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service of writ, 1101.

time fixed for, not essential in death sentence, 929.

warden to carry judgment of death into effect, 1198, 1199, 1200-1203.
EXECUTOR (see also Administrator)—

action on bonds, 297, 1265.

action against, etc., 1117.

absentee, notice to, in case of effect, etc., 267.


accountability for property on failure to furnish counter security, etc.,
accounts to be rendered of estates, etc., 119, 126, 361–372.

administration of estate in case of death of, etc., 298.
administration of estate in case of several, 1031.
administrator of, to deliver estate, etc., 303.
agreements to charge, to be in writing, etc., 1117.
arbitration of controversies in settlement of estates, 145.
assets, what are, 317.

attachment of property in hands of, 457.
bequest as compensation, 366.

bond of, when residuary legatee, etc., 262, etc.

additional, to be given on selling real estate, etc., 146, 296.
not to be furnished by, when, 262, 263, 745.
separate, may be required where more than one, 263.
subject to approval of probate court, 121.

claim of, against estate to be passed on by court, 119, 361.
commissions not allowable on bequests to, when, 365.
competency of, etc., 261.

concealment of assets of decedent's estate by, etc., 124.
corporation, when not to give bond when appointed as, 745.
death, etc., effect of, 298.

debtor appointed as, effect of, etc., 318, 319, 320, 321.
debt of estate, payment of, 330-358.

disbursements and allowance by, statement in account, 365.
disqualified, procedure in case of, 270.

distribution of estate by, may be enforced, 119, 345, 359, 373, etc.
duty to be enforced, 39, 126, 271, 298, 438.

embezzlement by, offense of, 841.

enforcement of duty by order of court, etc., 126.

executor of, not entitled to administration de bonis non, etc., 299.
foreign, suits in District by, etc., 329.

funds to be invested where payments to be made at distant period, 369.
includes administrator, etc., p.

inventory to be made of decedent's estate by, etc., 119, 309–316.

investment of funds by, 123, 369.

letters de bonis non, granted when, 299.

testamentary, to issue, when, 262.

necessary before acting, 271.

cum testamento annexo to issue on failure to qualify, 266.
limitations in suits, 260, 348, 1265, 1266.
may sue to vacate fraudulent deed, etc., 1122.
negligence of coexecutor, complaint of, etc., 125.
payment of debt, 330, etc.

plaintiff's official character as, how denied, 1535.
procedure in case of concealment of assets by stranger, 122.

proof of debts against estate, etc., 330-360.

prosecution of suit by, when commenced by deceased plaintiff, 237.

register of wills to receive accounts of, etc., 121.

renunciation of executorship, effect, etc., 269.
resignation, effect of, etc., 292.


revocation of authority to act, etc., 123-127, 263, 290–296,
sale of estate by, when, etc., 146, etc., 322, 324, 325, 326.
sale of real estate for payment of debts and legacies, 146, 147,
set-off may be pleaded in actions by or against, 1570.
stock held by, in corporations personally not liable on, 624, 625, 742.
suits by and against, affecting estates, 327-329, 348, 1122, 1302.

suits by and against, limitation of time, 348, 1266.
suits on bonds of, etc., 297.

summons, in case of several, effect, etc., 268.
surety may apply for countersecurity, etc., 128.
trust, etc., companies may be appointed as, 722.


husband shall render account of deceased, 371.

allowance of householder earnings, etc., 314, 1105, 1107.

allowance not exempt, when, 1105.

in case of general assignments, 435, 444.

benefits in fraternal beneficial association, when not liable to attachment, 759.
estate of decedent, 314.

insurance for benefit of wife not liable to claims of creditors, 1162.

from service on jury, 207, 217

mortgage of exempted property,


notaries' official seals, etc., from execution, 564
wife's separate property, 1151.
from taxation-

cemeteries, 667

charitable institutions, etc. (19 Stat., 399, 402).
churches (R. S. D. C., sec. 147).

educational institutions, etc. (32 Stat., 616).

hospitals (19 Stat., 399, 402).

legation property (32 Stat., 961).

premiums of fraternal insurance companies, 650.
religious institutions (19 Stat., 399, 402).

indecent, prohibited, 872.

what are estates by, 1018.


penalty for placing near buildings, statues, etc., 825a, 885.

use of, for catching fish forbidden, 900.

employment agencies (see acts June 19, 1906; Jan. 12, 1907; Feb. 20, 1909).

of criminals, when, 930, 931.


guilty of embezzlement, when, 838.


offense of, punishment, etc., 184, 859, 860.

property obtained by, offense of, etc., 842.

officers of corporations, penalty, 732.
FEES (see also Salary, license) —

acknowledge of deeds by clerk of court, 177.
administrators, etc., 365, 366.

appertaining to the probate court, 1111.
attorneys, clerks, etc., 1108-1115.

coroner's jury, 195, 1115.
counsel for garnishee, 461, 467.
district attorney, 1109.

clerk, court of appeals, regulation of, 224.

clerk of court and marshal to serve the District of Columbia without charge, 177.

clerk of police court, shall not charge, 52.

clerk of supreme court, return of, 180.

United States commissioners, 1113.

executors, etc., 365, 366.
jurors, 45, 195, 1115.
judges of municipal court-
jurors in juvenile court-
jurors at inquest, 195.

jurors in condemnations, 491h, 1609.

jury in assessing damages in widening alleys, etc., 1612.

justice of the peace to be fixed, 8.

marshal, to be collected and turned into the Treasury, etc., 187, 1112.

for serving process issued justices of the peace, 41.

for services in widening alleys, etc., 1612

in charge of police court jury, etc., 45.

notaries public, 571.
recorder of deeds for services, 552, 553.

81254-11- -32


referee, acting as arbitrator, etc., 426.

surveyor to turn over to collector of taxes, 1591.

schedule of, to be provided by commissioners, 1593.
trustee of deed of trust, 545.
witnesses, 195, 920, 1114.

form of conveyances in, 556, etc.
what are, 1012, 1013.

FEMALE (see Age of―)—

bequests deliverable to, on reaching age, 393.

under 21 years, carnal knowledge of, 808, 871, 873.
offense of enticing for purpose of prostitution, 813.
FEME COVERT (see Married women).


inclosing cemetery, etc., penalty for destroying, 850.


when necessary, 1178.


issue of, to enforce decrees, etc., 113, 349, 466, 468.
may be levied on what, 1082.


prohibited, 852, 876.

FINES (see also Crimes and offenses)—

commutation of, when allowed, 936.

in police court, 44, 48, 654.

application of moneys collected from, etc., 48, 58, 59, 654.
police and firemen's relief fund entitled to, 654.

officer receiving, in police court, agent of Government, 48.

malicious injuring or destroying property by, offense of, 848.

penalties imposed upon insurance companies to be used for pension fund, etc., 654.

may become perpetual, how, 641.

premiums shall be exempt from taxes, 650.

FIREMEN'S RELIEF FUND (see Policemen's fund)-

right to fines and forfeitures, 48, 654.

regulation of, 34 Stat., p. 672.
FISHING (see also Game)

contrivances confiscated to be sold, 903.

in Potomac River with nets, when forbidden, etc., 896.

informer shall receive half of fine, 902.

permit to be obtained for catching certain bait with net, etc., 896.

season for certain fish, 897-899.
selling small bass prohibited, 899.
use of explosives forbidden, 900.

penalty for depredation, etc., 825.

action by landlord, 1225.
judgment, 22.

plea of title, 23.
not a bar, 24.

offense of, 851.

service of summons, etc., 21.

summons for restitution of possession, 20, 225.
FORECLOSURE (see also Mortgage, 95, 534)—

building associations may enforce payments by, 699.

defenses against, to be according to equity practice, 534, 535.
FOREIGN CORPORATIONS (see Corporations).

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

of partnership, 1502.

of set-off, 1564.

order of publication in lieu of personal service of process, 107.
of protest, 1457.

of proof of claim, 331.

replevin, declaration, 13, 1550.

search warrant, 911.

summons, 1536.

undertaking of defendant, in case of attachment, 453.

writ of replevin, 13.

care of, by probate court, 395, 411.

annual reports to be made by, 752, 762.

associations using name of existing corporations, etc., 765.
benefits for disability, 749.

benefits exempt from attachment, 759.

contract of beneficiary to pay dues in, etc., invalid, 758.
death benefits payable to whom, 749.

defined, 749.

election of trustees, 755.

foreign may do business in District of Columbia, 751, 754.
funds, how applied, 749.

incorporation of, etc., 755.

incorporation of subordinate bodies, 757.

injunction against continuance of business, when, 762.

law affecting, not applicable to associations for profit, etc., 764.
meetings of, 760.

name of existing corporations can not be used, etc., 765.
nonresident, requirements for performing business, 751–755.
powers, liability of, etc., 749, 765.

reincorporation of existing, 756.

rights of, unabridged by general provisions, 655.
reserve, disposition of, 749.

service of process on foreign, 753.

assignments which may be set aside for, etc., 442.
conveyances and assignments in, effect of, 1120, 1121.
fraudulent conveyances may be vacated, 1122, 1151.
fraudulent debts, attachment to recover, 445.
fraudulent intent, a question of fact, 1120.
fraudulent representation, penalty for, 761.
in drawing jurors, misdemeanor, 213, 214.
in negotiable instruments defects title, 1359.


in sale of merchandise, etc., 1122. (See act Apr. 28, 1904; 33 Stat.,
levy of attachments in case of assignments, 470.
marriage may be annulled for, 966.


provisions with reference to, 1116, 1119.

act to prevent, 292.

what are, 1014.
levy on, 1082.

sale of unclaimed, by common carrier, when, etc., 642.

investment of decedent's estate by executor, etc., 123.

expenses allowed for, 365.

what are, 1020.


GAMBLING (see also Bucketing)—

offense of conducting place for, 865, 866, 869.

penalty for permitting use of premises for, 866, 869.

on races of any kind, prohibited, 869.

on contests of any kind, prohibited, 869.

on elections, prohibited, 869.

on games of base ball, prohibited, 869.


(see acts Mar. 3, 1901; June 30, 1906; 23 Stat., 240; 30 Stat., 415).

penalty for conducting tables, etc., 865.

defined, 868.

GARNISHMENT (see also Attachment)—
attachment to be levied upon what, 454.
garnishee, examination of, 1089, 1098.

form of interrogatories, 447, 1089.
admission of credits, 467.

to be held only for debts and costs, 469.

judgment against garnishee, when, 461, 463, 1097, 1098.

liability of plaintiff in, 461.

on credits, interests, and debts, 456, 458.

pleading, 459, 472, 1094.
quashing of, 471.

release of property, etc, 454.

writ to issue, when, etc., 445.

pamphlet laws relating to, Allen).

GAS AND METERS (see pamphlet; "Gas and Meters').

GENERAL ASSIGNMENT (see Assignment)-

exempt property not to be included, 444.

fraudulent may be set aside for and trustee appointed to take charge, 442.
preferences void in case of, 440.

procedure in case of, 435-444.

separate assignment of each chose in action not necessary in case of, 434.

words importing masculine, what to include, page —

of supreme court, District of Columbia, powers, etc., 63.

enterprises prohibited (R. S. D. C., 1177; Lansburg v. D. C., 11 D. C. App., 512;
38 L. R., 681).

giving or receiving in re appointment or promotion, etc. (32 Stat., 591).

deduction of term of imprisonment on account of, 937.


contract for sale of, when valid, 1119.
in storage, notification of sale, 1620.
in storage, lien on, 1619.


old laws selecting, repealed, 1636.
method of drawing jurors, etc., 204.

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