Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

Chaney. John C., House of Representatives Committee on

Lithographic process.
Notice of copyright.
Right of sale.
Sculpture, copyright in

Talking-machine reproductions..
Chase & Baker Co., correspondence with.
Chicago Manuscript Co.....
Chicago Music Co.:

Letter of Æolian Co. to...

Contract with Eolian Co.
Choate, Wm. G., recommends:

Amendment of sec. 44 (S. 2499)
Forfeiture of copyright upon failure to deposit copies..

Importation without permission of proprietor.
Choralian Co. (See Corolian Co.)
"Chromo," term omitted in copyright bill..
Church, Melville, present at hearings
Churchill, Winston, notice of copyright on “Coniston
Clapp, Moses E., Senate Committee on Patents.
Clark. Melville, Piano Co. (See Burton, Charles S.)
Clarke, J. I. C., statements of...
Clayton v. Stone.
Clemens, Samuel L., statement of..
Cleveland Directory Co., letter indorsing bill
Cohan, George M., represented by D. F. O'Brien
Cohen, Meyer, letter of.
Columbia Amusement Co., letter of.
Columbia Phonograph (o.:

Advertisement of..
Contract of.
Letter to The Musical Age.
Notice to purchasers.
Statement of P. II. Cromelin..

(See also Croinelin, P. H.)
Commerce and Labor, Department of, letter from Chief of

Bureau of Statistics.
Cominon law rights:
Statements of

J. I. C. Clarke..
W. A. Jenner.
A. Steuart

E. E. Wise.
Composers, associations of.
Composite works, extension of copyright in:
Statements of --

W. B. Hale.
W. A. Livingstone.

G. H. Putnam..
Conditions precedent to bringing suit.
Conditions precedent to securing copyright. (See Formali-

Conferences on copyright....
"Coniston," notice of copyright on English edition.
Connor, W.W., opposed to paragraph g..
Connorized Music Company
Consent of copyright proprietor, for importation.
Consolidated Film Co., letter of.
Consolidated Lithograph Co. (See Wilcox, Ansley.)
Constitutional provision regarding copyright:
Statements of-

R. R. Bowker..
N. Burkan.
C. S. Burton.
G. H. Davis.
F. L. Dyer..
J.J. O'Connell
H. Pettit
H. Putnam, Librarian of Congress.
J. P. Sousa
A. Steuart.

A. H. Walker
Contracts between publishers and authors.
Contracts with musical composers and publishers:

Æolian Company contracts. (See Æolian Co.)

Talking machine companies.
Copinger, W.A., Law of copyright, quoted.
Copy, what constitutes..
Copyright, the question of.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Copyright, constitutional provision regarding. (See Con-

stitutional provision.)
Copyright, definitions of, statement of A. Steuart.
Copyright bill, text of..

Tabulated statement of amendments proposed to.
Substitute draft-

Melville Clarke Piano Co. (C. S. Burton).

C. Porterfield...
(See also Bill.)
Copyright cases. (See Cases cited.)
Copyright conferences. (See Conferences.)
Copyright deposits:

În Library of Congress.

Disposal of.
Copyright Office:

Administration of.
Correspondence of.
Publications issued by..
Receipts, expenditures, etc

Registrations of foreign books.
Copyright suits. (See Suits for infringement.)
Corolian Co..
Corporation, copyright for.
Cortelvou r'. Lowe.
Costs in copyright suits.
Courier Co. (See Bleistein r. Donaldson.)
Courts, jurisdiction of, in copyright cases.
Crawford, D., present at hearings.
Criticisms of copyright bill. (See Suggestions and criticisms.)
Cromelin, Paul H., on mechanical devices..

Contract of American Graphophone Co.
Letter to the Musical Age
Musical copyright in England.,

Letter to Sir HI bert Marshall.
Currier, Frank D., House of Representatives Committee on
Bill H. R. 243-

Comparison by R. R. Bowker with other bills....

Statement of P. H. Cromelin..
Copyright conferences..
Copyright suits.
Deposit of copies...
Duration of copyright.
Foreign authors..
Importation clauses.

Duty on books imported by mail.
Infringement of druia.
Manufacturing clause..
Material object, transfer of.
Mechanical reproductions of musical compositions.
Notice of copyright..
l'enalties for infringement.
Publication of work of art.
Renewal and extension of copyright.
Right of sale..
Royalty for mechanically performed music.

Subject-matter of copyright.
Curtis, Benjamin, present at hearings.
"Cut," term omitted in copyright bill.
Cutter, William P.
Daly k. Paliner..
Daly, Brady !'..
Damages for infringement.

[blocks in formation]

(See also Penalties.)
Darras, Alcide, quoted.
Davis, G. Howlett.
Dawson, N. E., present at hearings.
Decisions of United States courts:

American Tobacco Co. t. Werckmeister, United States

Supreme Court...
Ditson 1. Littleton, United States circuit court of

White Smith 1'. Apollo-

United States circuit court of appeals

United States Supreme Court...

Of 'print''
of production, reproduction,

Of “publication"






[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

De Kleist Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co
De Koven, Reginald:

Statement of ..
Alibi Club song
“0, promise me

Secretary of Authors and Composers' Copyright League.
Deposit of copies, requirement of, in copyright bill.
Abolition of, proposed by International Congress of

Constitutes publication.
Failure of, forfeiture of copyright.
One copy of dramatic compositions, recommendation of

H. Knowles...
Deposit of subsequent editions.
Deposit of title or description not required.
Deposits, copyright:

In Library of Congress.

Disposal of
Description, preliminary deposit of, not required.
Destruction of infringing copies or devices.
Devices. (See Mechanical devices.)
Diamond, George H., letter..
Dietz-Harrow case..
Directory publishers. (See Association of American Direc-

tory Publishers.)
Ditson v. Littleton, decision of circuit court of appeals
Dittenhoefer (A.J.), letter from, cited.
Doll, Jacob, & Sons..
Donaldson v. Becket.
Donaldson, Bleistein e..
Dorian, Frank, statement from
Dougherty, J. W., present at hearings.
Dramatic composition:

Deposit of copies...
Foreign author of unpublished.
Notice of copyright..
Penalties for unlawful representation.


9, 124, 177

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Piracy of -
Statement of -

C. Klein.
H. Knowles.

Harry P. Mawson..
Unpublished, protection of.

(Sée also Performance, right of; Talking pictures.)
Dramatic-musical compositions.
Dramatists Club..
Dramatization, right of, ten years' reservation.
Dramatizations of popular books.
Drawing, publication of..
Dresser, Solomon R., House of Representatives Committee

on Patents....
Drone, E. S., on copyright. quoted.
Droop, E. F., & Sons Co., letter of.
Duration of copyright:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, secs. 16-20).
Comparative draft of R. R. Bowker..
Comparison by Librarian of Congress, of proposed, with

existing term.
Extension of existing copyrights.
Extension of term, advocated..
Extension of term, opposed..
For corporation..
Foreign countries, provisions in.
In mechanical reproductions..

Should be coexistent with patent right.
In works by joint authors..
Limitation of ten years for dramatization and transla-

Notice of death of author.

Renewal term abolished in copyright bill (8. 6330).
Duties on foreign books imported:
Statement of

W. P. Cutter...
C. P. Montgomery

G. H. Putnam.
Duvall, L. M., American Newspaper Publishers' Associa-


[blocks in formation]
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Edison Co..

Contract of.
Quotation from pamphlet by
Represented by Ê. L. Dyer.
Suit against


Editions, deposit of subsequent.
Edwards, Gus, Music Publishing Co.
Electrelle Co..
Elson, A. W., amendments proposed by
Emanon Music Publishing Co.
Empire circuit attractions, letter.
Enacting clause.
Encyclopædias, extension of copyright
Engel, S. Clarence, letter of.
England, copyright in...

Law of 1842, Section 2, statement of E. E. Wise.
Law as to importation..
Manufacturing clause in patent laws.
Musical copyright in...
Rights of foreign authors.
Text of musical co.

y right act, 1906.

Included in term pictorial illustration:
Notice of copyright on.

Term omitted in copyright bill.
Engraving of musical composition. (See Musical composi-

Estey Piano Co..
* Etching," included in " * pictorial illustration
Evans, W. K., compulsory license plan
Exhibition of work of art, publication by.
Extension of existing copyrights.

241,383, 392,


217, 315, 320

269, 344, 347,




[blocks in formation]

See also Duration of copyright.
Failure to comply with formalities. (See Formalities.)
Falk, B.J..
False aflidavit, penalty for.
Falsification of titles of plays.
Farrand Organ Co.
Feeney, James L..
Fees for registration:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, sec, 60)
Letter of F. von Briesen..
Letter of Playwrights League Club.
Receipts at Copyright Otfice..
Recommendation of Briesen & Knauth.
Statement of H. Putnam, Librarian of Congress..

Statement of D, C, Remich.
Feist, Leo...
Fine arts, works of the:

American manufacture of.
Assignment of..
Copyright in.
Foreign countries, protection in.
Notice of copyright on.
Publication of..

Reproductions of.
Fine Arts Federation:

Represented by F. D. Millet.

Represented by S. H. Olin.
Fischer, Carl, contract with Eolian Co.
Fonopio Co..
Foreign author:

of dramatic composition.
Of musical composition.
Of works of art..
Notice of copyright on works by.

Simultaneous American publication by
Foreign countries, laws on importation.

[blocks in formation]

382, 422

[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]

Foreign edition, importation of..

(See also Importation.)
Foreign publication of musical composition...
Foreign work:

American manufacture of.

Lithographing abroad, statement of G. H. Putnam.
Forfeiture of copyright, for failure to deposit copies..

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, secs. 9-17)....
Amendments suggested by H. N. Low.
Comparative draft of R. Ř. Bowker.
Criticism by C. Porterfield.
Failure to comply with.
Foreign countries..

See also Deposit; Notice of copyright; Registration.
Foster, David S., Hlouse of Representatives, present at hear-

Foster, Murphy J., Senate Committee on Patents.

Mechanical devices.
Rights of foreign authors.

Talking pictures. .
Free transmission of copyright matter
Freund, H. E., present at hearings.
Friars, The
Frohman, Charles, letter
Frohman, Daniel, statement of
Frohnhofer, Henry J., representing Music Engravers' ('nion

of America

Amendments for Smoot bill
Fromme, Herman...,
Fuller, Paul:

Letter regarding importation...

Amendment of sec. 44 (S. 2499
Forfeiture of copyright upon failure to deposit.

Importation without permission.
Statements of...
Furniss, George W., letter on behalf of Music Publishers'


Engraving of music.
Importation regulations.
Letter of American Tariff Commissioners on relations

Mechanical reproduction of copyrighted works.
Reciprocal relations with United States..

Rights of foreign authors.
Gerry. James L., letter to Committee on Patents.
Gill, John, jr., House of Representatives Committee on Pat-

Gladding, Stephens i'.
Glockling, R., statement of.
Goupil process of art reproduction.
Government publications, no copyright in..
Gramophone and Typewriter Co., ltd., of London.
Gramophone (o...
Gray, H. W., present at hearings.
Great Britain. (See England.)
Griffin, Gen. Eugene.
Grimm, E. G., present at hearings.
Hale, Edward Everett:

Statement of...

Copyright in “Man Without a country'
Hale, W. B.:

Copyright suits...
Notice of proposed amendments, secs. 6, 38, 39 (8. 2499)
Recommendations, secs. 16, 17, 18 (S. 2499)

[blocks in formation]

Renewal of term of copyright...
Hamilton, C, P., present at hearings..
Harper & Bros., affidavit as to Blackwoods's Magazine.
Harrington, David C., statement of..
Harris, Charles K.:


Newspaper interview
Harris Music Publishing Co.
Harrow Co., Bernan i'..
Hawks, Wells, letter of..
Hlayman, Alf.

77, 165




* .


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