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shareholders' rights and privileges, 689–700.
shares of stock, issue of, 689.

shall make annual report to comptroller, 691.

shall deposit at least one-tenth of its capital as security with the comptroller, 691.
BUILDINGS (see Building regulations)—

in alleys (see Alley).

penalty for placing explosives near, 825a.

provision with reference to party walls, 1586, etc.
surveyor to adjust lines, etc., 1589.

BURIAL (see Cemeteries)-

of dead, place, mode, etc., 678, 679.

married woman may engage in, 206.

[blocks in formation]

validity to be decided by court, 136, 140.

will not be admitted to probate until issues determined, etc., 136.

desecration of graves, punishment for, 1636.

distance to be located from city, care of, etc., 670, 671.

graves in, size of, 672, 681.

incorporation and powers of, 658, etc.

offense of destroying fence inclosing, etc., 850.

permit necessary for interment in, 675.

regulations as to burials, 675–686.

reopening of, prohibited, 680.

right of way through, for streets, 1603.

superintendent to register at health department, 674.

superintendent must keep register, 673.


incorporation of, procedure, etc., 658.

regulation of, 658-669.


acknowledgment, offense of making false, 493, 845, 1491.

of acknowledgment, what must accompany it, when out of District, 495, 496.
of acknowledgment by married women, etc., 516.


cases to be removed from justice of the peace by writ of, 8.

Supreme Court of the United States may issue, to court of appeals, 62, 68, 234, p. 464.


legal estate to be in, etc., 1617.


to fight a duel, offense of, etc., 852.

to jury in criminal offenses, when allowed, 72, 918, 919.

incorporation of, etc., 599, etc.


perpetuities may be created for, 1023.


application for, 767.

forfeiture of (see Corporation).

of the city of Washington (2 Stats., 194; 16 Stats., 419).


deeds of, recording, etc., 546, 547.

enforcement of decree for delivery of, etc., 115.

levy on, when pledged, 1084.

perpetuities shall not be created in, 1024.

real, what are, 1014, 1015.


act to regulate the employment of, p. 441.

no child under 14 years of age shall be employed during school hours, p. 441.
age of employment, p. 441.

time of employment, p. 443.

no child under 14 years of age shall be employed before 6 a. m. or after 6 p. m.,
p. 445.

permit may be issued for employment of a child between 12 and 14 years of age,
p. 441.

employment of children under 16, p. 441.

age and schooling certificate, where it shall be kept, p. 442.

who shall issue it, p. 441.

conditions under which it may be issued,
what it shall contain,

p. 442.

penalty for violations, p. 443

duties of inspectors and truant officers, p. 443.

p. 442.

notice of hours for work and rest must be posted, p. 443.
commissioners authorized to appoint two inspectors, p. 443.

to issue permit for theatrical exhibitions, etc., p. 445.

age of children permitted bootblacking, p. 444.

age of children permitted to sell newspapers or merchandise, etc., p. 444.
any child under 16 years of age permitted to work must wear a badge, p. 444.
what a permit must state, pp. 442, 445.

no child shall be permitted to sell newspapers, etc., after 10 p. m. and before
6 a. m., p. 445.

no child shall be employed in a theatrical exhibition without permit from the
Commissioners of the District of Columbia, p. 445.


abandonment of, punishment for, 814.

abduction of, punishment for ,812, 813.

adoption of, how authorized, 395.

antenuptial, may be legitimated, etc., 957.

appointment of guardian for, 1125.

contract for binding out, as apprentice, etc., 404.

custody of during divorce proceedings, 975, 1150.

cruelty to, punishment for, 814.

dependent, etc., support of (see Juvenile court).

declared legitimate when a marriage annulled, etc., 972, 974.

illegitimate, may inherit, when, 387, 958.

labor of, regulated by act of May 28, 1908 (35 Stat., 420).

legitimate, when of slave marriage, 1296, 1297.

legitimate, when of void marriage, 972.

maintenance of, may be ordered by court, 980 (see act Mar. 23, 1906; May 28, 1908,
34 Stat., 86, 509).

parent may be enjoined from interfering with estate of, 1129.

posthumous, entitled to take estates, etc., 386, 953, 1028.

rules of descent to, 940, 953, 954, 958, 959, 1028.


assignment of, when authorized, etc., 431-434.


number of trustees, etc., 588:

property exempt from taxation (R. S. D. C., sec. 147).


title of land vested in trustees, 594.

what property they may hold, etc., 587.
CIRCUIT COURT (see Supreme Court)-

appeals from justice of the peace, to be heard by, etc., 74.
common-law civil causes to be tried in, 69.

jurors for, method of drawing, 204.

jury of, may be used for trials in probate courts, 140.

issue of, in case of probate of will, etc., 130, 485, 1141.
CITY SOLICITOR (corporation counsel)--

attorney for the District to be known as, 932.

prosecutions, when by, 932.

designated as corporation counsel, 932.


may be certified to justice holding criminal court, 67.
to be tried in circuit court, 70.

CLAIMS (see also Debts)-

against decedent's estate, proof of, etc., 121, 330–360.

assets retained for, 346.

docket of, to be kept by register of wills, when passed by probate court, 354.
executors shall give notice to file, 346, 350, 351.

joinder of different, in declaration, etc., 1211.

meeting of creditors, 358.

nonresidents, estate subject for payment of, 260.

of rent and open accounts, 335, 336.

passed by court, 339, 343.

passed, 342.

priorities in paying, 356.

probate of, against decedent's estate, by register of wills, etc., 121.

proof of, in case of general assignment, 439.

protest required in case of bill of exchange, 334.

register of wills shall keep docket of, 354.

voucher, proof of judgment or decree, 331.


court of appeals, salary, etc., 224.

shall not charge District of Columbia fees, 177.

deputy, salary, etc., 224.

municipal court, shall give bond (act Feb. 17, 1909), p. 10.
police court, salary, term, bond, etc., 52.

deputies, salaries, etc., 53.

power to administer oaths, etc., 54.

to take charge of and dispose fines, etc., 58.

to render itemized statements of deposits, etc., 58.

audit of accounts of, 59.

probate court, register of wills to act for, 120.
supreme court, appointment of, 65.

assistant may perform duties of, etc., 174.
attachment docket to be kept by, 477.
fees of, 1110.

supreme court, fees and costs payable immediately, 177.
returns of, to Secretary of Treasury, etc., 180.

jury list to be made by, 198.

fraud in connection with drawing of, 214.

oath, bond, powers of, etc., 174.

supreme court, payment into Treasury in case of balance due, 181.

notice to be given district attorney of divorce proceedings instituted, 185.
oaths may be administered by, 178.

fees for, 179.

performance of duty in criminal court, 185.

salary, etc., 179.

Solicitor of Treasury to be furnished with copy of decree, etc., when, 185.


repeal provisions, etc., 1636-1643.

new sections added since establishing a code, etc. (1902), are indicated by italics.

revocation of authority to act, etc., when, 125, 127.
COLLATERAL (see Security).

COLLECTOR (see Executor)-

bond of, when acting before grant of letters, 305.

approval of, 119, 121.

duties of, etc., 306.

embezzlement by, 841.

inventory to be made of decedent's estate by, etc., 309-316.
refusal of, to deliver property, etc., 308.

who may act as, 721.

COLLECTOR OF TAXES (see Compiled Statutes, chap. 65)—

list of jurors to be made by, 198.

list of transfers of property to be furnished to, 554.

incorporation of, 574, 577.


discrimination against, abolished (12 Stat., 407).
issue of, deemed to be legitimate, when, 1297.
COMMERCIAL PAPER (see Negotiable instruments)-
provisions with reference to, 332, 1304–1493.


issue of, to take deposition, 132, 144, 1060.

testimony taken on, from courts outside of District, 1062.

embezzlement by, 838.


permit to be granted by, for catching certain bait with net, etc., 896.


appeal to court of appeals from decisions of, 228.


fees of, 1113.

records to be kept by, 1113.

supreme court to appoint, 65, 485.

to assign dower, 86.


appointment, duties, etc., of, 557, etc.


appointment of, tenure of office and qualifications (20 Stat., 103).

appointment, etc., of officials, etc. (20 Stat., 103, etc.).

bond of (20 Stat., 103; 31 Stat., 460).

condemnation of property, duty of, 483-491.

coroner to be appointed by, 190.

cost in court of appeals, 177.

duties of (20 Stat., 103; 21 Stat., 156; act Mar. 3, 1909).

employees exempt from jury service, 217.

inspector of gas and meters shall be appointed by (act Mar. 3, 1903).

insurance, appointment of superintendent of, 645.

law to remain in force, 1636.

oath of office of, general, as to subdivisions, ex officio, etc. (20 Stat., 103).

power of, in granting charters to certain corporations, 717.

president of board of (20 Stat., 103).

quorum of board (26 Stat., 1113).

salary of (20 Stat., 103).

superintendent of insurance to be appointed by, 645.
transfer points of street railways to be designated by, 712.

appointment of, for lunatics, 115b, 168, 1141, 1142, 1156.
to manage drunkard's estate, 115f, 172, 1141, 1142.
bond, powers of, etc., 172, 721.

COMMON CARRIER (see Railroads; also act June 29, 1906)—
accidents shall be reported monthly (36 Stat., 350).

bond of, etc. (33 Stat., 826).

damages for injuries, p. 413.

discrimination in rates prohibited (32 Stat., 847).

equipment of cars prescribed, p. 414, (32 Stat., 943; 36 Stat., 298).

free passes prohibited, etc. (35 Stat., 60).

hours of labor of employees limited, p. 416, (34 Stat., 1415).

liability to employees for personal injury, 1303a, p. 412.
negligence of officers, p. 413.

obscene literature shall not be transported (33 Stat., 705).

penalty for violation of safety act, p. 416, (35 Stat., 476; 36 Stat., 299).


rates, regulation of (34 Stat., 584, 586).

rebates prohibited (34 Stat., 587).

sale of unclaimed freight by, when, 642, 644.

shall keep public rate book (34 Stat., 592).

subject to Interstate Commerce rules (34 Stat., 584).

taxation of (32 Stat., 619).

time limit for action, 413.

to make annual reports (34 Stat., 593).

transportation of certain animals, birds, etc., prohibited (31 Stat., 932; 33 Stat.,
1264, 1269).

transportation of explosives restricted (35 Stat., 554).

transportation of dead bodies to or through city forbidden without permit, 676.
who shall be considered as such (34 Stat., 584), p. 413.


in force unless replaced, 1, 1640.

not affected by code, etc., 430, 1640.


husband and wife not to testify as to confidential, 1069.
physicians not to testify as to confidential, 1073.

COMPETENCY (see Evidence)—

of witnesses, 1063.


creditors may enter into, on dissolution of partnership, 1494, 1497.
separate, may be entered into by one of several joint debtors, 1210.

separate, may be entered into by one of several joint debtors, 1210.

deposit of bonds, etc., with, by trust, etc., companies, 728.
savings banks may be examined by, 713, 714.

trust, etc., companies subject to national-bank laws, etc., 720.
report may be made by, 720, 730.



assets of decedent's estate by executor, etc., 124.
by stranger of decedent's estate, 122.
delivery of may be ordered, 122.

of any authorized record, penalty for, 830, 840, 844.
of defendant, attachment on, 445.

removal of cases in, 8.

appeal from final order, 491m, 1610.
appointment of appraisers, 485, 491d.

assessments shall be a lien upon the land assessed, 491j.

assessments, how to be collected, 491j.

benefits shall be considered, 488.

benefits, entire cost shall be assessed as benefits, p. 433.

commissioners or jury to make appraisement, 486.

cost shall be assessed as benefits.

cost, salary of counsel shall not be added to (34 Stat., 1128).

damages and costs shall be assessed as benefits, 491g.

disability of owners, 485, 491n.

disbursing officer shall pay confirmed verdict, 491i.

eminent domain, exercise of right of, 84.

enforcement of judgment in certain cases may be postponed, 457.

exceptions must be filed within 20 days, 491h.

fees of jurors, 4911.

jurors' compensation, 1609.

jury shall appraise in certain cases, 487.

notice must be given for hearing, 487, 491c.

number and qualification of jury, 487, 488, 491d.

of land for public use, 483-491.

of property attached, 466.

payment of verdict, 486, 490, 491i.

petition may be amended, 484, 491k.

proceedings for, amended, 491a, 491n.

proceedings, when owners are under disability 485, 491n.

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