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Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Pontiac, Mich., letter from Page

Paul E. Kasper, chairman, dated November 2, 1973, urging support of the Cranston amendment in present proposed housing legislation. ----- 1766 Pinellas County Board of Commissioners, Clearwater, Fla., letter from

M. R. Stierheim, county administrator, with attached resolution supporting the National Association of Counties position to include urban counties in proposed community development legislation, dated November 5, 1973..

1770 Ponder, C. L., president, Midwest Mortgage Consultants, Inc., Herrin,

Ill., letter dated November 8, 1973, with attached analysis of existing and proposed section 23 leased housing program..

1912 Redevelopment agency of the city of Indio, Indio, Calif., letter dated

November 1, 1973, from Evan T. Kuhner, administrator and finance director, with attached comment by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

1768 Reed, Hon. Marion, mayor, Midwest City, Okla., letter to Congressman

Tom Steed of Oklahoma, enclosing a copy of a resolution adopted by the Oklahoma Municipal League, dated September 24, 1973.

1763 Roderick, Hon. Jack, mayor, Greater Anchorage Area Borough, memo

randum submitted entitled, “Better Communities Act,Where Does the Borough Fit?"

1781 Sanson, Joseph A., president, National Apartment Association, statement with attached 1974 policy on housing legislation.

1731 Solar, Frank B., Homemart Real Estate, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., letter

dated October 11, 1973, regarding President Nixon's proposed cash grant rental housing policy

1773 Steinbach, John E., commissioner, Brenham Development Board, Brenham, Tex., letter dated November 5, 1973.-

1779 Stierheim, M. R., county administrator, county of Pinellas, Clearwater,

Fla., letter with attached resolution supporting the National Association of Counties position to include urban counties in proposed community development legislation, dated November 5, 1973...

1770 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, letter from John A. Buggs, staff director, dated October 31, 1973...

1723 Utilities Council on Community Development, statement on housing and urban development.--.

1785 Weber, Daniel E., supervisor of the town of Cheektowga, N. Y., letter to

Congressman T. J. Dulski of New York, regarding "The Better Communities Act of 1973,” dated August 24, 1973.

1762 White, Lee C., letter dated November 16, 1973, with an attached statement by the utilities Council on Community Development.

1785 Williams, Enoch H., president, American Institute of Housing Consultants, Inc., letter dated October 25, 1973.-

1748 Wilson, Hon. Betty, mayor, city of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., letter to

Congressman Chet Holifield of California, dated October 31, 1973, asking for continued support of "hold-harmless" protection for cities with population below 50,000

1770 Wilson, Hon. Bob, a Representative in Congress from the State of California, statement..

1903 Young, Gene, chairman, Kern County Board of Supervisors, Bakersfield,

Calif., letter dated November 2, 1973, urging amendment to H.R. 10036 to include urban counties in the formula for distribution of Federal funds..







Washington,'D.C. The subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at 10 a.m. in room 2128, Rayburn House Office Building, Hon. William A. Barrett (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding.

Present: Representatives Barrett, Sullivan, Reuss, Ashley, Moorhead, Stephens, St Germain, Gonzalez, Widnall, Stanton, Blackburn, Brown, Heckler, and Rousselot.

Mr. BARRETT. The meeting will come to order, please.

Today we begin 3 weeks of hearings on pending housing and community development legislation. We do so at a time of great certainty and frustration concerning future Federal efforts in housing and community development. The President's housing proposal recently submitted to Congress represents, in the eyes of many, a full retreat from the bipartisan national commitment to provide decent housing for our citizens. Congressional proposals, on the other hand, attempt to maintain that commitment, providing new and improved tools to serve our housing needs.

I hope that we are mistaken in our view of the administration's goal. I hope our differences involve only the most effective ways to serve housing needs and not the need to serve them at all. Today we will hear from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, James T. Lynn. Mr. Secretary, we are delighted to have you and your associates with us today. We are also happy to have with us James Neville, who is Assistant Administrator for Rural Housing of the Department of Agriculture.

At this point in the hearing record, I wish to insert the four major bills before the subcommittee: H.R. 10036, the bill introduced by Congressman Ashley, and myself; and H.R. 7277, H.R. 10688, and H.R. 10689, the administration's community development and housing bills.

[The text of H.R. 10036, H.R. 7277, H.R. 10688, and H.R. 10689 follows:)



Sec. 132. Labor standards.

Sec. 133. Records, audit, and reports.


Sec. 201. Consolidation and revision of program.


Sec. 1. Short title.

Sec. 2. Declaration of policy.

Sec. 3. Definitions.

Sec. 4. Loans for low-income housing projects.

Sec. 5. Annual contributions for low-income housing projects.

Sec. 6. Contract provisions and requirements.

Sec. 7. Congregate housing.

Sec. 8. Low-income housing in private accommodations.

Sec. 9. Annual contributions for operation of low-income housing projects.

Sec. 10. General provisions.

Sec. 11. Financing low-income housing projects.

Sec. 12. Labor standards.

Sec. 202. Applicability of rental requirements.

Sec. 203. Exemption of certain projects from rental formula.

Sec. 204. Repeal of specification requirements in construction contracts.

Sec. 205. Retroactive effect of repeal of section 10(i).

Sec. 206. Amendment to National Bank Act.

Sec. 207. Amendment to Lanham Act.

Sec. 208. Effective date.


Sec. 301. Consolidation and revision of mortgage insurance authorities.

24-03B O - 74 • pt. 1 - 2

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