Lapas attēli

criminal court, jurisdiction of, 83.

decrees, enforcement of, 113.

disinterment of bodies may be authorized by, 686.

dissolution of corporations, when application for, to be made, etc., 769.
petition for involuntary dissolution to be filed in, 786.
district court, jurisdiction of, 84.
docketing of judgments of justice of the peace in, 75.
equity court, jurisdiction of, 85.

executors must submit accounts, according to rules of, 362.
fugitives, extradition of, 930, 931.

jail, to make rules for government of, 1196.

warden of jail to be appointed by, 1187.
jurisdiction of, 61.

jurors in police court to be certified by clerk of, 46.
justice of, may sit in court of appeals, 225.

municipal court, rules to be provided governing fees, practice, etc., for, 8.
removal of cases by certiorari from, 8.

name, change, proceedings to be instituted in, for purpose of, 1298.

powers of justices, 62.

rules regulating admission to bar, 218.

rules may be promulgated by, for service of issues as to wills, etc., 140.
rules of practice of, 65, 85.

rules for governing prisoners, etc., 1196.

salaries of judges, 60.

sale of unclaimed freight may be ordered without notice, etc., 643.
special panel, 72.

right of challenge unaffected, 72.
special term, causes to be heard in, 66.
terms, general and special, 63.

general, powers of court in, 65, 67.

appointment of certain officers, 65.

hearing charges against justices of the peace, 65.
admissions and dismissals from bar, 65.

trial by court of civil causes, 70.
without jury, 70.

exceptions to ruling, 71.

vacancy in office of attorney and marshal, temporarily to be filled by, 189.
writs, issuance of, 68.

writ of quo warranto may be issued by, 1538.


accrued rights of appeals to, not affected by change in judicial code, p. 465.
appellate jurisdiction of, under bankruptcy act, p. 464.

cost of printing records, who shall pay, p. 465.
invested with appellate jurisdiction, cases cited, p. 463.
issuance of certiorari to court of appeals, when, 233, 234, p. 464.
review of final judgments of court of appeals, when, 234, p. 463.
women may be admitted to practice in, p. 465.
SURETIES (see also Bonds)-

actions against, etc., 297, 308. •

on bonds, etc., 35, 128, 154, 1138.

counter security to be given, when, 1572.

executor's, etc., may apply for counter security, etc., 128, 1138.
guardian's, may require counter security, etc., 154, 1138.

in landlord and tenant proceedings, 1233.

liability of, etc., 264, 275, 319, 321, 480, 482.

married women can not be, 1155.

on release of lien, 1254-1256.

set-off in action against principal and, 1568.

subrogated to rights of creditor on paying judgment against principal, 1573.

[blocks in formation]


appointment of assistant, etc., 1579, 1592.
bond of, 1578.

certificates of boundaries to be furnished by, 1598.
deduction in salary because of errors, etc., 1595.

duties in connection with alteration of boundaries of subdivisions, etc., 1595.

examine and plat subdivisions, etc., 1581, 1582, 1583.

fees, schedule of, to be prepared by commissioners, etc., 1591, 1593.
general orders as to plats of, 1601.

liable for errors, 1597.

lines of buildings adjusted by, 1589.

party walls, etc, 1586-1588.

plats to be recorded in office of, 1574.

plats to be made of United States property, when, 1594.
records of divisions to be kept in office of, 1596–1600.

records shall be prima facia evidence, 1575.

salary of, 1577.

scale of plats, etc., 1580.

shall not engage in any other business, 1599.

speedily to make surveys, when requested, etc., 1590.
street designations to be recorded on plats, 1602.
surveys to be made for District, 1591, 1612.
SURVIVAL (see Actions).


TAXATION (see Pamphlet, taxation in the District of Columbia)——

cemetery associations exempt from, 667.

books shall be open for inspection (28 Stat., 282).

date of payment of (32 Stat., 33).

exemptions of real property (19 Stat., 399, 402; 16 Stat., 153; 32 Stat., 616, 961;

4 Stat., 796, 802; 9 Stat., 775).

of insurance companies, 650.

of stock and trust companies, 730-733.

methods of (28 Stat., 282; 32 Stat., 617).

payment of, evidence in establishing adverse possession, 999.
premiums of mutual insurance companies, exempt from, 650.
property exempt from (ib., exemptions).

rate of, on real estate (32 Stat., 616).

rate of, on personal property (32 Stat., 617; 28 Stat., 282).

seduction by, offense of, 871.

TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE COMPANIES (see Pamphlet, laws relating to).

dower right of widow of, 86.

each may compel accounting, 93.
ejectment of, 988.

may sue each other for waste, 1622.
may sue jointly, etc., 994.

may be terminated, when, 1036, 1220.

notice to be given at termination, 1034, 1221.
TENANT (see Landlord and tenant).

when court may decree partition, etc., 93.

effect of, 1009, 1374.


of court of appeals, 225.

of lease, 163, 596.

of police court, 45, 50.

of probate court, 116.

of supreme court, District of Columbia, 63, 67.

for years, 492, 1024, 1025, 1082, 1116.
TESTIMONY (see Evidence).

when to be taken, 1058.


offense of, punishment, 806, 862.

offense practicing, etc., 867.

TIME (see different heads, i. e., Negotiable instruments, etc.)-

of acceptance of bill, 1440, 1442.

accounts must be rendered by executors, etc., 361,-362.
accounts must be rendered by guardians, 1135.

of action for causing death, 1302.

of action to recover usurious interest, 1181.

for answer of garnishee, 447, 468.

for appeals from municipal court, 30-35, 75.
for appearance in attachments, 446.

appointing trustee, 534.

for filing caveat to will, 137.

for filing of inventory, etc., 309.

for service in probate of will, 130.
deeds take effect, 499, 500.

for enforcement of mechanic's lien, 1238, 1251.
future estates may be created for what, 1023, 1024.
of indorsement presumed, 1343, 1349.
judgments remain in force, 1212.

mechanic's lien, when action must begin, 1238, 1251.
of performance of contracts, 1117.

for recording deed of trust, etc., 1245.
in which widow may renounce devise, 1173.
standard of in District of Columbia (28 Stat., 4).

TITLE (see Condemnation; Descent; Ejectment)-

of land, when owners are under disability, 491n.

of land, when imperfect or in dispute, disposition of money for land taken, 491n.
bonds, acknowledgment of, 501.

by descent, 940-962.

plea of defendant, etc., 10, 23, 1228.

under deed of trust, 522, 533.

in ejectment, etc., 989, 998, 1002.


may become perpetual, how, 641.


existing companies may accept privileges of act, 641, 725.

incorporation of companies for purpose of, authorized, 605, etc., 715.

insurance company shall pay 14 per cent of gross receipts, etc., act April 28, 1904,
33 Stat., 564.

liability, powers of, etc., 715-748.

subject to national-bank laws, etc., 720.
exempt from attachments, etc., 1105.


defacing inscription on, etc., 850.

street railway, removal of disused, 710.
using other company's lines, 711.

married woman may engage in, 1155.
name, liability of signature in, 1322.

forging or imitating, forbidden, etc., 879.

street railways to furnish free, 712.

provisions relative organization and incorporation of, 605-644.

return of clerk's fees to, 180.


rights of aliens preserved under, 396.

offense of destroying boundary, etc., 880.
offense of injuring, etc., 847.


jurisdiction of justice of the peace extends to, 10.
on private property, 824, 825.

when forbidden on Capitol grounds, etc., 881-889.

of criminal cases, 918-927.

in probate court of other issues than wills, etc., 140, 142, 144.
issues raised by pleas to attachment, etc., 475, 1096.

issues raised by third person in claim of title, etc., 34, 462, 1096.
issue upon writ of mandamus may be tried by jury, etc., 1278.
by jury in police court, 44.

of common-law civil causes by circuit court, 69.

of civil causes without jury, 70.

exceptions to ruling, etc., 71.

in quo warranto proceedings, 1544.

execution of, 721.

declarations of, in lands, to be in writing, etc., 1118.

descent of estates, 952.

estates held in, for another, legal estate not to vest in trustee, 1617.

estates held in in re curtesy and dower, 1158, 1159.

general power in, as affecting lands, etc., 1047.

implied, etc., not to defeat title of purchaser for value, 1618.
relinquished by one, etc., 326.


acting as executor, bond not necessary, 262.

capital stock of, 715–743.

charter of incorporation, etc., 716–727.

charter of incorporation, Commissioners District of Columbia may grant, 717.
charter must be recorded, 719.

directors, duties and liabilities, 719, 731, 736, 738, 739, 741, 748.

dissolution of, etc., 748.

dividends, in re, 740.
foreign, 747.

incorporation of, authorized, 715–748.
incorporation of, must be published, 718.
liability of directors, etc., 719, 731, 739.
may hold real estate, 726.

powers of, 721.

report shall be published, 720, 730.
right as to real estate, 726.

shall make annual reports, 730-732.

shall make reports to Comptroller of the Currency, 720.

shall make reports annually, 730.

shall be subject to laws affecting banks, etc., 713.

stockholders, liability, etc., 730-742.

appointed by court, bonds of, 482.

for lunatics, non compos mentis, etc., 1156.

new, on refusal to act, etc., 538.
to sell lands devised, etc., 94.

[blocks in formation]

liability of, 622, 623, 624, 742, 1122.

married women not to have, to secure separate estate, 1153.

notice of election of, 609.

personally not liable on stock held as, 740.

plaintiff's official character as, how denied, 1535.


set-off by, 1569.

survivor of several, may execute trust, under will, etc., 326.
title of, under deed of trust, 522.

trust, etc., companies may be appointed as, 721, 722.

under deed of trust, 522-538, 545.

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]


in case of attachment, 454, 455, 468.

in case of replevin, 13, 17, 23, 1552, 1557.
nature of, 479.

of claimant for release of property, 36, 454.

owner may enter into, to secure release of mechanic's lien, etc., 1254, 1255.
shall not be required from District of Columbia or United States in any court, etc.,
act June 9, 1910 (36 Stat., 464)

term defined, 479.

to be furnished on appeals from justice of the peace, when, 1233.

to satisfy judgment of justice of the peace on appeal, etc., 31, 35, 36.

actions by, not governed by period of limitations, 1268.

condemnation of property for use of, 483, 489.

forfeiture to, of lands of aliens, 398.

rights of, in force, 1636.

shall not bear any costs of street extensions (31 Stat., p. 766.)

shall not pay any costs, etc., 177.

suits on bonds executed to, 481.


administration of oaths by, assistants, etc., 184.
appointment of, for District of Columbia, 183.

corporations exercising franchise, etc., not authorized, to be enjoined by, 793.
criminal prosecutions to be conducted by, 932, 933.

duty in connection with divorce proceedings, 185.

fees to be charged to costs, 1109.

performance of duty in criminal court, 185.

petition by, for involuntary dissolution of corporation, procedure, etc., 786–793.

quo warranto proceedings to be instituted by, 1539, 1540.

vacancy in office, temporarily filled, etc., 189.


fees of, 1113.

records to be kept by, 1113.

supreme court to appoint, 65.

UNIVERSITIES (see Institutions of learning).

notice to, etc., 130.


proceeding against and notice to, 105, 110, 111.


appointment of, by will, when forbidden, 1624.
by will or deed, 492.

legal estate in cestui que use, 1617.

purchaser for value not to defeat title of, 1618.

definition of, 1180.

foreign contracts in re, 1186.

forfeiture of interests, etc., 1180-1182.

premium for use of money in building associations, not, 692.
recovery of usurious interest, 1181.



office of recorder of deeds, filling of, 550.

offices of United States attorney and marshal, how filled, 189.

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