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date when Judicial Code in re shall be effective, p. 465.
Government allowed right of, in criminal cases, 935.

justices of the peace, decisions to be reviewed in the circuit court, 74.
procedure, etc., 75.

from judgment of, to recover leased premises, 1232, 1233.
judgment of, deemed an action, 242.
time for taking, from decision of, 30.
undertaking to pay judgment, 31.
practice, forms of proceeding, etc., 32.
from juvenile court.

from municipal court, p. 9..

penalty of bond when from decision on mandamus, etc., 224, 1282.

Supreme Court, United States, from court of appeals, when, 233, 234, p. 463.
may issue writ of certioari to review judgment of
court of appeals, p. 464.

United States nor District government shall be required to furnish bond in, 177.

effect of failure of, 78, 79, 237.

entry of, by order of court, on failure of representative of deceased party, 236,
237, 249, 250.

executor to enter, on behalf of deceased plaintiff, 236.


appointment in case of decedent's estate, duties, etc., 310-312.

decedent's estate, 311, 312.

decedent's estate in case of concealment by executor, etc., 124.

of attached property, 454.

of land under right of eminent domain, 486.

property levied upon, etc., 1085.


contracts for binding minor child, etc., 402-411.

probate court to approve contracts, 173.


provisions taken from acts making, not to affect appropriation, etc., 1637.

causes may be submitted to, procedure, etc., 412-430, 777.

of controversies between executor and complainant by probate court, etc., 145.

penalty for carrying, 855.

ARREST (see also Crimes and offenses)—

municipal court may issue process for, p. 9.

police court to issue process for, etc., 48.

release of persons under, on writ of habeas corpus, 1143.

offense of, punishment, etc., 820-822.

incorporation of, 599.


with intent to kill, etc., offense of, 803-806, 853.
punishment for, 803.

ASSESSMENT (see U. S. Statutes in pamphlet: Methods of taxation, etc.)—

in replevin suits 1559, 1561.

of damages, etc., 491g, 1003, 1004.

of benefits (see Alleys, etc., condemnation).

ASSETS (see Estates; administration)—

decedent's estate, what are, and what are not, 317.

concealment of, by strangers, 122.

concealment of, by executor, etc., 124.
distribution of, 344-360, 373, 389, 390.
investment of, by executors, etc., 123.
retaining, for claims, 346–349.

surplus, who is entitled to, 388.

appointment of, by court, when, etc., 438.
bond to be given by, in case of assignment, 437.
duties, etc., 439.

in reversion of leased premises, 1234.

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loan and trust companies may act as, 721.
may sue to vacate fraudulent deed, etc., 1122.
of goods in storage, 1620.
of claims, 331, 333.


of check, 1493.

choses in action, when authorized, 431, 434.
of contract, 407, 433.

corporations making, after petition for dissolution, void, etc., 776.
creating preference, by partnerships void, etc., 1520.
of dower, 86.

of exemptions, 1106.

effect of set-off in case of, 1566.

fraudulent, effect of, 474, 1120-1122.

insolvent debtors, procedure, etc., 435-445.

levy of attachment in case of fraudulent, 470, 474.

by infants and corporations of negotiable instruments, 1326.

delivery does not constitute an, 1431, 1493.
ASSOCIATIONS (see Corporations).
ATTACHMENTS (see also Execution)—

additional, when issued, etc., 448.

benefits of fraternal beneficiary associations, when not liable to, 759.
of dishonest collector, 308.

delivery of property sold by virtue of execution, 1100.
dockets to be kept by circuit court of, 477.

issuance of, to enforce decrees of court, 103, 113.
judgment on condemnation of property, 1097.
levy of, how, etc., 452-457, 1090, 1091.

in case of fraudulent assignments, procedure, etc., 470-474.
method of, etc., 1090, 1094.

remedy of marshal in case of defective, 1103.

upon what may be made, 302, 308, 452, 1088, 1139, 1146, 1572.
liability for costs, 1086.

may be issued upon a judgment, when, 1087, 1088.

preservation of property seized, 1093.

procedure in case of, 445-477.

property exempt from, 759, 1105, 1107.

property sold under, 1100.

property must be appraised, 454.

for rent, 335, 1230, etc.

tools and implements of trade exempt from, 1105.


criminal, penalty for, 906.


duties of, 932, 933.

fees in criminal cases, etc., 1109.
prosecutions by, when, 932, 933.

to be known as city solicitor, 932.

to be known as corporation counsel, 932.

ATTORNEY FOR THE UNITED STATES (see United States attorney for the
District of Columbia).


penitentiary for purpose of imprisonments to be designated by, 925.

quo warranto proceedings to be instituted by, 1539.

warden of jail to make report to, 1197, 1204.

agreement with clients for compensation, 1108.

appointment to represent nonresident defendant, etc., 108, 109.
assignment of, in uncontested divorce cases, 982.
assignment for infants, 102.

[blocks in formation]

refusing to deliver money collected, proceedings against, 219.

rules respecting qualification, admission, etc., to be prescribed, 218, 558.


claims against insolvent debtor to be proved before, 443.
report of, in case of matters of account, etc., 146, 254, 258.
trial of exceptions, etc., 255, 256.
supreme court to appoint, 65.
AWARD (see Arbitration and award).



unclaimed may be sold, 642-644.
BAIL (see Bonds)-

persons charged with crime may deposit money in lieu of, 43, 48, 913, 938.
discharge of, 939.

act as deputy marshals, etc., 55.

police court to appoint, etc., 55.
salaries of, 56, 188.

BANKING ACT (see acts Mar. 14, 1900; Mar. 4, 1907; May 30, 1908).

to whom presentment must be made of negotiable paper of, 1449.

appellate jurisdiction of supreme court U. S. under, p. 464.

certifying checks, effect of, 1491.

comptroller may take possession, when, 713.
penalty for failure to make report, 713.

report to be made, etc., 713.



report to be published, 713.

savings, examination of, by comptroller, 714.
subject to law affecting national banks, 713.
(See Checks, infra, negotiable.)


admissions to and dismissals from, supreme court, etc., 65, 218.

betting on game of, when forbidden, 869.

catching of, when forbidden, 897.

exposing for sale, when forbidden, etc., 897.


powers, liability of, etc., 749–765.

consideration to be given in case of condemnation of land for public use, p. 433,

488, 1608h.

of fraternal beneficial associations, 749, 759


provisions with reference to organization and incorporation of, 599-604.
BEQUESTS (see also Legacies)—

construed as to what passes under, 1633.

deliverable to female on reaching age, 393.

invalid when, for religious, etc., purposes, 1635.

to executors, 366.

to widow bars dower, when, 1173.
BETTING (see Gambling)—

on races, etc., forbidden, 865, 869.

no commission on, when to executor, 366.
renunciation of, by married woman, 1173, 1176.

specific, delivery of, may be made in case of want, etc., 392.

offense of, punishment, etc., 870.

enforcement of lien by, 1214, 1264.

judgment creditor may file, to enforce judgment, etc., 476, 1084, 1120, 1214.
BILL OF EXCHANGE (see Negotiable papers).

on trial by court, 71.

on trial before referee, 421-424.

to be reduced to writing, etc., 73, 83, 227.


may be filed when, 251.

not necessary on death of party to equity suit, 244–248.

of property exempt shall not be valid unless signed by wife of debtor, 1106.
of property in possession must be recorded, 546.

BILLS AND NOTES (see Negotiable instruments) —

in land bill of exchange, what is, 1433.
provisions with reference to, 1304-1493.
BIRDS (see Game).

offense of, punishment for, etc., 819.

incorporation, powers, etc., 701–709.
BOARDING HOUSES (see Innkeeper).
BODIES (see Dead bodies)—

removal or conveyance of dead, except by permit, forbidden, 675–676.

actions on, etc., 308, 480, 481, 482.

additional, to be given in case of attachment, when, 448.

administrator to give, 274, 275.

assignee to give, in case of assignment, 432, 437, 438.
assignment of, authorized, etc., 432.

clerk court of appeals to give, 224.

clerk of municipal court shall give (act Feb. 17, 1909).

clerk of police court to give, 52.

clerk of supreme court to give, 174.

collector of decedent's estate to give, 305.

committee of drunkard's estate to give, 115f, 172.

coroner to give, etc., 191.

corporations, when not to give, on appointment as executor, etc., 262, 274, 305,

724, 745, 1131.

counter security may be required, when, 154, 1572.

damages may be recovered on, 480.

definition, 478.

deposit of money in lieu of, by person charged with crime, 938.
executor and administrator to furnish, etc., 262, 263, 296.

actions on, procedure, etc., 297.

counter security may be applied for, 128.

increase of, when, 263.

liability on, 264, 275.

not to furnish, when, 263.

to give, when residuary legatee, etc., 264.

to give additional, when, etc., 296.

suit on, in case of concealment of estate by, 124.

subject to approval of probate court, 119.
when less than 21 years of age, 294.
guardian of infant to give, 151, 153, 1131, 1141.

father or mother to give, when acting as, 152.
counter security may be required, etc., 154.
in appeals from municipal court, 31, 35.
in issue of attachment, 445.

in landlord and tenant case, 1233.
in mandamus proceedings, 1282.

in writ of error to police court, 227.
issued to defraud creditors, void, 1120.
limitation of actions on, 1265.

joint or separate, where more than one executor, 265.

justice of the peace, undertakings to be furnished on appeals from, 1233.

to satisfy judgments of, 31, 41, 1233.

not required to give (act Feb. 17, 1909).

may be given by persons triable in police court, 43, 48, 913.

marshal to give, 186.

by plaintiff in attachments, 449.

by defendant in attachments, 454, 455.

mechanics' lien to be released when owner gives undertaking, etc., 1254, 1255.
notaries public to give, 561.



by nonresidents to secure cost, 11, 175.
police may hold to bail bond, 43, 913.
real estate, must be recorded, 147, 501.
relating to land, acknowledgment of, 501.
set-off in action against principal and surety, 1568.
special, of administrator entitled to residue of estate, etc.,
suits on, against heirs, 360.


surety subrogated to rights of creditor on paying judgment against principal, 1572,

surety, who is entitled to counter security, 128, 154, 1138, 1572.

surveyor to give, 1578.

trust companies may issue debenture, 721.

trustee appointed by court to sell land under devise for payment of debts, 94.
warden of jail to give, 1190.
BOOKMAKING (see Gambling).

penalty for selling indecent, 872.

production of, may be required, 1072.

stealing or injuring, belonging to libraries, etc., 849.

exclusive use of, how to be obtained, 877, 878b.

forging or imitating forbidden, offense of, etc., 879.
meaning of terms used in act defined, 878a.

penalty for unlawful use of, 878c.

used by dealers in mineral waters, etc., record of inscription to be filed and pub-
lished, 877.

used by dealers in milk, etc., registering of, shall be published, 878b.

unlawful use of, penalty, etc., 878, 878c.

unlawful use of milk bottles defined, 878d.

BOUNDARIES (see Surveyor)—

offense of destroying, etc., 880.

surveyor to make, 1595, 1598.

of District of Columbia and city of Washington (see 31 D. C. App., 544; 1 Stat.,
130, 91; 5 Stat., 365; 28 Stat., 650).

BOYS (see also Children)-

indigent, guardians to be appointed for purposes of enlistment, 166.

District of Columbia officials (act July 1, 1902).

offense of punishment, etc., 861, 862.


liability on note, 1373.

must furnish statement of purchase or sale when demanded, 869d.

defined, 869a.

failure of furnishing statement in purchase or sale of securities, etc., to be evidence
of, 869d.

meaning of terms defined, 869a.

prohibited, 869a.

punishment for keeping bucket shop, 869b.

punishment for assisting in any manner in, 869c.

BUILDING ASSOCIATIONS (see act Mar. 4, 1909; 35 Stat., 1058)-

advancement priority or right to, 692.

advancement premiums for, 692.

advancement repayment of, 697.

Comptroller of the Currency authorized to examine, 691.

Comptroller of the Currency to take possession of, when, 691.

expenses of examination shall be paid by, 691.

incorporation certificate, how executed, 687.

incorporation certificate shall be recorded, 688, 691.
objects defined, 691.

payment of installments enforcible by fines, 689.
penalty for violation of provisions, 691.

powers as to stock, 689, 690.

real estate, when they may buy and hold, 700.
redemption of shares of stock, 695, 696.


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