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1. lappuse - American, and the next steps will be taken in the appropriate forums of the Latin American Free Trade Association and the Central American Common Market.
5. lappuse - Staff of the US Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Regional Organizations (USRO), Paris, France, is the United States representative to the Technical Property Committees in Europe.
3. lappuse - Union directly responsible, and would react accordingly, if nuclear missiles were launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere.
8. lappuse - Mateos took a firm stand against intervention by an internal or external force in the Western Hemisphere and agreed on continued opposition to "totalitarian institutions and activities which are incompatible with the democratic principles they uphold." In a joint communique the Presidents fully accepted the responsibility of every sovereign nation to form its own policies "without outside dictation or coercion.
3. lappuse - To halt this offensive build-up, a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba is being initiated. All ships of any kind bound for Cuba from whatever nation or port will, if found to contain cargoes of offensive weapons, be turned back.
5. lappuse - ... of State for Economic Affairs, 1960-62; deputy chief of US Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Regional Organizations; special assistant for mutual security affairs to the Secretary of State; economist with various government offices; BA, Northwestern; born Dayton, Ohio. DISCLOSURE (top right): Aerial photograph of missile site at Sagua la Grande, Cuba, shows the high degree of operational readiness achieved by the Soviets for launching medium-range ballistic missiles....
8. lappuse - ... and of self-determination of peoples. Therefore they are resolved to uphold these principles in the international organizations to which •they belong, to defend and strengthen the democratic institutions which their peoples, in the exercise of their sovereign rights, have constructed, and to oppose totalitarian institutions and activities •which are incompatible with the democratic principles they uphold.
2. lappuse - Colombian town — these are a few of the innumerable projects which have come to fruition. Encouraging progress is also being made in the essential fields of reform in tax legislation, administrative systems, and land use. During the past year major tax legislation was passed in 10 countries and improvements in tax administration instituted in 7. Some highlights: The first criminal charge for tax evasion ever brought in Chile; A 50 percent increase in income tax collections in Panama in the first...
2. lappuse - ... integration and an acceleration of the achievement of the objectives of the Alliance for Progress. The alliance last year made visible progress in other respects. Food from stockpiles of surplus for half-famished children; a factory (built mostly with GOOD NEIGHBOR: Mexico City greets President Kennedy. Brazilian capital) to help industrialize the drought-stricken, poverty-ridden area of northeast Brazil, a prime target for Communist subversion and one of the most politically explosive areas...
9. lappuse - Cincinnati sporting goods firms for donations of gloves, bats, and balls, which were in scarce supply. The firms obliged. In no time at all, Antofagasta had three new teams, attendance skyrocketed, play improved. The peak was reached when Antofagasta won third place in the Chilean national baseball tournament and placed two players on the Chilean national allstar team. One of the two all-stars: first-baseman Thomas Boyatt. Back in Washington at the conclusion of his assignment, Vice Consul Boyatt...