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Part 32 Trade Fairs. 54 Certain importations temporarily free of duty. 56 Extensions of time pursuant to Proclamation of the President under section

318, Tariff Act of 1930. Note: Other regulations issued by the Department of the Treasury appear in Title 12, Chapter I; Title 21, Chapter II; Title 26, Chapter I; Title 27; Title 33, Chapter I; Title 46, Chapter I.

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PART 1 CUSTOMS DISTRICTS, ity to accept entries of merchandise, to PORTS AND STATIONS

collect duties, and to enforce the various Sec.

provisions of the customs and naviga1.1 Customs collection districts and ports.

tion laws. 12 Customs stations; requirements for (c) There are 46 customs collec

transaction of customs business at tion districts of the United States.'

places other than ports of entry. The following is an alphabetical list of 1.3 Customs offices in foreign countries.

customs collection districts with their 1.4 Assignment of districts to comptrollers

numbers and with a list of the ports in of customs. 1.5 Customs Agency Service regions.

each district. The first-named port in 1.6 Headquarters of appraisers of merchan

each district (in capital letters) is the dise.

headquarters port, and the asterisk pre1.7 Customs laboratories.

ceding the name of a port indicates that 1.8 Hours of business.

marine documents may be issued at such 1.9 Customs seal.

port. The districts and ports were creAUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 1

ated by the President's message of March under R.S. 161, 251, sec. 624, 46 Stat. 759, sec. 3, 1913, by which he communicated to 101, 76 Stat. 72; 5 U.S.C. 22, 19 U.S.C. 66, 1624, Congress his reorganization of the CusGen. Hdnote. 11, Tariff Schedules of the toms Service pursuant to the act of AuUnited States, except as otherwise noted.

gust 24, 1912 (Secs. 1, 2, 3, 44 Stat. 1381, SOURCE: The provisions of this part 1 ap

as amended, 1382; 5 U. S. C. 281–281b), pear at 28 F.R. 14546, Dec. 31, 1963, unless except that certain changes in such orotherwise noted.

ganization have been made by subse$ 1.1 Customs collection districts and

quent orders of the President or the ports.

Secretary of the Treasury. In the fol(a) A customs collection district is the

lowing list the orders issued since March geographical area under the customs

3, 1913, that affect existing districts or jurisdiction of a collector of customs.

ports are cited in parentheses following (b) The terms "port" and "port of

the name of the district or port affected. entry," as used in the regulations in

* This does not include the customs colleothis part, refer to any place designated

tion district of the Virgin Islands which, by Executive order of the President,'

although under the jurisdiction of the Secby order of the Secretary of the Treas- retary of the Treasury, has its own customs ury,' or by act of Congress, at which a laws. (See sec. 36, 49 Stat. 1816; 48 U. 8. O. customs officer is assigned with author


. In addition to the customs collection dis

tricts listed which are within the customs "The President is authorized from timo

territory of the United States, there is the to time, as the exigencies of the service may

customs collection district of the Virgin require, to rearrange, by consolidation or otherwise, the several customs-collection dis- Islands (No. 51), the headquarters port of tricts and to discontinue ports of entry by

which is Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, and abolishing the same or establishing others in the subports of which are Cruz Bay, Coral their stead: Provided, that the whole num- Bay, Christiannsted, and Frederiksted. ber of customs-collection districts, ports of • Marine documents may be issued at entry, or either of them, shall at no time bo Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, headquarters made to exceed those established and author- port of the customs collection district of the Ized as on August 1, 1914, except as the same Virgin Islands (No. 51); at Washington, N.C., may thereafter be provided by law

a customs station in the customs collection (Sec. 1, 38 Stat. 623, as amended; 19 U. 8. C. 2)

district of North Carolina (No. 15); at By virtue of the authority vested in him

Biloxi, Miss., a customs station in the cusby section 1 of the act of August 8, 1950 (64

toms collection district of Mobile (No. 19): Stat. 419), the President, by Executive Or

and at Houma, La., a customs station in the der 10289, dated September 17, 1951 (3 CFR,

customs collection district of New Orleans 1951 Supp., p. 469), delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the authority theretoforo

(No. 20). Marine documents may also be Tested in the President by section 1 of the act

issued at the Commercial Port of Guam, of August 1, 1914, as amended (19 U. 8. O. 2). under the supervision of the collector of (1) to rearrange, by consolidation or other- customs at Honolulu, Hawail. Although the rise, the several customs-collection districts, status of the port of Newark, N.J., was (2) to discontinue ports of entry by abolish- changed by T.D. 53786 to provide that it ing the same and establishing others in their shall be operated as an integral part of the stead, and (3) to change from time to timo port of New York, N.Y., in the Customs the location of the headquarters in any Collection District of New York (No. 10). customs-collection district as the needs of marine documents may continue to be the service may require.

Issued at that port.

District No

Name of district

Ares of district

Ports of entry

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The State of Alaska.

Anchorage, Alaska (T.D. 55295).
Fairbanks (E. O. 8064, Mar 9, 1939: 4 F R 1191)
Ketchikan (including territory described in T. D. 63738).
Pelican (E. O. 10238. Apr. 27, 1951; 16 F. R. 3627).
Petersburg (E. O. 4132, Jan. 24, 1925).
Sand Point (T. D. 63514).
Sitka (E. O. 4517, Oct. 2, 1926; including territory described

in T. D. 55609).

Kodiak, Alaska (T.D. 55206).
The State of Arizona.

NOGALES (E. 0. 9382, Sept. 25, 1943; 8 F. R. 13083).
Douglas (E. O. 9382, Sept. 25, 1943; 8 F. R. 13083).
San Luis (E. 0. 5322, Apr. 9, 1930).
Sasabe (E. 0. 5608, Apr. 22, 1931).
Lukeville (E. O. 8624, Dec. 31, 1940; 6 F.R. 13) (E.O. 10088,

Dec. 3. 1949; 14 F. R. 7287).

The counties of Niagara, Erio, Cattaraugus, and Chau. 'BUFFALO, New York (Including territory described in
tauqua in the State of New York

T.D. 54867).
Chicago (E. O 8225, Aug. 24, 1939; The State of Illinois lying north 01 39° porth latitude, that Niagara Falls (includine Lewiston) (E. O. 5320, Apr 7, 1930),

4 F. R. 3721) (E 6. 9207, Feb. 1, part of the State of Indiana north of 41° north latitude. and territory described in T.D. 56114.
1943, 8 F. Ř. 1479) (E. O. 9531, the State of Iowa and the State of Nebraska.

*CHICAGO, ILL. (including territory described in T. D.
Mar. 15, 1945, 10 F. R. 2051).

*Peoria, ul.
*Omaha, Nebr. (including territory described in E. 0.

9297, Feb. 1, 1943; 8 F. Ř. 1479)
Colorado (E. O. 9531 Mar. 16 The State of Colorado and the State of Wyoming.

1945, 10 F. R. 2951).
The State of Connecticut.

'Now Haven.
Now London (Including municipality of Groton) (E. O.

10238, Apr. 27, 1951; 16 F. R. 3627).

The States of North and South Dakota and the county of *PEMBINA, N. DAR.
Kittson in the State of Minnesota.

Ambrose, N. Dak, (E. O. 5836, Apr 13, 1932).
Antler, N. Dak.
Carbury, N. Dak. (E. ( 6137. June 17, 1929)
Dunseith, N. Dak. (E. O. 7032, Juno 16, 1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Fortuna, N. Dak. (È. O. 7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F R. 1042).
Hannah, N. Dak.
Hansboro, N. Dak.
Maida, N. Dak. (E. O. 7632, June 18, 1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Neche, N. Dak.
Noonan, N. Dak. (E. O 7632, June 16, 1937; 2 F. R. 1042).
Northgate, N. Dak.
Noyes, Minn. (E. O. 6835. Apr. 13. 1932)
Portal, N. Dak,
Sarles, N. Dak.
Sherwood, N. Dak.
8t. John, N. Dak. (E.0.6836

, Apr 13, 1932).
Walhalla, N. Dak.
Westhopo, N. Dak. (E. Q. 1238 June 1, 1925),

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The state of Minnesota, except the county of Kittson: DULUTH, MINN.. and SUPERIOR, WIS. (Including Duluth and Superior

lying north of 46° north latitude, the State of Wisconsin territory described In T. D. 55004. lying north of said latitude, and the island of Isle Royale Ashland, Wis. in the State of Michigan.

Baudette, Minn. (E, 0.4422, Apr. 19, 1926).
Grand Portage (T.D.56073).
International Falls-Ranier, Minn. (T. D. 53738).
Pine Creek, Minn. (E.0.7632, June 15, 1937; 2 , R. 1042).
Rogeau, Minn. (E. O.7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F. R.1042).

Warroad, Minn.
El Paso (E. O. 2702, Sopt. 7, 1917).. That part of the State of Texas lying west of the Pecos EL PASO, TEX. (T. D. 54166, T. D. 54407).

Fabens, Tex. (E.0.4869, May 1, 1928).

Presidio, Tex. (E. O. 2702, Sept.7, 1917).

The State of Florida, the north bank of the St. Marys "TAMPÁ (including Port Tampa and Port Tampa City;
River, and the city of St. Marys, Ga.

T. D. 53514).
Carrabelle (E. 0.7508, Dec. 11, 1936; 1 F. R. 2149).
*Fernandina Beach (including St. Marys, Ga.) (T. D.
53033, June 27, 1952; 17 F. R. 1982).
Jacksonville (including territory described in T. D. 54476).
*Key West (including territory described in T. D. 53994).
*Miami (including territory described in T. D. 53514).
Panama City (E. 0.3919, Nov. 1, 1923).
Port Canaveral, Florida (T. D. 55333, including territory

described in T. D. 55666).
Port Everglades (E. O. 5770, Dec. 31, 1931) (including terri-

tory described in T. D. 53514).
Port St. Joe (E. 0.7818, Feb. 17, 1938; 3 F. R. 503).
St. Augustine.
St. Petersburg (E. 0. 7928, July 14, 1938; 3 F. R. 1749 in-

cluding territory described in T. Þ. 53994).
"West Palm Beach (E. O. 4324, Oct. 15, 1925) (T. D. 52409,

Feb. 13, 1950; 15 F. R. 861) (including territory described

in T D. 53514).
Galveston (E. O. 2702, Sept. 7, That part of the State of Texas lying east of 97° west longi. •GALVESTON (including Port Bolivar and Texas City).

1917) (E. O.8288, Nov. 22. 1939: tude, except territory, embraced in district 21 (Sabine). Corpus Christi (E. 0.8288, Nov. 22, 1939; 4 F. R. 4691).
4 F. R. 4691).

Also those portions of the counties of Dallas, Aransas, and Dallas.
Refugio, lying west of 97° west longitude and the counties Fort Worth, Texas (T. D. 55792).
of Tarrant, San Patricio, and Nueces, State of Texas. Freeport (E. O 7632, June 15, 1937: 2 F. R. 1042)

*Houston (including territory described in T.D. 54409)

Port Lavaca-Point Comfort, Texas (T.D. 56115).

The State of Georgia, except the portb shore of the St. •SAVANNAH (including territory described in E. 0.8367.
Marys River and the city of St. Marys, Ga.

Mar. 5. 1940: 5 F. R. 985).
Atlanta (including territory described in T. D. 55548).

The State of Hawaii.

*HONOLULU (T. D. 53514).

Port Allen (E. O. 4385, Feb. 25, 1926).
The State of Indiana lying sonth of 41° north latitude. INDIANAPOLIS.


Lawrenceburg (including Greendale) (E. O. 6634, Mar. 7, 1934). Kentucky The State of Kentucky.


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