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Chicago, Ill.

5 Supervising

Agent, Los

Customs Agent
in Charge, San

Customs Agent

in Charge,

Customs Agent

in Charge, Los

Customs Agent
in Charge, San

Customs Agent

in Charge,

Portland, Oreg.
Customs Agent

in Charge,

Customs Agent

in Charge,

Customs Agent

in Charge,

Regional Cus-


Regional Cus-

Geographical jurisdiction

(Customs collection
districts and foreign



Geographical jurisdiction

33 (Montana and Idaho).

Customs Agent in


34 (Dakota).
35 (Minnesota).
36 Duluth and Superior).
37 (Wisconsin).
38 (Michigan).
39 (Chicago).
40 (Indiana).
41 (Ohio).
42 (Kentucky).
45 (St. Louis, except the

State of Oklahoma).
47 (Colorado, that part

comprising the state
of Wyoming) that
part of the Dominion
of Canada lying be-
tween 81° W and 117°
W, longitude.

Collection Districts 40, 42, 39 except

for the State of Nebraska, and that
part of Collection District 37 lying
south of Route U.S. 10 from Mani-
towoc west to the Wisconsin-Minne-
sota boundary; and that part of
Collection District 35 lying south of
a line drawn west from the junction
of Route U.S. 10 Minnesota-Wis-
consin to Olivia, Minnesota, and
east of Route 71 from Olivia, Minne-
sota, south to the Minnesota-Iowa

Collection District 41,

Customs Agent
in Charge,

Customs Agent in

Charge, Detroit.
Customs Agent in

Charge, Duluth.

Customs Agent in

Charge, Havre.
Customs Agent in

Charge, Pem-

State of Michigan except that part

lying west of Route 41 extending

from Escanaba to Marquette.
Route U.S. 71 from Internationa) Falls,

Minnesota; south to the junction of
U.S. 71 and U.S. 212 (near Olivia,
Minn.); east on U.S. 212 to U.S. 10,
including Minneapolis-St. Paul, and
continuing east on U.S. 10 to Mani-

towoc, Wis.
Collection District 31 (Idaho and Mon-

tana) and Wyorning.
Collection District 34 (North and

South Dakota) and that part of Min-
nesota lying west of Route U.S. 71
from International Falls, Minn., to

the Minnesota-Iowa boundary.
State of Nebraska and Collection Dis-

trict 45 except for the State of Okla-
That part of District No. 25 and Dis.

trict No. 26, composed of Imperial
County, Calif., and Yuma County,

All of Collection District No. 25, with

the exception of Imperial County.
All of Collection District No. 26 with

the exception of Yuma County.
All of Collection District No. 27.

Customs Agent in

Charge, St.

Customs Agent

in Charge,

25 (San Diego).
26 (Arizona).
27 (Los Angeles).
28 (San Francisco).
29 (Oregon).
30 (Washington).
31 (Alaska).
32 (Hawaii).

and that part of the
Dominion of Canada
lying west of 117° west

All of Collection District No. 28.

All of Collection District No. 29.

All of Collection District No. 30.

All of Collection District No. 31.

toms Repre-

Rome, Italy.
Senior Customs

London, Eng-

Senior Customs


Paris, France.
Senior Customs


All of Collection District No.32.

toms Repre.
Rome, Italy.

Europe, Africa, and the

Near East.

Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland,
all the Middle East and Iron Curtain
countries, Africa.

British Isles and Ireland.

France, Luxemburg, Monaco, Belgium

(technical investigations).
The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway,

Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria,
Liechtenstein, Belgium (nontech-
nical investigations).



Geographical jurisdiction

(Customs collection
districts and foreign



Geographical jurisdiction

[blocks in formation]

All of Far East (includ- Regional Customs All of Far East, including Australia,
ing Australia).

Representative, except Hong Kong, Macao, and

Tokyo, Japan. Taiwan.
Senior Customs Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

tive, Hong
Kong, B.C.C.

(T.D. 56105, 29 F.R. 2333, Feb. 11, 1964]

$ 1.6 Headquarters of appraisers of merchandise.

The locations of the headquarters of the appraisers of merchandise for the
customs collection districts are as follows:



Name of District

Location of Headquarters

Address of Appraiser of


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Buffalo, N.Y., 14203.
Chicago, M., 60607.
Denver, Colo., 80202.
Bridgeport, Conn., 06609.
Pembina, Ń. Dak., 58271.
Detroit, Mich., 48226.
Duluth, Minn., 55802.
El Paso, Tex., 79901.
Miami, Fla., 33136.
Houston, Tex., 77011.
Savannah, Ga., 31401..
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817.
Indianapolis, Ind., 46204.
Louisville, Ky., 40202..
Laredo, Tex., 78041...


[blocks in formation]

Terrace Ave. and International

St.; P.O. Box 1788.
243 Washington St.
610 South Canal St.
Room 24, New Customhouse.
120 Middle St.
202 Federal Bldg.
100 West Larned St.
515 West First St.
1317 S. El Paso St.
811 N.W. Ist Ave.
7300 Wingate St.
1-3 E. Bay St.
850 Iwilei Road.
Room 32, Federal Building.
Federal Building.
Convent Ave. and Zaragosa St.;

P.O. Box 1359.
531 Mateo St.
Box 583, Pearl St. Station.
103 South Gay St.
408 Atlantic Ave.
150 U.S. Courthouse.
Room 144, U.S. Court House and


423 Canal St.
201 Varick St. ?
Rm. 204, Princess and Water Sts.
215 Superior Ave., N.E.
220 N.W.8th Ave.
2d and Chestnut Sts.
7th Ave. and Grant St.
Deposito St., Marina; P.O. Box

24 Weybosset St.
30 Church St.

1415 6th Ave.
630 Sansome St.
200 East Bay Street.

33 Montana and Idaho.
50 New Mexico...

New Orleans.
10 New York,
15 North Carolina.
41 Ohio..
29 Oregon
11 Philadelphia..
12 | Pittsburgh..

Puerto Rico..

Great Falls, Mont., 4453.
Columbus, N. Mex., 4135.
New Orleans, La., 70130.
New York, N.Y., 10014..
Wilmington, N.C., 28402..
Cleveland, Ohio, 44114..
Portland, Oreg., 97209.
Philadelphia, Pa., 19106.
Pittsburgh, Pa., 15219...
San Juan, P.R., 00902.
Providence, R.I., 02903.
Rochester, N.Y., 14614.
Port Arthur, Tex., 2739.
San Diego, Calif., 92101.
San Francisco, Calif., 94111..
Charleston, S.C., 29401..

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The appraiser of merchandise is under the jurisdiction of the collector of customs and is located at the same ad.
dress as collector. Correspondence for the appraiser shall be sent to the collector—"Attention: Appraiser of
*V.8. Appraiser of Merchandise, New York, N.Y.


8 1.7 Customs laboratories.

the approval of the Commissioner of The addresses of the several customs

Customs, and notice thereof shall be dislaboratories and the customs collection

played prominently at the principal endistricts served thereby are as follows:

trance of the office.

(d) Each customs ofice shall be open

for the transaction of general customs Labora

Customs tory DisAddress


business on all state and local holidays trict No.

Districts occurring on days other than Saturdays,

Sundays, and national holidays. I a 1..---- 103 South Gay Street, 13, 14, 15, 42, state or local holiday interferes with the Baltimore, Md., 21202. and 43.

performance of work in a customs office 2.

408 Atlantic Avenue, Bos. 1, 2, 4, and 5.
ton, Mass., 02210.

by any customs employee or employees, 3.

Customhouse, Chicago, 34, 35, 36, 37, the principal field officer may request
III., 60607.

38, 39, 40, and

approval of the Commissioner of Cus531 Mateo Street, Los An- 24, 25, 26, 27, toms to excuse such employees from geles, Calif., 90013.

and 50. 6. Customhouse, New Or. 19, 20, 21, 22,

duty without charge to leave. leans, La., 70130.

and 23.

(e) Customs services required to be 6.

201 Varick Street, New 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
York, N.Y., 10014. 49, and 51.

performed outside a customs office shall Branch Laboratory:

be furnished between the hours of 8 a. m. Customhouse, San

and 5 p. m. (or between the correspondJuan, P.R., 00903. 7.. Customhouse, Philadel. | 11, 12, and 41.

ing hours at ports where different but phia, Pa., 19106.

equivalent hours are required for the 8.

630 Sansome Street, San 28, 29, 30, 31,
Francisco, Calif., 94111.

32, 33, and

maintenance of adequate service and are 47.

approved by the Commissioner of Cus9.

Customhouse, Savannah, 16, 17, and 18.
Ga., 31401.

toms) on all days when the customs of-
fice is open for the transaction of gen-

eral customs business. In accordance § 1.8 Hours of business.

with such instructions as the Commis(a) Except as specified in paragraphs sioner of Customs shall have issued from (b)-(g) of this section, each customs of - time to time and upon reasonable adfice shall be open for the transaction of vance notice to the principal local officer general customs business between the concerned, such services may be furhours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on all days nished between the same hours on Satof the year except Saturdays, Sundays, urdays. and national holidays."

(f) Where there is a regularly recur(b) Different but equivalent hours ring need for customs services outside shall be observed if a difference is re- the above prescribed hours, and the volquired for the maintenance of adequate ume and duration of the required servservice because of local conditions, is ap

ices are uniformly such as to require, of proved by the Commissioner of Customs,

themselves or in immediately consecuand a notice of the hours of business is

tive combination with other essential prominently displayed at the principal

customs activities of the port, the full entrance and in each public room of the

time of one or more customs employees,

the necessary number of regular tours customs office.

of duty to furnish such services on all (c) At each port or station where there

days of the year except Sundays and nais no full-time customs employee, the tional holidays may be established with hours during which the customs office the approval of the Commissioner of will be open for the transaction of gen- Customs. eral customs business shall be fixed by (g) Customs services shall be furnished the collector of customs concerned with private interests otherwise than as speci

fied in this section only in accordance ? The national holidays are January 1, Feb

with the provisions of $ 24.16 of this ruary 22, May 30, July 4, the first Monday in chapter. September, November 11, the fourth Thursday in November, and December 25. 1 a

$ 1.9 Customs seal. holiday falls on Sunday, the following day (a) The customs seal of the United will be observed. (E.O. No. 10358, June 9,

States, consisting of the national arms 1952.) If a holiday falls on Saturday the day immediately preceding such Saturday

within a circle according to the design will be observed (5 U.S.C. 87c). Other days

furnished by the Treasury Department, may be designated as national holidays by shall be impressed upon all official docuExecutive Order of the President.

ments requiring the impress of a seal.

2.5 2.6

(b) The impress of the seal is not Sec. necessary on documents passing within

2.46 Open shelter deck space. the Customs Service. The seal shall be

2.47 An open structure on small craft.

2.48 Open vessels. impressed on marine documents, and on

2.49 Deductions from gross tonnage. landing certificates, certificates of

2.50 Navigation spaces. weight, gauge, or measure, and similar 2.51 Engine room. classes of documents for outside in- 2.52 Зpace included in engine room. terests.

2.53 Length of engine room. (c) The official seal shall not be used

2.54 Bollers and engine in same compart

ment. in the manner of a notary seal to indi

2.55 Engine room measured in parts. cate authority to administer oaths.

2.56 Rule for measuring engine room.

2.57 Engine room in small boats. PART 2-MEASUREMENT OF

2.58 Deduction for propelling power.

2.59 Light and air spaces. VESSELS

2.60 Verification of calculations, diagram of Sec.

areas, and certification of results. 2.0 Effective date.

2.60a Marking net tonnage and official num2.1 Authority of Commissioner.

ber on vessel. 2.2 Oficials authorized to ad asure 2.61 Appendix to certificate of registry. vessels.

2.62 Measurement of Government vessels. 2.3 Purpose for which measurements are 2.63 Foreign vessels. taken.

2.64 Adjustment and correction of tonnage. 2.4 Register ton.

2.65 Figures. Gross register tonnage.

2.66 Conversion tables. Net register tonnage.

2.67 Table A of common intervals when 2.7 The marine document.

tonnage depth is 16 feet or less. 2.8 Application for measurement.

2.68 Table B of common intervals when ton2.9 Drawings.

nage depth exceeds 16 feet. 2.10 Measurements to be taken at an early

2.69 Definitions of enclosures on or above stage.

the upper deck. 2.11 Uniform system required.

2.70 Definitions of items of deduction. 2.13 Measuring instruments.

2.71 Definitions of structural terms, etc. 2.14 Stem.

2.72 Suez and Panama Canal certificates. 215 Stern.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 2 216 Masts.

issued under R.S. 161, 4153, as amended, secs. 2.17 Ceiling, cargo battens, etc.

2, 3, 23 Stat. 118, as amended, 119, as amended, 2.18 Register length.

sec. 4, 28 Stat. 743, as amended; 5 U.S.C. 22, 2.19 Register breadth.

46 U.S.C. 2, 3, 77, 79. 2.20 Register depth. 2.21 Upper deck to the hull.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 2 ap222 Enumerating the decks.

pear at 28 F.R. 14553, Dec. 31, 1963, unless 2.23 Register height.

otherwise noted. 2.24 Round of beam. 2.25 Pitch of beam.

§ 2.0 Effective date. 2.26 Tonnage deck.

The regulations in this part are not 2.27 Tonnage length.

retroactive, i.e., they do not apply to 2.28 Depth of a transverse section.

vessels the keels of which were laid prior 2.29 Tonnage depths.

to the date the rules in this part become 2.30 Tonnage breadths. 231 Measuring the tonnage length.

effective. The regulations in this part 2.32 Divisions of tonnage length.

become effective March 1, 1940. 233 Transfer of location of sections to

$ 2.1 Authority of Commissioner. keelson. 2.34 Transverse areas, rule for finding.

(a) The Commissioner of Customs is 2.35 Breaks in double bottom.

charged with the supervision of the laws 2.36 Vessels having side tanks may


relating to the admeasurement of vesmeasured in parts.

sels, and on all questions of interpreta2.37 Outside shaft tunnel. 2.38 Square end vessels having head blocks.

tion growing out of the execution of the 2.39 Between decks.

laws relating to this subject his decision 2.40 Superstructures.

is final. 2.41 Hatchways.

(b) The Commissioner of Customs 2.42 Record of exempted spaces.

shall, in the following sections, be re2.43 Enclosed spaces exempted from Inclu- ferred to as the Commissioner. sion in gross tonnage.

(c) Doubts arising in the minds of 2.44 Passenger cabins.

the admeasurers concerning decks to the 2.45 Open superstructures on or above the hull, enclosures on or above the upper upper deck.

deck, shelter decks, method of procedure,

etc., shall be submitted to the Commissioner for his decision, and shall be accompanied by blueprints or sketches of the spaces in question giving all the facts bearing on same. & 2.2 Officials authorized to admeasure

vessels. (a) Before any vessel shall be registered, enrolled, or licensed she shall be measured by an officer of the customs at the port or place where she may be.

(b) A vessel is not to be measured unless she is required by law to be registered, enrolled or licensed, or otherwise specially provided for. § 2.3 Purpose for which measurements

are taken. (a) Tonnage measurements are taken for the purpose of ascertaining the internal capacity of measurable spaces.

(b) All measurements are to be taken in feet and fractions of feet, and all fractions of feet shall be expressed in decimals. § 2.4 Register ton.

A register ton is a volume of 100 cubic feet. $ 2.5

Gross register tonnage. (a) The gross tonnage referred to in the following sections is the gross register tonnage; that is, the gross tonnage exclusive of all permissible exempted spaces.

(b) The gross register tonnage of a vessel shall consist of the sum of the following items:

(c) The cubical capacity below the tonnage deck, excluding exemptible water ballast spaces within the measureable portion of the vessel;

(d) The cubical capacity of each between deck space above the tonnage deck;

(e) The cubical capacity of the permanent closed-in spaces on the upper deck available for cargo or stores, or for the accommodation of passengers and/ or crew;

(f) All permanent closed-in spaces situated elsewhere available for cargo or stores, or for the accommodation of the crew, or for the charts, except cabins or staterooms for passengers constructed entirely above the first deck which is not a deck to the hull;

(g) The excess of hatchways. $ 2.6

Net register tonnage. (a) The tonnage of a vessel remaining after the authorized deductions have

been made from the gross register tonnage shall be deemed the net register tonnage.

(b) In ascertaining the net tonnage no space may be deducted unless it has previously been included in the gross tonnage and certified, showing the purpose for which used. $ 2.7 The marine document.

The marine document of every vessel shall show the date and place of build; the register length, breadth, depth, and, in vessels of more than two decks, the height of the upper deck to the hull above the tonnage deck; the number of decks and masts; build as to her stem and stern; capacity under the tonnage deck, that of the between decks, and also separately, permanently enclosed spaces on or above the upper deck to the hull available for cargo or stores or for the accommodation of passengers (provisionally) or crew, and the omitted spaces, whether open or closed in, on, above, or below the upper deck; the gross tonnage; items of deduction; and net tonnage. $ 2.8 Application for measurement.

The builder of a new vessel required to be admeasured, or the person having supervision of changes and/or alterations affecting a vessel's register tonnage, is obliged to make application for admeasurement or tonnage adjustment as the case may be, in writing, to the collector of customs of the district in which the vessel is located. Such application shall be made before cargo or ballast is taken on, and in case uf a new vessel, before boilers or engine is installed or compartments partitioned off. $ 2.9 Drawings.

(a) Plans to be filed. In order to facilitate admeasurement, there shall be furnished by the vessel's builder or owner to the collector of customs for the district in which the vessel will be admeasured, either with the application for admeasurement or a reasonable period before admeasurement is scheduled to commence, blueprints or drawings of the following:

(1) A drawing of the cross section in which is shown the construction of the double bottom, if there be one;

(2) An inboard view of the longitudinal section, showing the double bottom, its use or uses, if existing, otherwise the floors, the compartments for water ballast, other than the double bottom,

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