Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

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181. lappuse - This is all the more important in view of the fact that the preparation of the Twelfth Five- Year Plan and the plan up to 2000 is now in full swing.
311. lappuse - ... is detached from life, is a mistaken belief. Mathematics, even in its purest and most abstract estate, is not detached from life. It is just the ideal handling of the problems of life, as sculpture may idealize a human figure or as poetry or painting may idealize a figure or a scene. Mathematics is precisely the ideal handling of the problems of life, and the central ideas of the science, the great concepts about which its stately doctrines have been built up, are precisely the chief ideas with...
489. lappuse - The Notes and News cover a wide range of interest and information, both in this country and in foreign countries. The Problems and Solutions hold the attention and activity of a large number of persons who are lovers of mathematics for its own sake. There are other journals suited to the Secondary field, and there are still others of technical scientific...
173. lappuse - educated," should have been taught the importance of mathematics as an instrument of material conquests and of social organization, and should be able to appreciate the value and significance of an ordered system of mathematical ideas.
379. lappuse - BY recent action of the board of trustees of the University of Chicago, the president of the university, on recommendation of the head of a department, will welcome doctors of philosophy of the University of Chicago and other universities as guests of the university, with the privilege of attending seminars and of carrying on research in the laboratories and libraries. There will be no charge except for laboratory supplies and a nominal laboratory fee where laboratory work is done.
364. lappuse - Babylonians; their valuable methods of calculation; and their computing that surpasses description. I wish only to say that this computation is done by means of nine signs.
173. lappuse - Our purpose in teaching mathematics in school should be to enable the pupil to realize, at least in an elementary way, this two-fold significance of mathematical progress. A person, to be really " educated," should have been taught the importance of mathematics as an instrument of material conquest?
95. lappuse - If a thing has a certain property, and whatever has this property has a certain other property, then the thing in question also has that other property.
351. lappuse - The paper may be regarded as a precursor of recent attempts to consider difference equations as differential equations of infinite order. His other more important papers were a series of researches on solvable quintic equations published in the American Journal of Mathematics and a paper on the theory of numbers published in the third volume of the Transactions. During the years 1879 to 1899 McClintock published fifteen papers in the American Journal of Mathematics, being for a number of *Vol.
489. lappuse - THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA now has over 2000 individual and institutional members. There are twenty Sections, representing thirty-two States of the Union. The Association holds two national meetings a year, and the Sections each hold one meeting, or in some cases two meetings, each year. All meetings, both national and sectional, are reported in the official journal THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY which is the only journal of collegiate grade in the mathematical field in this country....

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