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Renewal of copyright:

Of existing copyright works.
Requirement of publisher's signature for.

Revised Statutes, section 4954, abolished in copyright bill.
Repealing clause.

S. bill 6330, section 64.
Replevin, as remedy for infringement.

To be substituted for “performance
Unlawful, penalties for.

(See also Performance.)
Reproduction of music, etc.. by mechanical devices. (See

Mechanical devices.)
Reproduction of work of art.
Reproductive Arts Copyright League:

Invited to conference on copyright
Statement of -

F. D. S. Bethune

A.B. Smith
Reservation of copyright. (See Interim copyright.)
Revised Statutes:

Copyright provisions of, compared with copyright bill..

Section 4966.
Ricca & Son..
Ricordi & Co., of Milan, Italy
Riemer, Lester C., letter of.
Rodesch, R. A.
Rosey, Stern u.
Rossiter, Will, letter of.
Roth & Engelhardt, letter of.

In case of extension of existing copyrights..
For mechanical reproduction of drama.
For mechanical reproduction of music.
Statements of -

R. R. Bowker
N. Burkan..

[blocks in formation]

C. S. Burton.
S. T. Cameron.
P. H. Cromelin
F. L. Dyer..
W.K. Evans.
V. Herbert..
R. U. Johnson.
J.J. O'Connell
H. Pettit
G. W. Pound.
G. H. Putnam.
A. Steuart.
J.L. Tindale.
A. H.Walker.

H. Williams.
For performance of dramatic compositions.
In case of extension of existing copyrights.
Letter of Jos. W. Stern & Co.
Letters of Authors and Composers' Copyright League

of America..
On foreign reprints of books.

Provision of Currier bill (H. R. 25133) favored
Rudolph-Wurlitzer Company.
Russia, importation..
Sale, right of.

[blocks in formation]

Sanborn, Judge, decision in copyright case.
Sargent, S. II.
Sarony, Burrow-Giles Lithographic Co. v.

[blocks in formation]

Schirmer, G
Schleitfarth, George, testimony of..
Schlotterbeck, G., present at hearings
Schumann, Messrs., letters to...
Schutters, H. J., present at hearings.
Scott, Frank H.:

Extension of existing copyrights.

Notice of copyright.
Scott, G. W., present at hearings.
Scribner v. Straus..

[blocks in formation]

Report of hearings.
June, 1906.


Marcb, 1908.

[blocks in formation]

Scrutton, Thomas Edward, on copyright..

Copyright in..
Notice of copyright on..

Second-hand book trade.
Secretary of State, letter to Senator Smoot referred to.
Seizure of copies. (See under Infringement.)
Series, fee for registration of. (S. bill 6330, sec. 60.)......... XIV, 10, 14, 80,

93, 150
Sermon. (See Lecture.)
Serven, A. R.:
Letter from Music Publishers' Association...,

Proposed amendments regarding talking machines...

Sherman antitrust law...
Sherman, John, extract from speech on importation.
Shields, II., letter..
Shubert, Sam S. & Lee, letter...
Silverware, copyright in designs for.
"Simple life," publication of translation of...
Smith, A. Beverly, on lithographs and posters..

Smith, Monroe, notice of amendment for extension of copy-

Smithsonian Institution, deposit of copies in.

Smoot, Reed, chairman Senate Committee on Patents:
Bill S. 2499

Comparison by R. R. Bowker with other bills.

Introduction of
Contracts of inecha nical instrument companies.
Deposit of copies..
Duration of copyright.
Extension of patent rights.
Importation clauses.
Infringement of copyright.
Mechanical reproductions.

30, 100, 119
Right of sale.

Talking pictures.
Society of American Artists, invited to conference on copy-

Solberg, Thorvald. (See Register of Copyrights.)
Song writers:
Statement of

N D. Mann, in Music Trades

H. Williams, Words and Music Club.
Sound records. (See Talking machines.)
Sousa, John Philip:

Adrertisement in Scribner's Magazine..
Compositions of, on talking-machine records, statement

of P. H. Cromelin..
Duration of copyright.
On mechanical reproduction of music.

23, 30, 108,

109, 121, 143
Royalty system..

Suits for infringement..
South Carolina r'. United States.
Southall, Robert G., House Committee on Patents.

Spain, importation...
Speech. (See Lecture.)
Spencer, Herbert, on copyright.
Spencer's (Len) Lyceum, letter..
Sphinx Club, invited to conference on copyright.

Stair and Havlin, letter..
State, Secretary of.....
“Statuary," term omitted in copyright bill.

"Statue," term omitted in copyright bill.
Stedman. Edmund C., letter of....

Steiner, Bernard C.:

Letter on notice of death of author..
Opposes importation clauses in copyright bill.

Steinway & Sons, represented by J.J. O'Connell
Stephens t'. Cady.
Stephens v. Gladding.
Stereoscopic views.

Stern Jos. W., & Co., letters of

Stern r. Rosey.

Steuart, A.:

Amendment proposed by,
Communication to Librarian of Congress.
Letter on importation..
Letter on nature of copyright.
Statements of..

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Stone, Clayton ?'....
Stone, N. İ., letter to Committee on Patents.
Straus, Bobbs-Merrill r...
Strauss J.C., copyright in photograph
Subject-matter of copyright:

Provisions of bill (s. 6330, secs. 47).
Books (sec. 5).
Comparative draft of R. R. Bowker.
Criticisms of provisions of bill.
Lithographic prints, engravings, posters, etc.
Oral lectures, dramatic compositions, etc.
Perforated music roll.
Reproductions of a work of art..
Should not be unlimited..
Works of an author...

See also Constitutional provision; Mechanical devices.
Suits for infringement of copyright:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, secs. 23–24, 32-36)..
By mechanical devices..
Conditions precedent to bringing.
Injunction in case of infringement.
Jurisdiction of courts in.
Limitation of actions.
Pending, should not be affected by new act.
Recoveries in....
Venue of action

(See also Cases cited.)
Sullivan, J. J., representing The International Typograph-
ical Union...

Importation for libraries.
Sulzer, William, House of Representatives Committee on
Duration of copyright.
Extension of existing copyrights.
Letter from Judge A. J. Dittenhoefer.
Manufacturing clause..
Motion to print two copies of proceedings.

Summy, Clayton F., Company, contract with Æolian Com-

Supreme Court reports, copyright in
Switzerland, mechanical musical instruments.
Talking machines:

Advertisement of Columbia Phonograph Co....
Letter of

Authors and Composers' Copyright League.
Leo Feist.

G. W. Furniss
Registration of records not allowed in Copyright Office.
Statements of

S. T. Cameron
P. H. Cromelin.
F. L. Dyer
P. Fuller
V. Herbert.
P. Mauro
H. Pettit..

[blocks in formation]

J. P. Sousa.
(See also Mechanical devices; Talking pictures.)
Talking pictures:

Petition of National Association of Theatrical Produ-

cing Managers.
Statement of -

W. A. Brady.
P. H. Cromelin.
F. L. Dyer..
Daniel Frohman.
Ligon Johnson..
Chas. Klein.

H. D. Parker.
Tams, Arthur W
Tauchnitz editions.
Taylor, Millar r.
Telegraphonic record

(See also Mechanical devices.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Telharmonic dynamophone.....
Term of copyright. (See Duration of copyright.)
Text of copyright bill.
Theatre Managers of Greater New York. (See Association
of Theatre Managers; National Association Theatrical

Producing Managers.)
Thom e, R. L..
Thompson, Edward, Co. (See Porterfield, C.; and Mckin-

ney, P. M.)
Thurber Music Publishing Co..
Tilton, G. P., statement of.
Tilzer, H. von. (See Von Tilzer, H.)
Tindale, J. L.. of The Music Publishers' Association.

Falsification of title of play.
Of unpublished work, change of, should be allowed
Preliminary deposit of, not required.

Publication of book under different..
Towle Manufacturing Co., statement of G. P. Tilton.
Trade-mark cases.
Trade-mark law, remedies provided by.
Transfer of copyright:
Distinct from transfer of material object-

S. 6330, section 37.

S. 2499, section 44, W. A. Jenner.
(See also Assignment of copyright.)
Translation, right of....
Transmission, free, of copyright matter.
Treasury Department decisions.

Detection of illegal importations.
Letter on relations with Germany.

(See also Montgomery, C. P.)
Treloar bill...
Crow Directory Publishing Co.
Typesetting within the United States. (See Manufacturing

Typographical Union. (See International Typographical !

Ullman & Co. (See Massenet and Puccini e'. Ullman.)
Unauthorized copies, importation of. (See Importation.)
Underwood & Underwood.
United States copyright laws, history of.
United States Dictionary Co. v. Merriam.
United Typothetæ of America:

Invited to conference on copyright.

Statement of S. H. Olin..
Universal Music Roll Co.
Universal Talking Machine Co..
Unpublished works:

Copyright in.
Filing of manuscripts of.
Infringement of..
Notice of copyright for.
Penalty for unauthorized representation

Title, change of..
Van Dyke, Henry, statement of.
Vandersloot Music Publishing Co.
Vend, right to:
Statement of -

G. II. Putnam.
A. Steuart.

E. E. Wise.
Victor Talking Machine Co.:

Contracts, statement of N. Burkan..
Represented by R. L. Thome.
Statements of

J. F. Bowers
P. H. Cromelin.
H. Pettit...

[blocks in formation]

Suit against The Fair..
Vives, Lucien, copyright suit in France.
Von Briesen, Fritz. (See Briesen, Fritz von.)
Von Tilzer. Harry, letter of......
Walker, Albert II.:

Associations of composers in the United States.
Amendment proposed by.
Conditions precedent to action for infringement.
Constitutional provision.
Costs in actions for recovery.
Duration of copyright.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Walker, Albert H.--Continued.

Infringement and penalties
Jurisdiction of courts.
Manufacturing clause..
Mechanical devices for reproducing sound.
Notice of copyright...
Notice of proposed amendment, sec. 28.
Notice of reservation..
Penalties ...
Quotation from “Walker on Patents"
Recording of assignment.
Repealing clause.
Right of representation and performance.
Royalty system..
Statement of..

Subject-matter of copyright ..
Wallerstein, H. L., Music Publishing Co., letter.
Washburn, Chas. G., House Committee on Patents, mechan-

ical devices.
Wauwermans, Paul, quoted..
Webb, Edwin Y., House Committee on Patents:

Contracts betyeen publishers and authors.
Definition of publication"
Infringement of copyright.
Mechanical devices...

[blocks in formation]

Notice of copyright.
Webster's Dictionary.
Wegefarth, W. D., letter..
Wellman, H. C., statement of

Protection of dramatic composers.
Werckmeister cases..

Decision of U. S. Supreme Court, October, 1907.
Western Union Telegraph Co., National Telephone News

Co. v...
Wheaton Ľ. Peters.
Whight, Boosey v..
White Rats of America represented by H. Knowles
White-Smith Publishing Co.:

Letters to.
Suit against Appolo Co.

[blocks in formation]

Decision of U.S. circuit court of appeals..

Decision of U. S. Supreme Court.
Who may obtain copyright:

Comparative draft of R. R. Bowker.
Corporation not provided for.
Provisions of bill" (8. 6330, sec. 8)

Suggestion as to foreign authors.
Wilcox, Ansley, representing Consolidated Lithograph Co..,
Williams, Harry, statement of.
Williams, Otis E., Music Publishing Co.
Windsor Music Co., letter..
Winter, J., on piano players.
Winter & Co.
Wise (Edmond E.):

Amendments proposed by.
Letter from..
Notice of proposed amendment sec. 34 (S. 2499)

Statement of..
Witmark, Jay
Witmark, M., & Sons, letter.
Wood, B. F.:


Statement of..
Woods, A. II., Productions ('o., letter.
Wooster, Frank, Co..
Words and Music Club:
Statement of -

W.K. Evans.

II. Williams.
Works of art. (See Fine arts.)
Writ of error in copyright suits.

Proposed to include mechanical devices.
Term not included in copyright bill..

(See also Constitutional provision regarding copyright.)
Wurlitzer, H. E., present at hearings..
Wurlitzer, R., ('o.
Zimmerman, J. S. M.

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