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For the Year ending on the 1st Wednesday in May, 1832.*

Salary. LEMUEL H. ARNOLD, Governor,

$ 400 Charles Collins, Lieutenant Governor,

200 Henry Bowen, Secretary of State,

750 & fees. John Sterne, Treasurer,

450 Albert C. Greene, Attorney General,


General Assembly. The Senate is composed of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the following eight senators, there being this year two vacancies. Stephen Steere, Samuel W. King,

Dutee Arnold, Benjamin Smith, Wager Weeden,

Ethan Foster. Stephen B. Cornell, Thomas Whipple,

The House of Representatives is composed of 72 members, elected semiannually, in April and August. Joseph L. Tillinghast, Speaker.

JUDICIARY. The judiciary power is vested in a Supreme Court, and a Court of Common Pleas for each of the five counties. All the judges are appointed annually by the General Assembly. Supreme Court.

Salary. Samuel Eddy,

Chief Justice, Charles Brayton, Associate Justice,

550 Samuel Randall, do.

550 Each of the Courts of Common Pleas comprises five judges, who have no salaries, but are paid by entries.

EXPENSES OF 1831. For support of Public Schools,

$10,000 Civil List, &c.

18,000 Total,



EDUCATION. Whole number of public schools in the State, Whole number of scholars taught in them,

323 17,034

* There was no election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor in May. A second trial was made in July, and a third in the latter part of August, both unsuccessful.

Number of male teachers employed,

228 Number of female teachers employed,

147 Number of schools continued through the year,

20 Average time of the others,

3 months. Whole amount appropriated by the towns for the support of schools,

$11,490 Amount drawn from School Fund,

$ 10,000 Whole amount expended for support of public schools,

$ 21,490 Number of private schools continued through the , Male teachers, 30 year, *

SS Whole number of scholars taught in them, (exclusive of the Friends' Boarding School, Providence,t)

3403 Estimated expense of the private schools which continue through the year at twenty dollars per scholar,

$68,040 Estimated expense of other private schools, at three dollars per scholar,

$ 13,335 Total estimated expense of private schools,

$81,375 Sum total expended for support of schools for one year, $ 102,865

} Female do


INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS. Canals.-See Blackstone Canal in Massachusetts.

Rail-roads.-A company was incorporated in 1832 to construct a railroad from Providence to Norwich in Connecticut; and another to construct a rail-road from Providence to Stonington in Connecticut.


For the Year ending on the 1st Wednesday of May, 1833.

Salary. JOHN S. PETERS, Governor,

$1,100 Thaddeus Betts, Lieutenant Governor,

300 Isaac Spencer, Treasurer,

1,000 Thomas Day, Secretary,

84 & fees. Elisha Phelps, Comptroller,

1,000 Seth P. Beers, Commissioner of the School Fund,


* In nearly all the country towns, the private schools correspond very nearly, both im number and scholars, with the public schools ; or they may be considered as the public schools continued by individual subscription, from three to six months each year.

† This flourishing institution contains, on an average, one hundred and sixty scholars ; with four male and four female teachers.


Salary. David Daggett, Chief Justice,

$1,100 John T. Peters, Associate Justice,

1,050 Thomas S. Williams, do.

1,050 Clark Bissell, do.

1,050 Samuel Church, do.

1,050 Thomas Day, Reporter,

350 For other information respecting the Courts, see Am. Almanac for 1832.


For debentures, and contingent expenses of General Assembly, $14,254.28 * Salaries,

9,094.57 * Contingent expenses of government,

5,220.78 u Judicial expenses,

25,712.44 * Expense of state paupers,

2,000.00 * St Prison (salaries of Directors),

300.00 6 Advances to the Quarter Master General,

817.69 “ Public buildings and institutions,

4,903,84 Total,


The ordinary expenses for the year ending March 31st, 1833,

are estimated at Special grants to sundry institutions,






The sum divided among the several school districts for the year ending March 31st, 1832, was $ 76,585.50, which considerably exceeds all the expenditure for other public purposes. This sum proceeds from a School Fund; and there is reason for believing that it is less useful than it would be, it raised by an annual tax.

The number of children between four and sixteen years of age, in all the school districts, according to the enumeration in the month of August, 1831, was 85,095.


Farmington Canal.—This canal was commenced in 1825 with the design of connecting Connecticut river at Northampton, Mass., with New Haven hạrbor. Whole distance from Northampton to New Haven, 78 miles. Only 56 miles of the canal have yet been completed, from New

Haven to Southwick, Mass. It is 36 feet wide at the surface of the water, 20 at the bottom, and 4 feet in depth. Lockage, 218 feet. The locks are 80 feet in the clear, and 12 feet wide. At its commencement, at New Haven, is a basin of 20 acres. Cost, $600,000.

Enfield Canal.—This canal is constructed around Enfield Falls on Connecticut river, and is used for extensive hydraulic works, as well as for navigation. It is five and a half miles long, with two stone locks of ten feet lift, each 90 feet by 20. Company incorporated in 1824.

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$6 a day Silas Wright, Jun., Comptroller,

2,500 Philip Phelps, Deputy Comptroller,

1,500 Abraham Keyser, Treasurer,

1,500 Azariah C. Flagg, Sec. State, and Superint. Com. Schools, 1,500 Archibald Campbell, Dep. Sec. f. Clerk of Com. of Land Office, 1,500 Greene C. Bronson, Attorney General,

1,000 Simeon De Witt, Surveyor General,

800 Stephen Van Rensselaer, Canal-Commissioner, Samuel Young,

do. William C. Bouck, Acting Canal-Commissioner,

1,500 Jonas Earll, Jun. do.


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The Senate consists of 32 members, who are elected for four years, one quarter being chosen annually. Edward P. Livingston, President.

The House of Representatives consists of 128 members. Charles L. Livingston, Speaker.

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John Walworth,
Assistant Reg., . New York,

do. Alonzo C. Paige,

Reporter, Schenectady, : 500 The eight circuit judges are vice-chancellors for their respective circuits.

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There are eight Circuit Courts, with eight Judges, and the circuits correspond, in territory and name, to the eight senate districts. Judges. Circuits. Residence.

Salary: Ogden Edwards, 1st Circuit

New York,

$1,250 Charles H. Ruggles, 20


1,250 James Vanderpoel, 3d


1,250 Esek Cowen, 4th

Saratoga Springs, 1,25,0 Nathan Williams, 5th Utica, :

1,250 Robert Monell, 6th

Greene, .

1,250 Daniel Mosely, 7th Onondaga,

1,250 Addison Gardner,



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The annual expenditure for common schools exceeds $1,000,000. Nearly one tenth of this sum is paid from a School Fund; one tenth by a tax on the towns; two tenths, by a tax on the property of the several school districts; and six tenths are paid voluntarily by the parents and guardians of the scholars. The number of scholars in these schools, in 1832, is stated at 506,887; and the proportion of the children that are known to be taught, to the whole population of the state, is more than as one to four.' In nine counties more than one third of the population are children at school during some part of the year,

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