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eignty of the United States government over its peoples or territories by any form of world government.


1. Support, without qualification, the Administration's military policy towards Southeast Asia specifically to include the aerial interdiction of enemy war materiel destined for the Republic of Vietnam and the naval mining of ports in the Communist north. Additionally, seek a durable peace in Southeast Asia by support for ongoing bold and timely reductions of U.S. military presence in South Vietnam.

2. Urge that the United States continue to use its influence to effect a negotiated settlement in the Middle East and, to this end, support all U.S. efforts to establish an effective counterbalance to Soviet influence among the more radical Arab states. Additionally, assist third parties seeking a lasting and equitable peace in the area.

3. Honor the provisions of the 1954 treaty with the Republic of China on Taiwan by (a) provision of military and other forms of assistance to "free China" on Taiwan, and, (b) opposition to any diplomatic initiatives toward the Peoples' Republic of China which would be undertaken at the expense of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

4. Urge upon both the President and the Congress that the defense of, sovereignty over, and control of the Panama Canal Zone are by right reserved to the U.S. and are nonnegotiable.

5. Oppose any such proposal as may emerge that the U.S. either increase trade


with or establish diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba so long as Castro's regime so cruelly oppresses individual liberties on that unfortunate island.

Maintain present U.S. policy and procedures with respect to the U.S. Naval facility on Guantanamo Bay.



Continue our unqualified support for the President of the United States as he seeks:

(a) An impartial and open inspection of POW facilities by the International Red Cross to insure that standards of care and treatment embodied in the Geneva Convention are being met;

(b) The immediate release of all sick and wounded prisoners;

(c) Proper food and medical treatment for all prisoners;

(d) Frequent and regular mail correspondence between prisoners and their families;

(e) An impartial verification of the names of all prisoners of war and MIAs without further delay;

(f) The adherence to all other provisions of the Geneva Convention covering the treatment of prisoners of war;

(g) Additionally, call upon the President of the United States to request that the Secretary General of the United Nations use the full power of that office toward the accomplishment of the foregoing; and

(h) Finally, authorize our Commander-inChief to urge the President of the United States to utilize all means necessary to insure the safety of POWS-MIAs, and that we not complete the withdrawal of all our forces

from Southeast Asia until a satisfactory resolution of the POW/MIA issue has been achieved.


With respect to “amnesty": (a) forthrightly urge that no general or selective amnesty be granted to draft dodgers or deserters; and, (b) oppose re-entry into the United States by any or all of the draft dodgers or deserters who have voluntarily renounced their citizenship and birthright and have defected to a foreign country.



Maintain a viable and effective Selective Service System so that in time of national need, non volunteer military forces may be raised quickly and effectively with equity.



Support the passage through the Congress and the enactment into law of legislation pertaining to the ROTC and Department of Defense Research programs essentially as introduced by Congressman F. Edward Hebert, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.



Enjoin the military services to take all possible actions to improve the conduct and appearance of their personnel to the end that public opinion of and support for the military be enhanced and, by the positive examples set by the service personnel, patriotism and pride in country be fostered. To this latter objective, focus VFW programs to advance public respect for the Armed Forces, the American Flag, and the hard-won traditions of our free country.


Take such action as may be both necessary and appropriate to urge the Department of the Navy to retain recordings and notes in court-martial cases until appellate review has been completed.



Restore those benefits and privileges to retired military personnel which accrue to active duty personnel to include the privilege of free education of dependents of retired military personnel in the overseas Department of Defense dependent School System.



25, 1972
National Security and Foreign Affairs.
Veterans Rights and Benefits Programs :

(a) Compensation.
(b) Pension.
(c) National Cemeteries, Monuments and Burial Benefits.
(d) Hospital, Medical and Domiciliary Care and Facilities.
(e) Readjustment Benefits—Education, Loans and Housing, and Insurance.

(f) Civil Service and Employment.
Veterans Administration Programs.
Armed Forces and Military Benefits.

AMERICANISM 1. Support and promote 1972–73 Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program,

(Res. 101)
2. Support the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Res. 102a)

Support the Subversive Activities Control Board. (Res. 102b)
Prosecute subversive elements attacking the Armed Forces. (Res. 102c)
Prosecute the Peoples Coalition for Peace & Justice and the National Peace

Action Coalition. (Res. 102d)
Commend the House Committee on Internal Security. (Res. 102e)
Place case of stealing Government secrets by Daniel Ellsberg in proper per-

spective by labeling such action as aid and comfort to the enemy to deter

others from similar behavior. (Res. 102f) Classify Jane Fonda, Ramsey Clark and others as traitorous meddlers and

investigate any and all such individuals. (Res. 102g) 3. Establish a “Day of Pride” for the conclusion of the Vietnam conflict. (Res.

103) 4. Designate December 7 as a day of remembrance. (Res. 104) 5. Uphold conviction of Valerie Goguen for disrespect to the Flag. (Res. 105) 6. Restore prayer in public schools. (Res. 106) 7. Prohibit display and distribution of foreign enemy flags. (Res. 107) 8. Prohibit defacement and defilement of the American Flag. (Res. 108) 9. Oppose the National Holiday Act of 1971 and restore holidays to original

dates. (Res. 109) 10. Oppose any change in the Pledge of Allegiance. (Res. 115) 11. Recommend a Congressional study of the Flag Code. (Res. 116) 12. Designate Flag Day as a legal national holiday. (Res. 117) 13. Support legislation authorizing a Congressional flag. (Res. 118)


1. Seek proper treatment of American Prisoners of War by demanding :
(a) Open and impartial inspection of POW facilities by International

Red Cross
(6) Release of sick and wounded
(c) Proper food and medical treatment
(d) Permit mail between POW's and families
(e) Identification of Prisoners of War

(f) Adherence to provisions of the Geneva Convention. (Res. 401) 2. For a strong National Defense :

(a) Maintain modern and sufficient Army (6) Maintain strong air striking force and defense (c) Maintain combat ready Marine Corps (d) Maintain modern and sufficient Navy (e) Provide sufficient funds for National Guard and Reserve Forces (f) Support modern and enlarged U.S. Merchant Marine (9) Support strong and meaningful military departments (h) Advocate development and testing of nuclear weapons, including

anti-missile defense weapons

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