Lapas attēli


decedents', sale of, for paying debts, 119.
suits by and against, 327-329.
what are assets, 317.

declarations of trust to be in writing, etc., 1117.
descent of, 940-962, 1026, 1028.

descent of trust, 952.

distribution of, by executors, etc., enforcement of, 119.
distribution to next of kin and legatees, 373–387.

dower in, 1158.

drunkards, appointment of committee to manage, of habitual, 115f.
effect of creating, by parole, 1116.

effect of fraudulent conveyance and assignment of, 1118.
equitable, creation of, 1171.

escheat of decedents', when, 398, 962.
expectant, alienable, etc., 1018, 1030.
expectant, not to be defeated, 1029.

for life or years, etc., sale, etc., 100, 1014, 1025, 1032.
investment of proceeds for benefit of parties, 100.-

for years, what are, 1032.

for term of years, 1025.

from month to month, what are, 1035.

from year to year, what are, 1033.

future, what are considered, 1020-1030.

held as tenants in common unless otherwise declared, 1031.
infants', lease of, when, 163.

mortgage of, when, 164.

particular, or in remainder, sale of, 162.

sales of, etc., to be ratified, 115e, 156, 161.

in fee simple, 502, 1012, etc.

in joint tenancies, 1031.

inventory to be made of decedents', 309.
investment of funds of, by executor, etc., 123.

judgment lien on, 1214.

legal, remains in cestui que use and not trustee, 1617.
letters of administration to be granted when, 273.

lunatics', sale of, when, 115b-115e.

of inheritance, 1012-1014.

of married women, liable for her contracts, 1156-1171.

of non compos mentis, 115b, etc.

parent, etc., may be enjoined from interfering with infants', 1129.
partial distribution may be authorized in case of want, etc., 391.
perpetuities, void, except, etc., 1023.

possession, exist when, 1017.

powers in relation to, what are, etc., 1037-1055.

pur autre vie, 1015.

· remainder, 1021, 1027.

reversion, 1019.

revocation of authority to act, etc., when, 127.

sale of decedents', may be directed for paying debts, 119.

sale of principal, for maintenance, etc., 165.

suit may be brought to vacate fraudulent deed of, etc., 1122.
tenancy in common, 956, 1031.

trust, 952.

vested, contingent, etc., may be conveyed by deed, etc., 512.

what are, 1015.

EVIDENCE (see also Depositions)—

charter as, 640, 744.

competency of husband and wife to testify, 1068, 1069.

competency of surviving party to transaction, 1064.

witnesses in general, 1063-1067.

conviction of crime not to make party incompetent, 1067.
copy of deeds and wills, 1071.

depositions taken de bene esse may be read in probate court, etc., 144, 1058-1060.

examination of witnesses on probate of will, etc., 132.

husband and wife not to testify as to confidential communications, 1068, etc.
in actions ex contractu, 1209.

in ejectment, 988, 999.


in equity, 964.

letter, receipt for registered, shall be (act May 23, 1910; 36 Stat. -).
nonresident attesting witnesses, how to give, etc., 132, 1062.

notary's record as, 570, 1412.

notice to creditors, 352, etc.

physicians may testify, when, 630, 1073.
probate of will, 144.

production of books and papers as, 1072.
publication, proof of, prima facie, 352, 353.

record debts, proof of, 1070.

record of deed as, 519, 1071.

record of marriage competent, 1295.

record of surveyor, 1575.

record of will; 1071.

rules governing taking, etc., 1056–1073a.

taking, of nonresident witnesses when required in court, 26, 1062.
testimony of surviving party, 1064.

de bene esse, 1058.

of deceased or insane party, 1065.
of partners, 1066.

in equity causes, how taken, 1061.
for party claiming usury, 1183.

bill of, substance of, 73, 227.

in condemnation proceedings, 489.

in trial by court, 71, 73, 83, 227.

to rulings, etc., 421.

trial of, to auditor's report, etc., 146, 255, etc.

infants' real estate, procedure in case of, 156-161.


action of excise board final, p. 445.

application for license, p. 446.

what it must state, p. 446.

applicant must be a citizen of the United States, p. 446.

applicant must be a citizen of good morals, p. 446.

applicant must have consent of majority of real-estate owners and householders,
p. 446.

appointment of five assistant assessors, p. 451.
assessment of personal property, p. 455.

assessor must certify ownership, p. 447.
assessor shall be chairman of boards, etc., p. 455.
assistant assessors, term of board of, p. 455.
assistant clerk provided for, p. 452.


definition of, pp. 447, 449.

employment of females prohibited, p. 451.
license for, p. 447.

must be open to inspection, p. 449.
must be closed Sundays, p. 448.
what constitutes, pp. 448, 449.
outside cities, etc., p. 446.

pool, etc., prohibited, p. 451.
billiard and pool tables, to license, pp. 451, 453.

board of equalization, p. 455.

board of personal-tax appeals, p. 455.

sessions changed, p. 456.

bonding companies,

shall pay personal tax on gross receipts (33 Stat., 619).
bowling alleys, p. 456.

license tax, pp. 453, 456.

brewer's license, p. 453.
card playing,

in barrooms prohibited, p. 451.


of various boards, assessor shall be, p. 455.
citizenship must be stated, p. 446.
clerk, appointment and duties of, p. 446.

closing of barroom between 12 o'clock midnight and 4 a. m., p. 448.

incorporated, may be granted a license, p. 448.
liquor licenses may be granted to, p. 44.
common carriers by vessels,

taxation of (32 Stat., p. 619).

contents of petition,

consent of real-estate owners, etc., must be filed, p. 447.

shall not be employed in barrooms, p. 451.
corner barroom,

in re to majority of signers, etc., p. 446.
disorderly or disreputable places,

shall not be licensed, p. 447.


narcotic, regulated, p. 457.

sale of liquors by, p. 449.

no intoxicating liquors shall be sold to, p. 448.

permit to sell liquor at, p. 448.
excise board-

annual report of, p. 445.

assistant assessors to be, p. 451.
creation of, p. 445.

composition of, p. 445.
duties of, p. 445.

expenses, how paid, p. 446.

may administer oaths, p. 452.

may revoke liquor licenses, p. 447.

shall appoint clerk and fix salary, p. 446.

shall examine places where liquors are sold, p. 446.
shall make rules governing sale of liquor, p. 445.

shall record all applications for licenses, p. 446.
false statements constitute perjury, p. 446.

fee for barroom licenses shall be $800 and $300, respectively, p. 455.

shall not be employed in barrooms, p. 451.
fines for violations, 449, 450.

Government Hospital for the Insane,

selling liquor within 1 mile of, prohibited, p. 457.
guests at hotels,

may be furnished liquors, etc., p. 448.

Home for Aged and Infirm,

sale of liquors within 1 mile of, prohibited, p. 457.

may sell liquors to guests on Sundays, p. 448.
must have 25 guest rooms, etc., pp. 447, 452.
shall have right to license for barroom, p. 452.
hours for sale of liquors, etc., p. 447.

of liquor licenses, p. 446.

"intoxicating liquors,'

meaning of, p. 445.

jurisdiction and procedure in cases of violation of, p. 450.

classification of, p. 448.
fee for retail, p. 448.

fee for wholesale, p. 448.

fee for barroom limited ($800 and $300, respectively), p. 455.

fee for transfer of, 448.

for billiard and pool tables, p. 453.

for hotels, p. 447.

limit of, p. 448.

must be framed and placed conspicuously, p. 449.

objections, how filed, p. 460.

petition for, must be verified by affidavit, p. 446.

licenses Continued.

protests against granting, etc, p. 460.
mile limit, etc., 454.

pool rooms (see billiard).

renewal of, consent, etc., not necessary, p. 447.
revocation of license, cause, etc., p. 447.
revocation of, on second conviction, p. 450.
shall be granted for a period of one year, p. 448.
to be framed and conspicuously displayed, p. 449.
to brewers, p. 455.

transfer of, p. 448.

violating rules, etc., penalty, etc., pp. 449, 450.
wholesale and retail, p. 448.

within 1 mile limit prohibited, p. 454.

laws regulating sale of (see Excise laws).
regulations, penalty for violating, p. 450.
sale of, to minors, by unlicensed persons, p. 456.
sale of, on Sunday, prohibited, p. 447.


of real-estate owners and housekeepers must sign application, p. 447.
management of business,

by licensee, p. 446.


must not enter liquor place, pp. 450, 451.

no intoxicating liquors shall be sold to, p. 447.

penalty for furnishing liquors to, p. 451.

sale of liquors to, prohibited, p. 456.

sale of liquor by unlicensed person to, p. 457.

shall not be admitted in certain pool rooms (32 Stat., p. 202).

shall not conduct a barroom, p. 451.

tobacco, etc., shall not be sold to (26 Stat., p. 736).
narcotic drugs,

sale of, regulated, p. 457.


[blocks in formation]

Real Estate Title Co.,

shall pay 1 per cent of gross receipts (33 Stat., 564).
record of application, p. 446.

of seized property (32 Stat., p. 619).


to grant license, p. 451.

remonstrances, and actions shall be recorded,

p. 446.

of existing licenses, pp. 447, 451.
revenue laws,

[blocks in formation]

decrees in equity, how made, 1104.

equitable interests subject to, 1084.

fiat to be rendered upon a scire facias, when, 1077, 1078.

fieri facias may be levied, on what, 1082.

garnishees answers traversed, effect of, 1095, 1098.

issued by justice of the peace, property not liable to, when, etc., 33, 1081.

judgment, appeal, etc., 35.

possession of property on appeal, 36.

replevin against officer levying, etc., 37.
trial of action, 34.

issue of, etc., when, 1074-1104.

judgment of condemnation of property, 1097.
juvenile court shall issue (act Mar. 4, 1909).
levy, what subject to, 1082-1084, 1088.
lien of, from what to date, 1074, 1079.
mandamus proceedings, effect of, 1282.

money in hands of an officer may be attached, 1091.
pleading to the attachment, 1094.

police court to issue, of forfeited recognizances, etc., 57.

postponement of sentences, 924.

preservation of property attached, 1093.

property exempt from, 1014, 1105.

property sold, delivery of, 1100.

purchaser subrogated to rights of creditor in case of defective proceedings, 1102.

return may be made afterwards, etc., 1076.
sale shall be at public auction, 1085.
sale of property, when defective, 1102.
scire facias, when unnecessary, 1087.

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