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G. W. Pound
A. Steuart
J. L. Tindale.

B. F. Wood.
Substitute bill of F. L. Dyer.
Term of copyright should be coexistent with patent right
(See also Perforated music roll: Talking machines; Talk-

ing pictures.)
Mermod Frères
Merriam, G. & C.,

Co., copyright in Webster's Dictionary
Merriam, United States Dictionary Co. v.....
** Merry Widow," reproductions of..
Message of the President of the United States on copyright..
Millar v. Taylor...
Miller, Arthur II..
Miller, Joaquin, present at hearings.
Millet, Frank D.:

Statement of...

Letter on notice of copyright..
Moffett, Samuel E., present at hearings..
Montgomery, Charles P., of Treasury Department.
Morgan, Paul B., letter of.
Morris, Chas. M., Clerk Senate Committee on Patents.
Moving Picture World, advertisement in..
Moving pictures. (See Talking pictures.)
Murphy, James J., present at hearings.
Music Engravers' Union of America:
Statement of -

H. J. Frohnhoefer..

B. F. Wood
Music Publishers' Association of the United States:

Invited to conference on copyright.
Amendments proposed by.
Contracts of, statement of F. L. Dyer.

Statement of P. H. Cromelin..
Letters concerning G. Schirmer.
List of members..
List showing nonparties to Æolian contracts.
Statements of -

J. F. Bowers.
N. Burkan.
P. H. Cromelin.
George W. Furniss,
F. W. Hedgeland.
S. H. Olin.
J. L. Tindale.

A. H. Walker.
Music Publishers' Exchange, letter..
Music sheets manufactured, census report, 1905.
Music Trades, The, article in..
Music Trades Association of Great Britain
Musical Age..
Musical composition:

American manufacture of.
**Arrangement” of..
Copyright of, in England.
Duration of copyright in..

In mechanical device, should be coexistent with

patent right..

S. 6330, section 18.
Foreign publication of.
Importation of infringing copies.
Included in term "book
Mechanical reproduction of. (See Mechanical devices;

Perforated music roll; Talking machines.)
Notice of right of performance on.

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Musical composition - Continued.
Penalties for unlawful performance of.

Section 4966, Revised Statutes..
Reading of mechanical arrangements of.

Right of performance of..
Musical copyright act of England, text of.

Preliminary bill..
Musical Copyright League.
Musical Courier.
National Academy of Design:

Invited to conference on copyright.
Statement of -

F. D. Millet

S. H. Olin...
National Association of Employing Lithographers..
National Association of Photo-engravers, invited to confer-

ence on copyright.
National Association of Theatrical Producing Managers ..
National Educational Association, invited to conference on

National Institute of Arts and Letters, invited to confer-

ence on copyright...
National Phonograph Company.
National Photographers' Copyright League.

(See Photographers' Copyright League of America.)
National Piano Manufacturers' Association..
National Sculpture Society, invited to conference on copy-

National Telephone News Co. r'. Western Union Telegraph

Nattes, E., letter.
Nature and extent of copyright:

Provisions of bill compared with existing law.
S. bill 6330, secs. 1-3..
Comparative draft of R. R. Bowker.
Mechanical arrangements of musical compositions
Statements of

R. R. Bowker.
C. Porterfield.
G. H. Putnam.
A. Steuart.

A. Wilcox.
(See also Performance.)
Negatives, photographic, to be included in copyright bill..
New York Bar Association. (See Association of the Bar of

the City of New York.)
New York Herald, extract from, on talking pictures..
New York State Senate, petition from members of..
New York Theatre Managers. (See Association of Theatre

Newby & Evans.
Newspaper illustrations.
Newspapers. (See American Newspaper Publishers' Asso-

Nickelodeon. (See Talking pictures.)
North, S. N. D., letter to Committee on Patents.
Norway, importation...
Notice of copyright:

Provisions of copyright bill relating to.
For oral lecture or dramatic composition.
In case of assignment..
Omission of, from particular copies.

S. bill 6330, sec. 15..
On American editions of foreign works.
On foreign editions...
Oa musical compositions.
On periodicals and composite works.
On photographs...
On pseudonymous works.
On works of art..
Penalty for false (S. 6330, sec. 25)
Penalty for removal of (8. 6330, sec. 25)
Photographers' Copyright League.
Should include date of entry and name of original pro-

Notice of reservation of copyright abolished (Rev. Stat.,

sec. 4952),
Noyes, Theodore W., American Newspaper Publishers'

[blocks in formation]

O'Brien, Dennis F., statement of.

23, 169


[blocks in formation]

O'Connell, John J.:

Arrangement of musical composition.
Automatic piano players.
Conferences on copyright.
Copyright suits..
Failure to comply with formalities
Manufacturing clause..
Publication under "assumed name'

Sale of mechanical instruments.
O'Connor, T. P., musical copyright act of England.
Ogilvie, George W.:

Affidavit in manufacturing clause.
Notice of copyright.
Penalties for infringement of copyright.
Renewal and extension of copyrights,
Statement of ...

Term of copyright.
Ogilvie, J. S., Patterson t..
Olin, Stephen H., statement of.
Oral works:

Copyright in..

Omitted from substitute draft of C. S. Burton
Osborne, Edmund B., letters.
Page, Thomas Nelson:

Importation for libraries.

Statement of..

Notice of copyright on..
" Publication of..

Term omitted in copyright bill
Palmer, Daly r...
Parker, A. B., decision in re American Publishers' Associa-

Parker, Harry D., statement of.
Patent law, provision for recovery of damages.
Patent rights:

Constitutional provision regarding.
Extension of.
Statement of -

N. Burkan.
G. H. Davis.

F. L. Dyer.
Term of protection in devices for reproducing music.
Patents, Commissioner of. (See Allen, F. I.)

List of, covering mechanical devices
Pathé Frères. (See Massenet and Puccini.)
Patterson 1. I. S. Ogilvie.

For failure to comply with formalities, not included in

For failure to deposit copies..
For false affidavit as to place of manufacture.
For false notice of copyright (S. 6330, sec. 25)
For infringement of copyright (S. 6330, sec. 23).

[blocks in formation]

By automatic mechanical devices.
Of directories.
of dramatic composition.
Of musical composition.
Of paintings.
Of photographs..

Seizure and destruction of infringing copies or devices
For removal of notice of copyright (S. 1330, sec. 25).
For unlawful importation in foreign countries.
For unlawful representation or performance.

By mechanical devices.
Section 4966, Revised Statutes.

169, 170, 172
37, 123, 139,
142,180, 239


166, 169

9, 124, 177



33, 36, 362


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[ocr errors]

(See also Imprisonment.)
People's Vaudeville Co., letter of.
Perforated music roll:
Statements of

N. Burkan.
C. S. Burton.
P. H. Cromelin..
G. H. Davis...

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33, 36

9, 13, 124
13, 139, 172,


172, 176, 181,
371,373, 375


45, 151

[blocks in formation]

Unlawful, penalties for..

Section 4966, Revised Statutes.
Periodical, notice of copyright on..

Registration of.
Periodical contributions:

Notice of copyright on..
Periodical Publishers' Association of America, invited to

conference on copyright..
Perkins, James B., House of Representatives, present at

Persons present at hearings.
Perii, importation..
Peters, Julius W., testimony of.

Lambs' Club..
Music publishers of Boston.
National Association of Theatrical Producing Managers.

New York State senate, members of.
Pettit, Horace, on mechanical devices.

Foreign editions..

Right of sale, etc.
Phonograph. (See Talking machines.)
Phonola Co.
Photo-engraving process.

(See also Manufacturing clause.)

Copyright in...
Fee for registration of.

S. 6330, section 60,
Foreign countries, protection in
Manufacturing clause,
Notice of copyright on.

S. 6330, Section 14.,
Penalties for infringement of.
Photographers' Copyright League of America:

Invited to conference on copyright.
Communications from..
Statement of -

P. MacDonald.

S. H. Olin
Photographic negatives to be included in copyright bill.
Piano players, automatic. (See Perforated music roll.)
Pictorial illustrations. (See Illustrations; Lithographs.)
Pierce, Franklin:

Amendment to section 44 (S. 2499)
Forfeiture of copyright for failure to deposit

Importation without consent of copyright proprietor
Pierce, H. II., copyright in photograph..
Piracy of plays, statement of H. P. Nawson.

(See also Infringement.)
Pitts 1'. George.
Plastic work, publication of.
Playing cards, importation of.
Plays. (See Dramatic composition.)
Playwrights League Club, letter proposing amendments.
Polk, R. L., & Co., directory publishers.
Porterfield, C., statement of.

Criticism of arguments of, by R. R. Bowker
Right of sale..

Substitute bill of
Post-Office Department..

(See also Lithographs.)

8, 10
VII, 8


151, 160

169, 170, 172


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Posthumous work, duration of copyright in.
Pouillet. Eugène, quoted
Pound, G. W., statement of.

Compulsory license...
Pratt, Le Gage, mechanical devices.
Prescott, F. M., on mechanical reproduction of music.
President of the United States, message on copyright..
Price of books. (See Book prices.)
Prince, Charles A.. communication of..

Print," lithograph not covered by.
Print for article of manufacture..
Print Publishers' Association of America:

Invited to conference on copyright.
Letter of Edmund B. Osborne
Memorandum to Committees of Patents
Statement of -

W. A. Livingstone.

S, H. Olin...
Protection of copyright, provisions of copyright bill, S. 6330,
sections 21-36..

Comparative draft of R. R. Bowker
Pseudonymous works:

Notice of copyright on...

Registration of work under assumed name
Publication of work of art.

What constitutes, statement of E. E. Wise.
Publisher, rights of..

In case of assignment of copyright..

In renewal of copyright. (See Renewal.)
Publishers' Association of New York City.
Publishers' Copyright League. (See American Publishers'

Copyright League.)
Puccini. (See Massenet and Puccini.)
Putnam, George Haven, statements of.

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Affidavit in manufacturing clause
Duration of copyright.
Extract from article by.
Manufacturing clause.
Memorandum on importation.
Minimum penalty..
Notice of copyright in foreign books.
Penalty for failure to deposit copies.
** A Publisher's defense
"Question of copyright

Section 16 (S. 2499)

Section 26 (S. 2900).
Suggestions hy..
Putnam, Herbert. (See Librarian of Congress.)
Q. R. S. Co. (Sce Burton, Charles S.)
Ray, R. R..
Reading of mechanical arrangements of music..
Record of copyright, form of, not specified.
Recoveries in copyright suits..

(See also Penalties.)
Regal Piano and Player Company.
Regina Music Box Company..
Register of Copyrights, Thorvald Solberg:

Conferences and hearings on copyright bill.
Copyright office business.
Foreign books registered
Importation of unauthorized editions.

Nature of replies from Copyright Office.

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, sec. 10)
Criticism of provision in copyright bill.
Failure of, within one year (S. 6330, sec. 15).
Fees for..

[blocks in formation]

S. bill 6330, section 60..
(See also Formalities.)
Remedies for infringement:

Provisions of copyright bill (8. 6330, sec. 23)

(See also Penalties, Suits for infringement.)
Remich, Daniel C., on fees for registration.
Remick, Jerome H., & ('0., letters..

[blocks in formation]
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