Lapas attēli


for appointment of trustee, etc., 534.

for accounting of executors, etc., 362.

governing fees, practice, etc., to be provided for justice of the peace, 8.
of police court, 42, 48.

of practice, supreme court may establish, 65, 85.

promulgation by court of appeals, 225.

to show cause in mandamus petition, 1274.


existing companies may accept privileges of act, 725.

incorporation of companies for purpose of, authorized, 715.

liability, powers of, etc., 715-748.

SALARY (see also Fees)-

bailiffs, crier, etc., 188.

coroner, 190.

deputy, 196.

court of appeals, clerk, etc., 224.
justices of, 222.

half payable from District revenues, 232.

justice of the peace, 3, 6.

marshals, 187.

of a public officer can not be assigned, 433.

police court judges, clerks, etc., of, how paid, 52, 55, 56.

recorder of deeds, 553.

deputy recorder of deeds, 553.

reporter, court of appeals, 229.

superintendent of insurance, 645.

supreme court, District of Columbia, of judges, 56, 60. (See act Mar. 4, 1909.)
supreme court, District of Columbia, of clerk, 174.

surveyor and assistant, 1577, 1579.

warden of jail, 1189.


attached property, when, 458, 466, 1097.

conditional, of chattels, when not valid, 547.

contract for, of goods, when valid, 1119.

of estate of corporation when void, 776.

effect when deficit after, 95.

decedent's estate for paying debts., etc., 119.

\decedent's estate, when, etc., 96, 322, 146, 147.-

delivery of possession on, 1100.

enforcement of lien of warehouseman, 1619, 1620.

devised land for payment of debts, appointment of trustee, 94.

enforcement of lien of innkeeper and liveryman by, etc., 1261, 1262, 1263.

by executors, etc., 295, 322, 325.

infant's particular estate or remainder, 162.

infant's principal for maintenance, 165.

infant's real estate, procedure in case of, 156, 115e.

of infant's estate must be ratified, 115e.

injunction against, when made under deed of trust, etc., 540.

lunatic's estate, when, 115b.

mechanic's lien, enforcement by, 124, 247.

merchandise, fraudulent sale of, 1122, p. 292..

of estate of non compos mentis, 115d.

in partition, 93.

patent rights under attachment, 1092.

ratification of estate of infants and lunatics, 171.

real estate subject to contingent interest when made of, 98.

procedure, etc., 97.

disposition of proceeds, 99, 115c, 160, 162.

proceeds deemed to be real estate, 99, 115c.

of lands for benefit of parties in limited, etc., estate, 100.
for payment of debts and legacies, 146, 147.

for payment of dower, 147.

belonging to infant may be disposed of by guardian, 1136.
to be at public auction, 1085,


subrogation of rights of creditor, when defective, 1102.

terms of, in case of, under mortgage or deed of trust, 539, 544, 545.
by trustees under will, 326.

unclaimed freight, etc., when, 642.


shall be half holiday, 1389.

instrument on demand may be presented on, 1389, 1450.

[blocks in formation]

supreme court, District of Columbia, to appoint (board of education) trustees of

(34 Stat., 316).


incorporation of, 599.


assignee of judgment may sue out writ, 431.
decrees in equity may be revived by, 1104.

effect of, on decree in equity, 1215.

fiat thereon, 1087.

issue of, by supreme court, District of Columbia, 68.
issue of, unnecessary when, 1087.

when to be issued on judgments, 431, 1086, 1212, 1215.
when execution is necessary under, 1077, 1078, 1213.

District of Columbia, custody of (16 Stat., 419).

of corporation to deeds, etc., 497.

bills and notes not affected by, 1310.

in acknowledgment of deeds, 495.

notaries to provide, etc., 562.
police court to have, 49.


warrant to issue when, etc., 911.

SECURITY (see also Bonds)—

counter, may be ordered by the court, when, 128, 154, 1138, 1572.

may be given by persons triable in police court, 48.

nonresident to give security for cost, etc., 11, 175.

person receiving, deemed agent of Government, etc., 48.

surety of guardian may require counter, 154.


existing companies may accept privileges of act, 725.

incorporation of companies for purpose of, authorized, 715.

liability, powers of, etc., 715–748.


offense of, punishment for, 873.


by teacher, 871.

of wife necessary to entitle husband to courtesy, 1159.


of property under search warrant, 911.

marshal to hold property in, 912, 913.

writ of replevin to issue to take possession of goods, etc., 13, 1549.

Attorney General to designate place of serving, 925.

commutation of, when, 936, 937.

designation of place to serve, 925.

place of serving, 934.

pronouncing of, in criminal cases, 924.

SEPARATION (see Divorce).


probate court to hold weekly, etc., 42, 118.


in action by trustees, 1569.

in action by defendant, 1565.
in action by executor, 1570.
allowance of, when, 1563-1571.

assignment not to destroy right of, 1566.
as to part of claim, 1567.

as to principal and sureties, 1568.
form of plea, 1564.

judgment on plea of, how regulated, 1571.
regulation of, 1563-1571.

what can be set off, 1563.


having in possession when forbidden, 898.

offense of injuring, etc., 847.

SLANDER (see Libel).


deemed valid, etc., 1296.


as abolished in District of Columbia (11 Stat., 376).

provisions with reference to organization of certain benevolent, etc., 599-624.
SOLICITOR (see also Attorneys)——.

appointed to represent nonresident defendant, etc., 109.

employed by insurance companies, license fee for, 654.

fees of, 1109.


clerk supreme court to furnish copy of decree when, 182.


may suspend prohibition as to trespassing on Capitol Grounds, 890.


when to be drawn, 72.

right to challenge array of polls unaffected, 72.


supreme court District of Columbia, of what to consist, 64.


delivery of, authorized in case of want, etc., 392.


defendant may be discharged to give, 921.

discharge for, shall be bar to another prosecution, 921.


penalty for placing explosives near, 825a.


action to charge executors in re, 1117.

declarations of trusts in re, 1118.

estate created by parole in re, 1116.

provision with reference to, 1116-1119.

sale of goods in re, 1119.

provisions with reference to, 1265.

[blocks in formation]

amount of holdings of, classifies a corporation, 397.
capital, 613-616, 715–729.

executors not personally liable on, when held for estate, 624,742.
liability of pledgee of, 626.


must furnish statement of purchase or sale upon demand, 869d.

STORAGE (see Warehousemen)—

incorporation of companies, 917.

STOCKHOLDERS (see also Corporations)-

dissolution of corporation upon vote of, 781.
liability of, 615, 734.

payments by, on dissolution of corporation, when, 797.

offense of destroying, 828.

offense of receiving, 829, 832.

search warrant may be issued for, 911, 914.

recovered, to be held by marshal, 912.

STREET RAILWAYS (see pamphlet laws relating to)—

free transfers to be given, 712.

placing obstruction on track, offense of, 846.

removal of disused tracks, when, 710.

shall make annual reports (29 Stat., 320).

use of other companies' lines, when, 711.

STREETS (see Alleys and minor streets; Condemnation-Pamphlet, "System of high-


condemnation of land for extension of, 491a-491n.

deemed to be public ways, 1602.

through cemeteries, 1603.

STREETS, MINOR (see Alleys, etc.)—

opening of, 1608.


can not maintain action against owner, etc., 1257.

entitled to lien, etc., 1239.


duty of surveyor in connection with, 1581.

obliteration of, when, 1607.

plan of city to be conformed to, 1604.


representative of deceased party to be summoned by, 245.

service of, upon infant, 102, 103.


of parties to suits, 236–251.


jury or inquest not necessary, etc., act March 3, 1911 (36 Stat., p. 974).
SUITS (see also Actions)-

abatement of, when, 235-251.

against heirs on bonds, etc., 360.

against institution of learning, 585.

against limited partnership, etc., 1523.

amendment of proceedings, when authorized, etc., 399.

ancillary guardians may institute, etc., 1142.

annulment of marriage to infant, 1286.

barred at time code takes effect, etc., 1642.

on bond in penal sum, 480.

on bond of United States officer, etc., 481.

by and against decedent's estate, 327, 348.

by and against married woman, authorized, 1155.

by assignee of choses in action, 431-435.

by assignee in case of insolvent debtor, 349.

by foreign executor, 329.

to charge executor, 1117.

consolidation where several brought on same contract, 1211, 1227, 1246.
contracts deemed to be joint and several for purpose of, 1205, 1207, 1211.

damages for negligence causing death, 1301–1303.

dissolved corporations, how proceeded against, 785.

of ejectment, 984, et seq.

equity, not to abate because of death, 244.

for divorce, etc., 963-983.

in fraudulent conveyances, 1122.

interest paid as usury may be recovered, etc., 1181.

money may be paid into court by defendant, effect, 1529.

names to be used in case of partnership, 1515.
pending, not affected by code, 1638.

SUITS Continued.

period of limitations, 1265-1272.

proceedings to recover debts of wife contracted before marriage, 1166.
reference to auditor when grounded upon an account, 254.
subcontractor can not maintain, against owner, etc., 1257.

to make marriage valid, 981.

United States not affected by period of limitations, 1268.

on bonds executed to, etc., 481.


coroner to issue, when, 41, 197.

duplicate to issue on failure to appear on appeal from justice of the peace, etc.,

form of, 1536.

issue of, by person before whom deposition is to be taken, 1058.

issue of, out of probate court, 121.

nonappearance of plaintiff abates action, 236, 237.

service in case of foreign corporations, 1537.

when to issue in justice court, 21.

SUNDAY (see Holiday)-

exclusion of, in all legal proceedings, etc., 446, 1304, 1389.

appointment of, duties, etc., 645-647.

duties of, in re foreign fraternal beneficial associations, 751, 762.

what are, 2.

bond on appeal from police court, 227.

in landlord and tenant case, what is deemed a, 1233.

when granted from judgments of justices of the peace, etc., 41.

in the nature of revivor, 251.

may be filed, when, 246, 251.

admission to bar, rules to regulate shall be made by, 218.
adoption of children may be authorized by, 395.

acts of special term deemed acts of, 66.

appeals from decisions of, 226.

appeals from justice of the peace (municipal court) to be heard in circuit court, 29,

30, 35, 74, 80, 1212, 1232.

docketing of cause, etc., 75.

failure of appellant to prosecute appeal, 76.

appointment of justices, 60.

assignment of justices, 65, 67.

attorneys, rules to be prescribed respecting examination of, etc., 218.

bill of exceptions, 73.

cases removed to, by certiorari, 8.

civil causes may be certified to justice holding criminal court, etc., 67.

return of summons, 77.

appearance of appellee, 78.

trial on failure to appear, 79.

hearing de novo on appeal, 80.

dismissal when not prayed to proper term, 81.

judgment of circuit court final, 82.

clerk of, oath, bond, duties, etc., 174, 178, 185.

assistant may act, etc., 174.

to issue marriage license, 1290.

to keep judgment docket, 1217.

to keep record of license to marry, 1295.

to list jurors, 198, 201.

to make regulations for filing of labels, trade-marks, etc., for milk bottles, 878f.
inscription on certain bottles to be filed with, 877, 878f.

common law civil causes to be tried in circuit court, 69.

composition of, 60.

concurrent jurisdiction with police court, 43.

condemnation of land for public use by, applications to, 483-491.
costs to be deposited, etc., 175, 177, 179.

nonresidents to give security for, etc., 175.

poor suitors exempted from depositing, 176.

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