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deduction from imprisonment for good conduct, 937.

employment of prisoners at, 1192.

execution in capital cases, 926, 1198, 1199, 1201.

imprisonment to be in, when, 934.

prisoners shall be delivered into custody of Commissioners, District of Columbia,
when (act June 25, 1910).

provisions affecting control, management, etc., 1187-1204.

subsistence, allowance for, 1204.

supreme court to make rules for, 1196.


enforcing mechanics' lien, 1246.

offenses in indictment, trial, etc., 915.

of claims, when, 995, 1226, 1532.

parties, where jointly and severally liable upon same obligation, 1211.

creation of, etc., 994, 1031.

liability of, 1622.


when effective in re appeal from judgment of court of appeals, p. 465.
JUDGES (see respective courts)-

acknowledgment of deeds by, 493.

of police court, who to act on disability of, 51.

of supreme court to sit in court of appeals, when, 225.

may perform marriage ceremonies, 1288.


for account, effect of death, 246-248.

against executors, 328.

against partners, 1525.

against contractors, 1207.

against sureties, 480.

in arbitration, 419.

assignment of, authorized, etc., 431.

of court of appeals may be reexamined by Supreme Court U. S., p. 463.
defendant may elect as to procedure, 237.

for distribution of estate, 391.

to pay debts, 96.

attachment of, 455, 1095-1097.

docket to be kept by clerk supreme court, 1217.

dower right in case of partition, etc., 88.

entry of, upon auditor's report, etc., 258.

execution to issue, when, 1074–1104.

in case of arbitration, 419.

in case of foreign jurisdiction, 1267.

in case of leased property, 1235.

in case of attachment, 463.

infants' estate subject to mortgage, 91, 92.

interest to be included, when, 1184-1186.

justice of the peace to give, according to law, etc., 12.

to include interest, 12.

to furnish copies of, when, etc., 38.

in actions for forcible entry and detainer, 22.
satisfaction of, 28.

docketing of, on appeal, 29.

lien to operate as, of what date, 1214.

limitation for bringing action upon foreign, 1267.

period in which, may be enforced, 1212, 1213, 1215.

preference in certain claims, 356.

priority of, etc., 356.

probate court may enforce, etc., 129.

conclusive as to validity of will, etc., 140.

police court, when to be final, 47, 48, 57.

in replevin, 1559.

revival by scire facias, 189, 1078, 1079, 1104, 1215.

revival by fiat, 1077.

set-off in case of, 1571.

surety subrogated to rights of creditor in case of payment, etc., 1573.


to annul marriage, 965, 1285.

with costs, 1279.

JUDICIARY (see respective courts)—
inferior courts, 2.

justice of the peace (municipal court), 3.
police court, powers, jurisdiction, etc., 42-44.
superior courts, 2.

court of appeals, 226.

municipal court, 3-41.

probate court, 116-117.

supreme court, District of Columbia, 61.

JURORS (see also Jury)—

bribing of, penalty, 861, 862.

challenges allowed, 72, 918.

death of person whose name drawn, effect of, 205.

default of, penalty for, 212.

disqualification of, vitiates verdict, 919.
drawing of, method, etc., 204-213.

for service in police court, 45.

for service in probate court, 140.
examination of, 72.

excused, when, 207, 216, 217.

exempt from duty, persons detailed, 217.
from further service, when, 207, 217.

fees of, 1115.

fraud in drawing of, 213, 214.

list to be made by commission, 198.

method of selection, 199, 200, 201.

penalty for fraud in connection with drawing, 213.

pharmacists not exempt from duty as (34 Stat., 1006).

probate court, term of service, 140.

qualifications of, 215.

special panel, 72.

term of service, 202, 203.

vacancies, how filled, 208.

JURY (see also Jurors)-

appeals from justices of the peace not to be tried by, 80.

assessment of damages, etc., by, in case of widening, etc., alleys, etc., 1608g-1613.
challenges to, 72, 918, 919.

condemnation of land for public use, duty in connection with, 487-491d, 4911.
coroner's, who to constitute, 195.

not to be summoned by, when, 193.

determination by, whether person a habitual drunkard, etc., 172.

discharge of, when, 400.

drunkard's cases tried by, 115f.

issues in attachment shall be tried by, 451, 460.

penalty for bribery of, 861, 862.

lunacy cases, trial by, 115a.

police court, when trials in, to be by, 44.

number of, term of service, etc., 45.

drawing of names, eligibility, etc., 46.

marshal to have charge of, 46.

probate court, trial of issues not relating to wills by, etc., 142.

special panel drawn, when, 72.

right to challenge, array or polls unaffected, 72.

summon for circuit or criminal courts, use of, for trial in probate court,
trials, before justice of the peace abolished, 7.

of civil causes, waiver of, 70.

of exceptions to auditor's report, etc., 255, 256.
of issues in case of probate of will, etc., 140.


clerk supreme court to have charge of, etc., 200, 201.

of supreme court District of Columbia, assignment of, etc., 63.
exercise powers of judges of other United States courts, 62.


JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (see Municipal court, 35 Stat.,
appeals from, to be determined in circuit court, 74.

appearance of appellee, 77-80.

cause to be docketed by appellant, etc., 75.

dismissal, when not prayed, to proper term, 81.
failure of appellant to prosecute, 76.

appeals from judgment of, deemed an action, 242.


from judgment in action to cover leased premises, 1232.
hearing de novo on appeal, 80.

judgment of circuit court final, 82.
return of summons, 77.

trial on failure to appear, 79.

appointment number qualifications, districts, etc., 3.
assignments, where to sit in case of temporary, 4.

case removed to supreme court, where jurisdiction concurrent, 9.
constable, office of, abolished, 41.

clerk shall give bond, 3.

clerk shall render itemized statement to auditor, 3.

Commissioners, District of Columbia, shall provide building for, 3.
death or vacancy, effect of, upon judgments, etc., 27.
dockets to be kept by, 38.

to furnish copies of judgments, etc., 38.
penalty for failure to keep, etc., 38.

disposition of, on death or resignation, 39.
execution on judgment of, when a lien, 1081.
expenditures shall not exceed fees, 3.

fees shall be weekly deposited with collector of taxes, 3.
forcible entry and detainer, issue of summons, 20.

service of summons, 21.

judgment, 22.

plea of title, 23.

judgment not a bar, 24.

hearing of charges of misconduct against, etc., 65.
judgment according to the law to be given, 12.

appeal, time for taking, 30.

docketing of on appeal, etc., 29.

interest to be included, 12.

practice, forms of proceeding, etc., 32.

satisfaction of, 28.

undertaking to pay judgment, 31.

jurisdiction not enlarged by provisions relating to set-off, 1565.

enlarged, 3.

[blocks in formation]

rules governing fees, practice, etc., to be provided, 8.

salary, expenses, accounts, etc., 3, 6.

sale by common carrier of unclaimed perishable property may be ordered with-

out notice, etc., 643.

suits to be brought, where, 5.

against corporations, 5.

removed to nearest justice for lack of residence, etc., 5.

for inability to obtain fair trial, 5.

stay of execution, when granted, etc., 41.

vacancy, first, shall not be filled, 3.


warrants, issue of on Sundays and holidays, 9.
witnesses, power to compel attendance of, 25.
testimony of nonresident, 26.

writ of replevin, issuance of, form of, 13.
officer's return of writ, 14.

publication of notice to appear, 15.
pleas, 16.

marshal to retain property taken, etc., 17.
when writ to be quashed, 17.

damages for plaintiff, 18

when judgment for defendant, 19.


act to create, p. 405 (34 Stat., 73).

appointment, oath, and salary of judge, p. 405.

authorized to issue execution on forfeited recognizance (35 Stat., p. 1063).
appointment of two probation officers by, p. 405.

clerk, duties, etc., p. 406.

jurisdiction, etc., p. 406.

proceedings in, p. 407.

[blocks in formation]

not affected by law relative to fraternal beneficial associations, 764.



forging or imitating forbidden, offense of, etc., 879.


lien of, for work, etc., 1237, 1239, 1260.
limitation of hours of daily service, 892.


in prosecuting claims, 349.

LAND (see Real estate)-

falsification of records, 845a.


appeal from judgment by either party, 1232, 1233.

agreement as to length of notice under lease not affected, 1236.
in re attachment for rent, 335, 356, 1230, 1231.

ejectment proceedings where married woman is tenant, 1169.
joinder of claims, 1226.

judgment for possession, what it includes, 20, etc., 1235.

lien of, for rent, enforcement of, etc., 1229, 1230, 1231.

notice to tenant to quit premises, when served, etc., 1218, 1223.

double rent chargeable on refusal to quit, 1224.

notice in tenancy at will, 1220.

notice in tenancy at sufferance, 1221.

proceedings to recover possession, 21, 1225.

provisions affecting, 1218,1236.

provisions with reference to ejectment, 984, 996, 1169, 1225.
rights of assignee, 1234.


[blocks in formation]

unaffected by code, 1640.

what to remain in force, 1-1636.

merchant shall be the rule in certain cases, 1304.


provisions with reference to organization and incorporation of, 574-586.


action to recover furnished apartments, 1235.

agreements as to length of notice not affected, 492, 496, 1236.

[blocks in formation]

of employees of D. C. Government regulated, p. 2, act Mar. 2, 1911 (36 Stat.,

of firemen, teachers, etc., p. 36, sundry civil act, 1911.

for policemen (29 Stat., 405, 607; 34 Stat., 222).

LEGACY (see also Wills)-

disposition of lapsed or void, 1631.

distribution of estates to legatees, 373.

lapsed, 1631.

meeting of legatees for purpose of distributing estate, 394.
valid for religious purposes, when, 1635.

sale of decedent's estate to pay, etc., 146, 148.

satisfaction of, 1630.

to executor, 264.

LEGAL HOLIDAYS (see Holidays).


foreign, may hold property, etc., 396.

exemption of property of, from taxation (32 Stat., 961).
exempted from special assessments, etc. (32 Stat., 961).

repealed, 1636.


ad colligendum, grant of, in case of contest of a will, etc., 119, 304.
form of, 304.

administration, application for, what to state, etc., 295.

cum testamento annexo, issuance of, where executor fails to qualify, 262, 266.
form of, 272, 293.

[blocks in formation]

offense of stealing or injuring books, 849.


stealing or injuring books, etc., offense of, 849.

LICENSE FEES (see Origin and Government, p. 168)—

insurance agents, etc., to have, 652, 654, 655.

marriage not to be performed without, delivery to person performing ceremony,


[blocks in formation]
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