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The Economic Aspects of European
Immigration to the United States


Isaac A. Hourwich, Ph.D.

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
Obe knickerbocker Press

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HE Immigration Commission, after three years of

investigation, reached the conclusion that our immigration policy "should be based primarily upon economic or business considerations." This conclusion has determined the scope of the present book: it treats immigration solely as an economic question. For the same reason the discussion is confined to European immigration, Oriental · immigration being viewed by many students primarily as a race question, which reaches out beyond the domain of economics.

The author gratefully acknowledges his indebtedness to Mr. William W. Bishop, superintendent of the Reading Room, Library of Congress, who obligingly placed at his disposal the exceptional facilities of the Library; to Mr. W. W. Husband, secretary of the Immigration Commission, who courteously gave him access to the proof sheets of the reports of the Commission, in advance of their publication; and to the young men and women who assisted him in the preparation of the material for this book.

I. A. H. WASHINGTON, D. C., July 23, 1912.

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