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C. W. Warburton, Direclor Office of Cooperative Extension Work. C. B. Smith, Chief




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Assistant to Chief, Office of Cooperative Extension Work

U. S. Department of Agriculture

There is a great need that both rural and urban people should get more of a complete understanding of the educational, social, and economic significance of extension work in agriculture and home economics

- A. C. TRUE

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FOREWORD At the thirty-seventh annual convention of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges held at Chicago, Ill., November 13 to 15, 1923, the following recommendation was presented by the committee on extension, organization, and policy and adopted by the general body assembled :

“ To meet the demand of agricultural and home-economics field workers for readily available information, a uniform, loose-leaf handbook of agricultural facts is recommended, the same to be prepared through the cooperation of the Extension Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and the State agricultural colleges. In order that uniformity may be secured and that the cost be reasonable, the following suggestions are offered as a result of information received from agricultural extension workers :

" (1) That the standard size page, 334 by 694 inches, ; be adopted as a desirable uniform size. These be secured to fit either ring or tape binder.

(2) That the side-opening handbook seems the most adaptable for this purpose. ' (3) That all printed matter be in 6-point type.

(4) That the United States Department of Agriculture be requested to adopt a system of preparing and issuing general extension material to the States, free of charge, upon the standard form page and type."

Based on the above request a department extension handbook committee was appointed as follows: W. A. Lloyd, chairman, Office of Cooperative Extension Work ; H. M. Dixon and J. Clyde Marquis, Bureau of Agricultural Economics ; W. B. Bell, Biological Survey ; W. W. Skinner, Bureau of Chemistry; J. A. Hyslop, Bureau of ! Entomology; Miss Miriam Birdseye, Bureau of Home Economics; W. H. Beal, Office of Experiment Stations ; 0. S. Fisher, Bureau of Soils and Bureau of Plant Industry; F. C. Meier, Bureau of Plant Industry; J. B. Kincer, Weather Bureau; C. D. Lowe, Bureau of Animal Industry; S. H. McCrory, Bureau of Public Roads ; G. H. Collingwood, Forest Service; and H. W. Gilbertson, Extension Service.

The general committee recommended that an editorial committee be appointed to work in conjunction with the chairman of the department extension handbook committee. C. W. Warburton, Director of Extension Work, appointed the following workers : G. H. Collingwood.

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3-12--928 Forest Service; Miss Miriam Birdseye, Bureau of Home Economics; and W. H. Beal, Office of Experiment Stations. Acknowledgment is made to Carter N. Bealer, of this office, for his cooperation and able assistance in the preparation of the manuscript for the printer.

The primary purpose of the Federal handbook is to place in the hands of extension workers the practical results of the research of the United States Department of Agriculture that are ready for extension, and to continue this service throughout the future. To do this loose leaves will be prepared and released as soon as material is

available and for distribution. An effort will be made to make each

loose leaf a unit within itself and to treat each subject as fully, as practicable in such limited space. The material has been classified on a subject-matter basis. , With the additions to be made from time to time over a period of years each subject will make a handbook in itself.

The fine cooperation shown by the general committee, the editorial committee, and the committees of the various bureaus and offices has made this handbook possible.

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1 Chief, Office of Cooperative Extension Work,


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