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administration of real estate by, 146.
appointment of guardian, when, 1125.
apprenticeship, jurisdiction in case of, 402-411.

complaints in case of, to be heard by, 411.
arbitration of controversies between executor and complainant, 145.
clerk of, 120, 121.
deposit of costs, etc., 175.
estate of decedent, subject to administration in, etc., 260.
fees appertaining to, 1111.
guardian may be appointed for infant, etc., 150-154.
issue of commissions from, 144.
judgment for costs may be rendered, 143.
judgments may be enforced by, etc., 129.
jurisdiction in general, 116–119.
jurisdiction over suits by legatees, etc., not exclusive, 119.
jury trial of issues as to wills in, 140.
justice to preside, lunacy proceedings, 167.
order of, for probate of will, evidence of validity, 144.
orphans' court to be known as, 116.
plenary as to wills, etc., 117.
partial distribution of estate may be authorized in case of want, etc., 391.
powers defined, 119.
rules for practicing, 130.
sale of infant's estate may be ordered by, 156–161.
sessions of, 118, 365–372.
time of trials to be fixed by justice, etc., 140–144.

trial of other issues than relating to will, etc., 142, 144.

act establishing, p. 435.

criminal, detailed, 911-939.
in divorce cases, 963.

in landlord and tenant cases, 1228.

amendments of, in action at law, etc., 399.

against certain institutions, 585.
against non compos mentis, 104.
coroner to execute when marshal interested, 41, 197.
corporations may be proceeded against by publication, etc., 112.
effect of evasion of, by representative of deceased party to suit, 250.
enforcement of decrees by, 113, 114.
form of summons, 1536.
in suits of corporations after dissolution, 785.
issue of, out of probate court, 121.

out of police court, 48.
marshal to execute for court of appeals, 231.
publication may be substituted for personal service, when, 105, 753.
subpæna to be served on infant personally, etc., 102.

penalty for preventing service upon infant, 103.
service by marshal, etc., 41, 231.

in case of foreign corporations, 1537.

fees of, 1109.
PROMISSORY NOTE (see Negotiable instruments).

claims in case of general assignments, 439.
debts against decedent's estate, method of, etc., 330.
of publication, 351.
of general intent to defraud, etc., 916, 917.

record debt, how made, 1070.

claim of title to, etc., 33–37.
malicious injuring or destroying by fire, etc., 848.
offense of arson, punishment, etc., 822.

of destroying stolen, etc., 828.

of unlawful entry on private, 824.
preservation of, when seized under attachment, 458, 462, 1093, 1096, 1531.


stealing of, when belonging to District of Columbia, offense of, etc., 831.

stolen, offense of receiving, 829, 832.

deemed to have been abandoned, on failure of grand jury to act, 939.
in police court, 44.

who shall conduct, 932, 934.
PROSTITUTION (see act June 25, 1910; Pandering, etc.)-

offense of enticing female for purposes of, 813.

notes by notaries public, etc., 567.
PUBLICATIONS (see also Notice) -

certain parties shall be summoned by, 110, 111, 236.
in appointing new trustee, etc., 534.
in claims against decedent, 350.
in case of nonresident defendants, 105.
indecent, offense of, etc., 872.
in dissolution of corporations, 770.
in electing trustees, 609.
in quo warranto proceedings, 1542.
in proceedings for change of name, 1299.
notice to appear in action of replevin, 15, 1554.
notice to appear in attachment, 446.
of annual reports of corporations, 617, 647, 649, 730.
of intention to apply for charter, 718, 767.
of terms of partnership, 1507, etc.
of sale of unclaimed freight, 642, 1619.
of property levied on, shall be appraised and published, 1085, 1263.
of trial or issues as to wills, 140.
on calls of capital stock, 613.
proof of, 351.
when to be substituted for personal service of process, etc., 105.

form of order, etc., 107.
PUBLIC HEALTH—(See pamphlet: Laws and regulations, etc.)

in re conveyance of, prior to the code, 514.
surveyor to make plats when requested, 1595.

(see also pamphlet, Laws relating to permanent system of highways).

offense of stealing or injuring books, etc., 849.

offense of destroying or defacing, 844, 849.

limitation as to hours of service of labor, etc., 892.
PUREAUTRE VIE (see Estates).


against certain institutions, 506.
against whom issued, 1538.
issued by supreme court, District of Columbia, 68.
proceedings with reference to issue of writ, etc., 1538–1548.

betting on,

forbidden, 869.

inclosing cemetery, offense of destroying, etc., 850.
RAILROADS (see R. S. D. C., Common carriers) -

automatic brakes and couplers to be used by, p. 414.
malicious obstruction, 799, 846.
passes, to whom they may be issued (infra) amended (act Apr. 13, 1908).
rates regulated (act June 29, 1906; 34 Stat., 586).
safety of employees and travelers on, 1303a. (Acts June 29, 1906; May 30, 1908;

Mar. 4, 1907).

shall pay costs for lighting streets along tracks (22 Stat., 466).
RAILWAY, STREET (see pamphlet: Laws relating to, 1905)

free transfers to be given, 712.
hours of service of employees restricted, p. 415.


offense of placing obstruction on track, etc., 846.
removal of disused tracks, 710.
shall make annual reports (see 29 Stats., 320).
shall be assessed for paving adjacent to tracks (20 Stats., 106).

use of lines of other companies, when, 711.

assault with intent to commit, 803, 808.
carnal knowledge of female under 16 shall be punished as, 808.

offense of, 808.
REAL ESTATE (see also Estates) -

acquired after making will, etc., 1628.
after acquired, effect on wills, etc., 1628.
aliens can not hold, 396, 398.
attachment of, 452, 453.
building associations may buy or hold, when, 700.
condemnation of, for public use, procedure, etc., 483-491.
contingent interest in, when treated as real estate, 99.
conveyance by husband where wife is insane or absent, 1165.
conveyancing of, forms, etc., 492-556.
corporations may hold, when, 726.
corporations, dealing in, 605.
curtesy, husband entitled to, 1159.
decree of sale and investment of proceeds for parties in limited, etc., estates, 100.
dower, widow entitled to, in 86-91, 149, 1158.
escheat of, on failure of heir, etc., 962.
estates in coparcenary, not to exist, 956.
forfeiture of, when held by alien or certain corporations, 396–398.
infants, equity court to have power, etc., 91, 92, 156, etc., 1136.
institutions of learning may hold, 580.
judgments lien on, 1214.
legations may hold, 396.
married women may make covenant running with land, 1170.
mortgages and deeds of trust on, 521–533.
partition of, may be decreed, when, 93.

investment of proceeds of, 162.
probate court to administer, pay debts, etc., 146–148, 260, 360.
proceeds of sale of, treated as real estate, 99, 1150, 160, 162.
proceedings in ejectment, etc., 984–1010.

in case of adverse possession, showing, etc., 999.
religious societies may hold, 587.
re-probate of wills affecting, etc., 141.
rules governing descent of, 940–962.
sale or exchange of infant's, procedure in case of, 156–161, 1136.

by guardian for infant may be authorized, 1136.
to pay debts and legacies, 146, 148, 260, 360.
unnecessary if bond given, etc., 147.
surplus shall be deemed, 148.

when decedent's personal property not sufficient to pay debts, 96.
suits to enforce vendor's lien on, for unpaid purchase money, 95.
trust companies may acquire, 726.

wife's dower, right in, 86-91, 149, 1158.

of married woman for money, valid, 1164.

appointment of, on dissolution of corporation, etc., 773, 789, 795.
embezzlement by, offense of, 836, 841.
may sue to vacate fradulent deed, etc., 1122.
of property attached, 458.

trust companies may be appointed as, 721.

operates as a lien, from what date, 1214.
police court to issue execution on forfeited, etc., 57,

juvenile court to issue execution on forfeited (act Mar. 4, 1909; 35 Stat., 1063).

copy of deeds and wills as evidence, 1071.
debt, proof of, 1070.

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deed of trust on chattels to be filed for, 523, 546, 547.
in arbitration, etc., 424.
marriage license, 1295.
not to be made of instruments not executed, 555.
notaries public to keep, 569.
offense of destroying or defacing, 844.
of alleys, etc., 1606–1608.
of bonds of executors, 297.
of certificate of incorporation, 605, 638, 687, 719, 725, 755–757
of certificate of institutions of learning, 574.
of certificate of societies, 589, 599.
of conditional sales, 547.
of deeds, etc., 499, etc.
of mechanics lien, 1238, 1239, 1245.
of partnership, 1503, 1510, 1527.
of plats of subdivision, cemeteries, etc., 660, 1601, 1582, 1591.
of wills, probated, 134.
penalty for fradulent, etc., 845a.
public, open to inspection, etc., 556.
recorder of deeds to use typewriting machines, etc., 551.
to be made of mortgages and deeds of trust, 521, 523, 546.

to be made of payment of capital stock, 616, 638.
RECORDER OF DEEDS (see Meyers compilation: Laws relating to corporations,
appointment, duties, etc., 548.

deputy, duty, etc., 549, 550.
deeds, acknowledgement by, 493.
fees prescribed, 552, 553 (ibid 173).
list of transfers of property to be furnished to collector of taxes, 554.
method of recording deeds of trust, etc., 521.
records to be public, 556.
salary of, etc., 553.

statement of fraternal beneficial associations to be filed with, etc., 755.

appointment for purpose of arbitrating causes, etc., 412–430.

cemeteries to keep, 673.

acts as clerk of probate court, 120.
compensation of employees to be fixed by, 121.
costs and fees payable immediately, 175, 177.
deputy to be appointed, 121.
docket of claims passed court, to be kept by, 354, 355.
duties in general, 121.
expenditures to be paid out of revenues of office, 121.
fees of, 1111.

salary of, 121.

after death of mortgagee or trustee, procedure, 537.
attached property may be, on giving undertaking, etc., 455.
of dower by wife in a deed, 494, 1156.
of liens affected by payment into court, 1254, etc.

of mortgage by creditor, etc., 528.

bequests for, when invalid, 1635.

provisions with reference to organization of, 587–598.

estate of, what are, 1021, 1025.
sale of infant's particular estate in case of, 162.

sale of, after life estate, 100.

of administrators, 363.
of apprentice out of jurisdiction, 406.
of executors, 323, 363.

81254°-11- 34


of guardians, 127.

of property out of jurisdiction, 445.
RENT (see also Landlord and tenant)-

double, to be charged on refusal to quit, etc., 1224.
landlord to have lien for enforcement of, etc., 1229.
lien, etc., 1229, 1230.
priority of claims for, 335, 356.

suit for, in case of proceedings in ejectment, 984.

by executor of executorship, effect of, etc., 269.
of devise by widow, etc., 1173, etc.
of rights by holder of note or bill, etc., 1426.

by trustee of deed of trust, 538.

of existing corporations authorized, 766.

what acts affected, etc., 1636–1643.

action against officer levying upon property, etc., 37.
damages for plaintiff, 18.
declaration, pleading, etc., 1550, 1551, 1556.
effect of default in appearance, etc.,

form of writ, 13.
justice of the peace to issue writ of, 13.
marshal to retain property taken, etc., 17.
judgment for defendant, 19.
officer's return of writ, 14.
pleas, 16.
publication of notice to appear, 15.
right to possession, how established, 1557.
writ to be quashed, when, 15, 17.
proceedings with reference to issue of writ of, 1549–1561.

surety to abide by judgment of court, 1552, 1557.

court of appeals, salary, duties, etc., 229.

annual, to be made to Congress (see H. Doc. 1056, 61st Cong., 3d sess.).
annual, of trust companies, 730.
court of appeals, distribution of, 229.
of corporations to be published annually, 617, 647, 649, 730.

of gas and electric lighting companies (34 Stat., p. 1133).

in descent of personal property, 385.

in descent of realty, 955, 1631.

in divorce proceedings, 971.
RESPITES (see Pardon).

sources of (20 Stat., 104).

of land by institutions of learning, 581.
of land by religious societies, 597.

of land on failure of heirs, 388.

of actions, etc., 236, 242–247.

bill of, 251.

coexecutor's authority to act, etc., 125.
of divorce, 969.
of guardianship, 127, 153.
letters testamentary, etc., when, 126, 127, 263, 290.
probate of wills upon proper showing, 119, 137, 290.

wills, how made, etc., 1626.

graves, offense of, etc., 891.
offense of, punishment, etc., 810-811.

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