Principles of Document Processing: Third International Workshop, PODP '96, Palo Alto, California, USA, September 23, 1996. Proceedings

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Charles Nicholas, Derick Wood
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. gada 12. marts - 202 lappuses
This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Principles of Document Processing, PODP'96, held in Palo Alto, California, USA, in September 1996. The book contains 13 revised full papers presented as chapters of a coherent, monograph-like book. The papers focus equally on the theory and the practice of document processing. Among the topics covered are theory of media, cross media publishing and multi-modal documents, SGML content models, grammar-compatible stylesheets, multimedia documents, temporal constraints in multimedia, hypertext representation, contextual knowledge, structured documents for IR, Web-publishing, virtual documents, etc.

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Eugene Fink received his B.S. degree from Mount Allison University (Canada) in 1991, M.S. from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in 1992, and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) in 1999. He has been an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of South Florida (USA) since 1999. His research interests include computational geometry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and e-commerce.Derick Wood received his B.Sc. (1963) and Ph.D. (1968) from the University of Leeds (UK). He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Courant Institute, New York University (USA), from 1968 to 1970, and then joined McMaster University (Canada) in 1970. He was a professor at the University of Waterloo (Canada) from 1982 to 1992, at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) from 1992 to 1995, and at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology since 1995. He has published widely in a number of research areas and written two textbooks, "Theory of Computation" (John Wiley, 1987) and "Data Structures, Algorithms, and Performance" (Addison-Wesley, 1993).

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