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[References are to sections, except references to Appendix which are to pages.]


of children, punishment for, 814.


of prosecutions for criminal offense on failure of grand jury to act, 938, 939. of property condemned, 491.

of railway tracks, removal of, 710.

may be ground for divorce, 966.


of proceedings, when, 235-251.

of proceedings for failure to substitute party, 236.

of proceedings for failure of appearance of party, 237.

of proceedings in certain cases when party dies, 235.

of nuisance, acts shall remain in force, 1636.


[blocks in formation]

attachment of dependent, in case of, 445.

of defendant, period for bringing action extended, 1269. notice by publication, etc., 1907.

of executor of will, 267, 304.

of husband or wife for five years, 870. presumption of death in case of, 252.

effect if found living, 253.

of wife for seven years, husband may convey, 1165. of witnesses to wills, etc., 131.


of commercial papers, 1366. (See Negotiable instruments.) ACCESSORIES

how punished, 908, 909.


auditor's report in actions grounded upon, 254.

trial of exceptions to, etc., 255.

clerk of police court, audit of, etc., 59.

of clerk of supreme court, 178, 180-182.

executor of deceased executor to make, etc., 119, 127, 295, 370, 371.

executor to render, etc., on decedent's estate, 361-372.

guardian of infant to make, 1135–1140.

judgment on report on, 258.

Municipal court (see Municipal court).

of partnerships, 1528.

of tenants in common, 93.

settlement of, in probate court prima facie evidence, etc., 119.


absence of, in case of deeds, 514.

of antenuptial children legitimates them, etc., 957.

of assignments, 436.

of attorney for corporation, 497.

bill of sale, etc., 546.

certificate of, to deeds by married woman to show that it was made apart from

husband, 516, 518.

of conditional sales, 547.


of deeds, before whom, 49, 493, 495, 497, 557, 568.

outside of District of Columbia, before whom, etc., 495.

in foreign countries, 496.

in island possessions, 418.

effect of defective, 515.

of instruments by married women, 516, 518.

judges of police court may take, 49.

of mortgages, 521.

notaries public may take, etc., 568.

offense of making false certificate of, 845.

omitted, etc., not to be recorded, 555.

valid according to certain acts, held good, 520.

ACTIONS (see also Suits)-

abatement of, when, 235-251.

against corporations, service, etc., 112.

barred at time code takes effect, etc., 1642.

grounded upon an account may be referred to auditor, etc., 254-258.

on bond of executors, etc., 297.

on bond of United States officers, etc., 481.

period of limitations, 1265.

service in case of nonresidents, 105.

service in case of unknown parties, 110.

to perfect title by adverse possession, 111.
to charge executors, etc., 1117.

when infants are parties, 102, 1286.


passed after enactment of code, effect of, 1639.
repealed, specification of, 1636-1639.

remaining in force, 1, 1636, 1640.


of legacy, 1630.


additional assets when returned, 124.

appraisers, appointment of, 310, 311.

assets, concealment of, 122, 124.

assets, investment of, 123, 369.

claims against estate, 330, etc., 146, etc.

counter security to avoid double, 128.

effect of person entitled, declaring to be administrator, 291.

of proving will after grant of letters, 290.

estates by executors, etc., procedure, etc., 259-308.

of married woman the same as if unmarried, etc., 1160.
inventory of assets, 309, 313, 316, 317.

of property exempted from, 314, 317.
when not required, 264, 274.
result of failure to return, 126.

letters to be granted to whom, 276–288.
method of appraisement of assets, 312.
revocation of letters of, etc., 127.

sale of assets, 322, etc.

ADMINISTRATOR (see Executor)--

accounts to be rendered of estates, etc., 290, 361-372.

allowance shall be made for lost assets, 365, 372.

bond, oath, etc., of, 274, 275.

liability of minor, 294.

additional, to be given on selling real estate, etc., 295, 296.

subject to approval of probate court, 121.

special, to be given when entitled to residue of estate, etc., 275.

[blocks in formation]


inventory to be made of decedent's estate by, etc., 309–316.
judgments against, 328.

letters de bonis non granted, when, 299, 300, 302, 303, 325.

proof of debts against estate, etc., 330-360.

register of wills to receive accounts of, etc., 121.

removal of, when, 363.

resignation, effect of, etc., 292.

sales by, 322, 323.

suits by and against, 327.
who is entitled, 276, 288.
who is not entitled, 261.
when to be appointed, 266-273.

accounts of, 371.

law to remain in force, 1, 1640.

of children, how authorized, 395.

ground for absolute divorce, 966.
offense of, punishment, etc., 874.

of real estate, effect of, 379, 959.

of personal property considered real estate, 379, 959.
satisfaction of legacy, 1630.

to avoid mechanic's lien, 1244.

conveyance of land so held, 513.
perfection of title in case of, 111.
method of procedure, 111.
preservation of rights of infants, 111.

showing in proceedings in case of ejectment, 999.

drugs, etc., to be used for abortion, 872.

indecent publications, means of miscarriage, etc., 872.
in public buildings and grounds prohibited, 833.
AFFIDAVIT (see Oath).


[blocks in formation]

affidavit in attachment by, 445.

insurance, license for, 654.

liability, etc., of, 1323, 1325, 1373.

notice of dishonor by and to, 1395, 1401.

offense of embezzlement by, 834.


to be in writing, etc., 1117.


provisions relative to organization and incorporation of, 605-644.


ancestors, title by descent not affected by, 960.

corporation will not hold land, 397, 398.

law not applicable to whom, 396.

not entitled to administration, 261.

real estate can not be held by, 396.

granted, when, etc., 975-978.


abandonment of, 1608c.

appeal shall not prevent payment of award, 1610.
awards, how to be paid (p. 10, act Mar. 3, 1905).
assessments, a lien, how collected, 16081.

benefits, how considered, 1608h.

changing of, when, 1605-1606, 1608b.

closed, agreement as to ownership to be accompanied by plats, 1608b.
closing and changing of, how effected, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1608a, 1618c.
alleys in entire square, when, 1608d.

land shall either revert or be sold, 1608a.
commissioners' power to close, etc., 1608a-1608c.

condemnation proceedings for opening, etc., 1608e, 491k, 16081.
damages and benefits, how assessed, 1608g.

dedication of land for, effect, 1608b.

deposit of cost of plats, 1612.

disposition of proceeds of sale of land, etc., 1611.

dwellings in (see 27 Stat., 396).

fees for jurors shall be added to assessments, 1608j.
filing of order and plat for record, 1606, 1607.
jury, appraisement of damages, etc., 1608g.

length and width of minor streets, 1608.
notice of condemnation proceedings, 1608f.
objections to verdict, how determined, 16081.

obliteration or closing of, when, 1607–1610.

obliteration or closing of, when square if used for business purposes, etc., 1608d.
opening, widening, and closing of, regulated, 1608.

opening, first, on petition; second, for the public interest; third, for the public
health, 1608.

payment of awards, 1608k.

petition for opening must be accompanied by plats, 1608b.

plats shall be made by surveyor, 1612.

telegraph poles allowed in (sec. 4, act Mar. 3, 1905, 33 Stat., 984)

[blocks in formation]


court of appeals may review judgments upon award of referee, etc., 420, 423.
from Commissioner of Patents, 228.

from decree requiring husband to pay alimony where divorce granted on his
application, 175.

from police court, when, 227.

from supreme court, 226, 924, 927.

petition for forfeiture of corporation's charter, etc., 792.

hearings in, when, 225.

from interlocutory orders, etc., 225.

by two justices, when, 225.

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