The United Nations in the Twenty-first Century: Management and Reform Processes in a Troubled Organization

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Rowman & Littlefield, 2006 - 257 lappuses
The United Nations is confronting a severe crisis at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Its capabilities have been called into question amid a rash of recent scandals and charges of leadership mismanagement, bureaucratic ineptitude, and corrupt activities. Current world opinion seems to express elevated concern about the organization's ability to deal with the complexity of international relations in the new millennium. Despite six decades of survival, its membership still appears unable to maintain a consistent focus or set of practices to pursue common goals. The United Nations in the Twenty-First Century analyzes the significance of the many forces and events affecting the UN's efforts at reform. It provides a detailed examination of these processes for all of the major UN organs and agencies, including chapters on the Secretaries-General, the Secretariat, the General Assembly, the Security Council, and ECOSOC. The chapters on the Secretaries-General are the only detailed discussion that compares, contrasts, and evaluates the tenures of the seven people who have headed the UN. The book's concluding chapters focus on Kofi Annan's reform agenda as it relates to previous UN reform experiences and assess the future impact of recent UN-related scandals and charges of mismanagement.

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UN Organizational Realities and Reform
The Office of SecretaryGeneral and Reform 19461981
The Office of the SecretaryGeneral as a Leader of Reform 19812006
The General Assembly as Reform Instrument and Target
Reform Processes and the Security Council
The Economic and Social Council
UN Secretariats and Financial Structures
Reform Processes and the Future of the UN
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Marcus Franda is profesor of government and politics at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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