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(i) Support a policy of control and coordination of research and de

velopment (j) Support the continuance of adequate forces in NATO (k) Restore and enhance discipline, morale and esprite de corps. (Res.

402) 3. Support the efforts of the United States in providing peace in the Middle

East. (Res. 403) 4. Support increased U.S. Military capacity to compete with the expanding

Soviet Military capability. (Res. 404) 5. Uphold the 1903 Convention between Panama and the United States. (Res.

405) 6. Support the President's policies in Southeast Asia. (Res. 406) 7. Support Department of Defense military research programs and the ROTC

and Junior ROTC programs. (Res. 408) 8. Continue present trade embargo and Diplomatic isolation against Cuba and

retain control of Guantanamo Bay. (Res. 410) 9. Demand immediate information on all Prisoners of War and Missing in

Action in Southeast Asia and Red Cross or neutral nation inspection of

POW camps. (Res. 414) 10. Deny benefits to all who engage in Un-American activities. (Res. 416) 11. Restore the research and development efforts of the military forces. (Res.

417) 12. Maintain an effective Selective Service System which can act effectively in

time of National need. (Res. 418) 13. Maintain a future National defense policy:

(a) The United States will maintain modernized military forces in suf

ficient strength and balance as are necessary to provide the element of military power necessary to our position as a first rate

nation. (6) Parochial and traditional roles of military forces be re-examined

with a view toward change where such change will provide for

improved military posture at lessened cost. (c) Reserve Forces programs and individual commitments thereto will

be realigned to provide for a real and immediate contribution

from these elements of natural defense. (d) The Veterans of Foreign Wars continues to support the roles and

missions of the Armed Forces and Joint Chiefs of Staff services.

(Res. 419) 14. Support the bombing and mining of ports in North Vietnam. (Res. 420) 15. Oppose the final settlement in Vietnam until a full accounting of those

Missing in Action is made. (Res. 421) 16. Provide regulations for the retention of records and notes in Navy Court

martial cases. (Res. 422) 17. Restore privileges to retired military personnel at overseas bases. (Res. 427) 18. Continue to furnish military and other support to the Republic of China.

(Res. 428) 19. Oppose general or selective amnesty to draft dodgers and deserters and that

those who defected to foreign countries be denied re-entry to the United

States. (Res. 431) 20. Support the U.S. policy of bombing military targets in the North Vietnam

dike areas. (Res. 435) 21. Support a position that in the future the U.S. shall not be involved in a "No

Win” war. (Res. 436) 22. Department of Justice shall investigate the actions of Ramsey Clark. (Res.

437) 23. Strategic Arms agreement between U.S.A. and USSR:

(a) Continued U.S. adherence to the May 1972 Strategic Arms Limita

tion Agreement occur only if the most thorough-going verification

techniques reveal that the Soviets are complying (6) No effort or expense be spared to verify Soviet compliance with the

agreement (c) The American public be fully and frankly kept informed of the

dynamic and shifting U.S.-Soviet balance so that if the U.S., by living up to the agreement, is faced with being the “second strongest” nation in the world, domestic public opinion will support U.S. withdrawal from the agreement and massive re-arming (d) The U.S. fully fund and deploy the TRIDENT submarine, the B-1

Bomber and the two agreed ABM sites (e) No effort or expense be spared in the critically important research

and development of offensive and defensive strategic weapons

technology. (Res. 438) 24. Concern for American Prisoners of War:

(a) A total and complete opposition to the withdrawal of all American

troops and personnel from South Vietnam prior to the release of

all Prisoners of War by North Vietnam and her allies (b) A fervent hope that those Americans who advocate the immediate

withdrawal of all American troops and personnel from South Vietnam and leaving behind the American Prisoners of War in the prison camps of North Vietnam with the naive hope that North Vietnam and her allies will be “nice guys” and release all of them

will sincerely and conscientiously reconsider their position (C) A fervent hope that the United States will constantly harass North

Vietnam and her allies by appropriate military action until at least North Vietnam and her allies truly “see the light” and release all of our American Prisoners of War so that they may return home to their families, at which time it is then hoped that

this unpopular war may be brought to an end. (Res. 439) 25. Provide proper punishment for actions such as My Lai without public furor.

(Res. 440) 26. Enhance public opinion of the military services. (Res. 441) 27. Oppose World Government. (Res. 213)



1. Provide increases in compensation for service connected disabled veterans.

(Res. 606) 2. Authorize presumption of service connection for psychosis and malignancy if

manifested within five years following wartime service. (Res. 611-1) 3. Provide that campaign or expeditionary service be considered wartime service

for benefits purposes. (Res. 611-2) 4. Eliminate the requirement of causal relation of the disability to perform

ance of military duty for automobile allowance entitlement. (Res. 611-5) 5. Grant presumption of service connection for eye damage for radar operators.

(Res. 622) 6. Allow service connected disabled veterans to receive aid and attendance

allowance. (Res. 636) 7. Provide DIC benefits to all widows of 100% disabled veterans, regardless of

cause of death. (Res. 639) 8. Improve the death benefit program for widows and dependents of service

connected veterans. (Res. 647) 9. Allow a break in continuity for the twenty year protection in compensation.

(Res. 650) 10. Provide dependents compensation for veterans rated less than 50%. (Res.

654) 11. Provide proportionate disability compensation rates. (Res. 681)


1. Authorize election and re-election without restriction of pension benefits

under the "Old" and "New" pension laws, and permit the Spanish-American War widows an opportunity to elect and re-elect between Spanish-American

War pension and "New" law. (Res. 611-3) 2. Authorize a parent as a dependent for pension purposes if the parent is living

with the veteran or dependent in fact. (Res. 611-4) 3. Provide a service pension for all veterans 65 years or older. (Res. 637) 4. Provide a separate pension for veterans of World War I. (Res. 642) 5. Provide maximum pension benefits pending award of Social Security disability

benefits. (Res. 671) 6. Provide a temporary “permanent total rating" for pension. (Res. 675)

7. Provide pension payments for the total number of veterans children. (Res.

706) 8. Include "housebound” veterans for continuance of drugs and treatment if

exceeding the income limitation under pension. (Res. 709) 9. Increase income limitations for DIC and pension programs. (Res. 727)


1. Provide adequate facilities at USS Arizona Memorial. (Res. 304)
2. Transfer the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. to the control of

the Federal government. (Res. 332)
3. Provide a National Cemetery in every State. (Res. 604)
4. Provide military Honor Guards at all National Cemeteries. (Res. 683)
5. Oppose any efforts to eliminate the veterans burial allowance. (Res. 687)
6. Increase the veterans burial allowance to $750. (Res. 708)


1. Construct a VA hospital in the Sacramento, California area. (Res. 624)
2. Replace VA hospital located at Allen Park, Michigan. (Res. 645)
3. Construct nursing homes at VA hospitals in Montana. (Res. 658)
4. Construct VA hospital at Camp White, Oregon. (Res. 664)
5. Permit the use of military hospitals in areas where a VA hospital is not

available. (Res. 669)
6. Provide additional nursing home facilities. (Referred to NVS for study) (Res.

688) 7. Continue inpatient facilities at St. Albans Hospital, New York. (Res. 689)



1. Improve the VA education program. (Res. 615)
2. Extend time limits for GI educational benefits. (Res. 621)
3. Provide tuition and book fees under the GI educational program. (Res. 638)
4. Provide the same educational assistance as paid under Federal Educational

Aid to veterans under the GI Bill. (Referred to NLS for study) (Res. 666)
5. Request the VA to investigate correspondence courses. (Res. 678)
6. Provide the same program under the BI Bill as provided veterans of previous

LOANS AND HOUSING 1. Disregard veterans compensation in HUD eligibility requirements. (Referred

to NLS for study) (Res. 655) 2. Increase VA direct loans to $25,000. (Res. 656)


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1. Establish a non-participating VA administered National Service Life Insur

ance program for Vietnam era veterans. (Res. 611-6) 2. Increase the maximum Servicemen's Group Life Insurance to not less than

$30,000, with options of $20,000, $10,000, or none, and double indemnity in the

event of combat or extra hazardous death. (Res. 611-7) 3. Provide Servicemen's Group Life Insurance protection on active duty for train

ing or inactive for training, if the participant is performing extra hazardous

duty such as flying airplanes, parachute jumping, etc. (Res. 611-8) 4. Provide insurance similar to previous programs for members of the Armed

Services. (Res. 631) 5. Allow waiver of term insurance premiums when veteran is proven totally dis

abled. (Res. 635) 6. Permit Vietnam veterans to reinstate Servicemen's Group Life Insurance. (Res. 728)


1. Extend and preserve Veterans Preference in all government agencies. (Res.

607) 2. Improve employment service to veterans. (Res. 608)

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3. Strengthen veterans rights in Civil Service employment. (Res. 609) 4. Provide increased funds and personnel for job placement for veterans. (Res.

610) 5. Strengthen Veterans Preference in Postal Service. (Res. 686) 6. Provide funds for manpower service to veterans. (Res. 691) 7. Provide adequate veterans employment service. (Res. 692) 8. Provide veterans preference in public employment programs. (Res. 694) 9. Special employment service to disabled and older veterans. (Res. 696) 10. Oppose efforts to provide jobs for draft dodgers. (Res. 700) 11. Support “Jobs for Veterans” program. (Res. 703) 12. Support re-employment rights for veterans. (Res. 704) 13. Reduce to one year the probationary period under Civil Service. (Res. 712) 14. Oppose studies aimed at weakening Veterans Preference. (Res. 713) 15. Oppose by-passing Veterans Preference. (Res. 714) 16. Provide immediate medical examination for disabled veteran job applicants.

(Res. 715) 17. Return the Postal Service to Federal supervision. (Res. 711) 18. Provide Civil Service Preference for wives of Prisoners of War. (Res. 722)


1. Demand that the Administration report to Congress any plans respecting the

VA hospital and medical system and the proposed National Health Insur

ance Program. (Res. 601) 2. Insist that the VA maintain the daily patient load and the number of operat

ing beds as enacted into law by Congress. (Res. 602) 3. Maintain the integrity of veterans programs. (Res. 603) 4. Authorize review of all cases involving forfeiture of benefits and revocation

of such forfeiture if warranted by current rules applicable to apparent

fraud. (Res. 611-9) 5. VA Department of Medicine and Surgery Programs adequate funds to op

erate VA hospital system, including 15 year modernization program; extension of the six month limitation applicable to the VA payment in community nursing homes and elimination of prerequisite of VA hospitalization; authorization of outpatient treatment for veterans in receipt of disability compensation and pension for treatment of non-service connected disability; elimination of oath of inability to pay regardless of age of applicant; substantial increase in salary for physicians and other professional personnel ; prohibition of hospitalization for non-veterans in Va hospital; prohibit closing any VA hospitals without submission of 90 days notice to appropriate Congressional Committees; conduct studies through public hearings which will help to determine the cause in the decrease in the total VA patient loads and operating beds; insure that the VA is permitted to request sufficient funds to insure the best facilities and treatment without budget control; modify the restrictive domiciliary admission criteria. (Res.

612) 6. Establish a Department of Veterans Affairs. (Res. 614) 7. Preserve the National Soldiers Home at VA Center in West Los Angeles.

(Res. 618) 8. Provide full medical treatment for Prisoners of War regardless of service

connected rating. (Res. 620) 9. Urge VA to conduct an eye study on radar induced cataracts. (Res. 623) 10. Increase travel pay for VA patients from 6¢ to 10¢ per mile. (Res. 628) 11. Provide VA hospitalization for dependents of 100% disabled veterans. (Res.

632) 12. Permit accredited representative to review and represent a claim involving

drug abuse. (Res. 640) 13. Prevent the elimination of skilled therapists in VA hospitals. (Res. 643) 14. Provide automobile allowance to veterans with a 100% combined rating.

(Res. 644) 15. Provide closed circuit sports T.V. in VA hospitals in blacked out areas. (Res.

648) 16. Provide a 100% rating for a veteran on his first day of hospitalization. (Res.

652) 17. Provide automobile allowance to World War I veterans. (Res. 657)

18. Change the effective date of reduction or discontinuance of compensation.

(Res. 659) 19. Oppose any effort to transfer any part of the VA system to other Federal de

partments. (Res. 672) 20. Expedite securing of veterans records. (Res. 677) 21. Exempt increases in other benefits similar to Social Security. (Res. 679) 22. Care and treatment of Prisoners of War. (Referred to NVS for study) (Res.

685) 23. Oppose integration of the VA hospital program with any national health

program. (Res. 729) 24. All trainee programs for veterans in the VA shall be considered as on-the

job training. (Res. 731)


1. Provide a special medal for Prisoners of War. (Res. 302) 2. Provide income tax exclusion for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.

(Res. 306) 3. Authorize expenditionary or occupation medals for certain service. (Res.

312) 4. Provide free mailing to all military serving overseas, or in a military hos

pital in the United States. (Res. 334) 5. Reduce the retirement age for Reserves from age 60 to age 55. (Res. 412) 6. Support recomputation of military retirement pay and improvement of the

military retirement program. (Res. 613) 7. Equalize unemployment benefits for ex-servicemen on a national scale. (Res.

629) 8. Provide a percentage of military retirement pay for widows. (Res. 630) 9. Allow the payment of retired pay in conjunction with VA compensation.

(Res. 633) 10. Allow a widow to continue the use of commissary privileges she had

when her husband was alive. (Res. 634) 11. Department of Defense provide low cost medical insurance for one year after

discharge. (Res. 649) 12. Provide mustering out pay for Vietnam veterans. (Res. 651) 13. Provide maternity assistance for wives of discharged servicemen. (Res. 661) 14. Support recomputation of retired pay. (Res. 668) 15. Provide assistance to veterans in applying for discharge review. (Res. 676) 16. Review of all discharges because of alcoholism. (Res. 680) 17. Eliminate statutory limitation for correction of military records. (Res. 723) 18. Issue medal for Korean service. (Res. 724) 19. Eliminate limitation for discharge review. (Res. 725) 20. Allow rehearings before Discharge Review Board. (Res. 726)


1. Cooperation with National and State organizations to promote youth, safety

and patriotic programs. (Res. 301) 2. Liberalize Social Security program. (Res. 303) 3. Provide tax exemption for veterans organizations insurance programs. (Res.

305) 4. Increase Social Security lump-sum death benefits. (Res. 307) 5. Issue a commemorative stamp for Spanish-American War Veterans. (Res.

308) 6. Provide chiropractic care under Medicare. (Res. 309) 7. Commend General William C. Westmoreland. (Res. 310) 8. Credit war service to lower the age limit under Social Security. (Res. 311) 9. Provide "blanket exemption” for Federal tax for all V.F.W. Post activities.

(Res. 313) 10. Support the United States Savings Bond program. (Res. 314) 11. Provide testing to insure high quality drugs and medicines. (Res. 315) 12. Oppose the revision of the 1872 Mining Law. (Res. 316) 13. Permit V.F.W. Units overseas to use APO and FPO for mail. (Res. 319) 14. Commend President Richard M. Nixon for his stand on peace in Southeast

Asia. (Res. 322) 15. Provide information on pollution and contamination. (Res. 324)

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