Adventures by Sea and Land of the Count de Ganay: Or, The Devotion and Fidelity of Woman; an Episode of the Colonization of Canada, Tr. from the French

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John Bradburn, 1863 - 312 lappuses
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18. lappuse - XVI. of the name, by the grace of God King of France and Navarre.
55. lappuse - I give you my sacred word that I will do all in my power, to prove myself worthy of...
20. lappuse - Lord one thousand five hundred and ninety-eight ; and of our reign, the ninth. Signed HENRY ; and above by the King, being in his council, FOEGET.
136. lappuse - Navarre in the sand, and take possession of the island in the name of the king, his master.
281. lappuse - Then, monseigneur, you will not repel me ! You absolve me?" said Guyonne, seizing the hand of the viscount, and kissing it in spite of herself. " I admire you," murmured he in an enthusiastic tone.
281. lappuse - ... to the weight of her impressions, burst into tears, and hid her face in her hands. This incident served as a re-action to the equerry. He appeased the disordered palpitations of his heart, and questioned Guyonne gently : "Mademoiselle " " Oh, pardon, monseigneur ! pardon, for having deceived you," sobbed the young girl, falling at his feet.
281. lappuse - The deed you have accomplished, is worthy of the highest praise on earth, and of an eternal recompense in the next woi'ld.
165. lappuse - ... had seen him make the sign of the cross with his left hand ; so that the Rue du Possed£ was abandoned by degrees, and he remained alone, in company with demons.

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