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Outside Task 1: Clean and Prime Vehicle. Hook and pile fastener tape must be installed on the vehicle as a base for mounting detector belts. Installation kit, including tape primer and fastener tape, is required to complete this task. Vehicle surface must be cleaned before applying tape.


Installation kit (tape primer and fastener tape)


Before spraying tape primer, be sure you know where to
mount the tape. Location of tape is illustrated in Outside Task
2 steps.

If vehicle is already equipped with fastener tape, go
directly to Outside Task 3: Inspect Fastener Tape.


Clean areas where tape will be installed. Use water, brush, and rags. Tape will not stick to dirty or greasy surfaces.


Primer is highly inflammable, Do not spray near heat, sparks,

or open flame. Use only in well ventilated area.

Spray a heavy coat of tape primer on cleaned areas. Allow primer to dry 3 to 5 minutes before applying fastener tape.


The tape has a protective paper backing which must be
removed before installing. For small lengths, the entire back-
ing may be removed before installing tape. For long lengths
of tape, however, it is recommended that the backing material
be removed while the tape is being installed. This will prevent
adhesive on the back of the tape from accidentally sticking to

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After tape is placed on primered areas, it must be pressed
very hard with roller (Item 1, Appendix E). Use roller as


Outside Task 2: Install Fastener Tape (Cont).


M1A1 installation will vary slightly.



Begin at left rear corner of tank turret. Apply the 15-inch length of fastener tape on side of turret immediately above lower railing (1). Begin at rear vertical railing support and work forward.

Apply the 12-inch length of tape immediately below vertical railing support (2). Begin the tape at left rear corner of turret and work forward.

Apply the 4-inch length of tape in a diagonal fashion (3) so that the ends of the tape touch the ends of the first two tapes applied.

Beginning at rear vertical support continue applying additional tape along left side of the turret working toward the front (4). Leave no space; butt the ends of the tape (5). Install tape immediately above the towing cable hangers. End tape at crease line (6) of turret.

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[blocks in formation]
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