Current Labor Market Developments: Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, First Session, 1. daļa

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41. lappuse - Food and kindred products Tobacco manufacturers Textile mill products Apparel and other textile products Lumber and wood products Furniture and fixtures Paper and allied products Printing and publishing Chemicals and allied products...
250. lappuse - Man-hours lost by the unemployed and persons on part time for economic reasons as a percent of potentially available labor force man-hours.
135. lappuse - ... 18 and 19 years. .. 20 to 24 years .. 25 years and over 25 to 54 years 55 years and over Males. 16 years and over 16 to 19 years 16 and 17 years . 18 and 19 years 20 to 24 years 25 to 54 years Females.
131. lappuse - Employment and work experience Between the second quarter of 1970 and the second quarter of 1971 the number of employed Vietnam veterans under 30 years old increased by about 385,000 to reach 3.3 million. About 12 percent of the employed veterans held jobs in the government sector. The proportion of Negro veterans working for the government in the second quarter of 1971 was twice that of white veterans...
213. lappuse - Textile Mill Products Apparel and Related Products Lumber and Wood Products Furniture and Fixtures Paper and Allied Products Printing and Publishing Chemicals and Allied Products Petroleum and Coal Products Rubber and Plastics Products Leather and Leather Products Stone, Clay and Glass Products Primary Metal Industries Fabricated Metal Products Machinery, except Electrical Electrical...
38. lappuse - Men 20 years and over Women 20 years and over Both sexes 16-19 years White Black and other Black Experienced wage and salary workers Married men, spouse present Women who maintain families Full-time workers * Part-time workers...
132. lappuse - Industry employment, hours, and earnings are collected by State agencies from payroll records of employers and are tabulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A description of the two surveys appears in the BLS publication "Employment and Earnings and Monthly Report on the Labor Force.
134. lappuse - Construction Manufacturing Durable goods nondurable goods Transportation and public utilities Wholesale and retail trade Finance, Insurance, and real estate...
66. lappuse - Federal agencies, and also to avoid any awkwardness that can occur and has occasionally occurred to our professional staff from having to respond to inquiries that call for a policy response.
41. lappuse - Lumber and wood products Furniture and fixtures Stone, clay, and glass products Primary metal industries Fabricated metal products Machinery, except electrical Electrical equipment and supplies.

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