.

759. Repealing certain obsolete provisions of law relating to naval service.

760. Secretary of Army, Secretary of Navy, and Secretary of Air Force to lend

property to veterans' organizations.

761. Validating recall to active duty of certain officers of Army and Air Force

for medical treatment.

762. Extending benefits of Civil service retirement act to employees of Alaska

Railroad and Panama Canal.

763. Legislative branch appropriation bill, 1950.

764. Conference report on bill extending time for completion of annual assessment

work on mining claims.

T65. Authorizing Sacramento Valley irrigation canals, Central Valley project,


766. Amending Interstate commerce act rel. to undercharges and overcharges by

or against carriers.

767. Development, administration, and maintenance of Suitland Parkway as

extension of park system of D. C.

768. Making temporary appropriations, 1949.

769. Conference report on bill providing for temporary deferment of annual

assessment work on mining claims.

770. International claims settlement act of 1949. 2 pts.

771. Relief of Bankers and Shippers Insurance Co.

772. Relief of John E. Burns.

773. Relief of Jansson Gage Co.

774. Relief of Charlie Hales.

775. Relief of Paul C. Juneau.

776. Relief of New Amsterdam Casualty Co.

777. Appointment of additional judge for Juvenile Court of District of Columbia.

778. Increasing salaries of judges of Municipal Court of Appeals for D. C., and of

Municipal Court for D. C.

779. Providing pay, allowances, and physical disability retirement for members

of uniformed services.

780. Providing for appointment of additional circuit and district judges.
781. Extending privilege of free importation of gists from members of armed

forces on duty abroad.
782. Relief of Leon N. Volkov.
783. Recording lawful admission to United States for permanent residence of

Karl F. Kucker.
784. Amending Federal food, drug, and cosmetic act relative to imported articls.
785. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.
786. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.
787. Consideration of bill providing for development, etc., of Baltimore-Washing-

ing Parkway and Suitland Farkway.

788. Consideration of bill providing for appointment of additional circuit and

district judges.

789. Consideration of bill providing pay, allowances, and disability retirement for

members of uniformed services.
790. Consideration of res. rel. to funds for President's Committee on National

Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.

791. Conference report on 2d deficiency appropriation bill, 1949.

792. Providing for domestic smelting of low-grade tin concentrates.

793. Medal for Vice President Alben W. Barkley.

794. Issuance of patent in fee to John White Bear.

795. Permitting prospecting, development, mining, etc., of mineral resources of

Superior National Forest.

796. National Science Foundation act of 1949.

797. Providing for medical services to non-Indians in Indian hospitals.

798. Authorizing project for rehabilitation of certain works of Fort Sumner

Irrigation District.

799. Establishment and operation of rare and precious metals experiment station

at Reno, Nev.

800. Providing for disposition of lands on Cabazon, Augustine, and Torres-

Martinez Indian Reservations.

801. Amend Food, drug, and cosmetic act relative to exports.

802. Rehabilitation of Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe and utilization of resources

of Sisseton Reservation.

803. Conveyance of mineral rights reserved by the Government to owners of

surface title of farm lands.

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