Unemployment Relief: Hearings Before ... , 73-1, on H.R. 4606 ... , April 11-18, 1933

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35. lappuse - ... the rate shall not be higher than the rate assessed upon other financial corporations nor higher than the highest of the rates assessed by the taxing state upon mercantile, manufacturing, and business corporations doing business within its limits...
40. lappuse - ... for the benefit of the people, and not for the benefit of the officer, that removal is proper.
110. lappuse - States to aid in meeting the costs of furnishing relief and work relief and in relieving the hardship and suffering caused by unemployment in the form of money, service, materials, and/or commodities to provide the necessities of life to persons in need as a result of the present emergency, and/or to their dependents, whether resident, transient, or homeless.
20. lappuse - Each application so made shall present in the manner requested by the Administrator information showing (1) the amounts necessary to meet relief needs in the State during the period covered by such application and the amounts available from public or private sources within the State, its political subdivisions, and private agencies, to meet the relief needs of the State, (2) the provision made to assure adequate administrative supervision, (3) the provision made for suitable standards of relief,...
5. lappuse - In executing any of the provisions of this Act, the Administrator, and any person duly authorized or designated by him, may conduct any investigation pertinent or material to the furtherance of the purposes of this Act and, at the request of the President, shall make such further investigations and studies as the President may deem necessary in dealing with problems of unemployment relief.
32. lappuse - The 55 percent criterion prescribed in § 101-25.404 (a) (2) is the minimum standard and may be exceeded when it is to the advantage of the Government to do so. Executive agencies may rehabilitate items of furniture subject to replacement under the standard when the rehabilitation improves the appearance and operation of the item and the life expectancy is extended for an additional period of time. § 101-25.404-1 Limitations. Notwithstanding the provisions...
130. lappuse - The writers * have anticipated that gold would acquire more than its pre-war value with the attempts to return to the gold standard, and for 15 years have been stating the conclusion that prices would return to pre-war or lower. The arguments now being presented to indicate that a given quantity of gold with a given volume of business can support a price level 50 percent higher than the same gold would have supported before the war, are the same arguments that were used to indicate that prices would...
34. lappuse - ... such bonds, but a failure to comply with this provision shall not invalidate the bonds or the guaranty of the same. The Corporation shall have power to purchase in the open market at any time and at any price not to exceed par any of the bonds issued by it. Any such bonds so purchased may, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, be sold or resold at any time and at any price.
36. lappuse - I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a full, true, and correct copy of a resolution adopted by the board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, at its meeting held May 8, 1962.

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