The Fifth Narrative: The Wiser Ascent of Icarus

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AuthorHouse, 2004. gada 26. apr. - 352 lappuses
This book was written for bright, brave and curious people who wish to become farsighted, to find other meanings and necessities beyond our recent Grand Tales (Religion, Pessimism, Capitalism and Science). The Fifth Narrative is about our emergence out of our "dung beetle" state. It reveals our unawareness that the "dungballs" which currently sustain us (Grand Narratives) constrain our ability to be farsighted thus endangering our future evolution. It tells how human folly in our time seems more than ever to confound these grand stories and their bearing meaning. It explains why a new grand Narrative is necessary in order to survive and prevail. And why a new psychology encompassing areas like global ecology, demography, resources and politics is of impending necessity. The book deals with the emergence of a new civilization through technology and farsighted knowledge, which will form and guide our further evolution. Its essential message is: Let us become wiser ascending Icarus, rising beyond our limiting schemes and perspectives.

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