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For the Year ending on the 1st Wednesday in January, 1833.

Balary. SAMUEL E. Smith, Governor,

$1,500 Counsellors ; Hezekiah Prince, Allen H. Cobb, Amos Allen,

Nathaniel Clark, Alfred Pierce, Charles Peavey, Samuel

P. Strickland.
Roscoe G. Greene, Secretary of State,

900 Mark Harris, Treasurer,

900 Samuel G. Ladd, Adjutant General,

700 Joel Miller, Warden of the State Prison,

700 Parker Greenough, Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes,

Fees. John K. Smith, Inspector of Butter and Lard,

Fees. David Winslow, Inspector General of Beef and Pork, Fees.


The Senate consists of 25 members; Robert P. Dunlap, President. House of Representatives, 186 members ; Benjamin White, Speaker.

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Cumberland and Oxford Canal. This canal was completed in 1829, and extends from Portland to Sebago pond. Length 205 miles; width at the surface 34 feet, at the bottom 18 ; and 4 feet in depth. It has 26 locks. A lock is also constructed in Songo river, by which navigation is continued into Brandy and Long ponds, making the whole water communication, natural and artificial, 50 miles. Cost, $211,000.



For the Year ending June 5th, 1833.


$1,200 Ralph Metcalf, Concord, Secretary of State,

800 Abner Bayley Kelley, Treasurer,

600 Joseph Low of Concord, Adjutant General.

Joseph Hill of Portsmouth, Commissary General. COUNCIL. Jacob Freese,

Deerfield, for Rockingham District. Richard Russell, Wakefield, 6 Strafford

do. Stephen Peabody, Milford, Hillsborough

do. Stephen Johnson, Walpole, 66 Cheshire

do. Nathaniel Rix, Littleton,

66 Grafton

do. SENATE. President, Benning M. Bean, Moultonborough.

Daniel P. Drown, Portsmouth, District No. 1.
Bradbury Bartlett, Nottingham,

Jesse Carr,

Aaron Whittemore, Pembroke,

4. James Farrington, Rochester,

5. Benning M. Bean, Moultonborough,

6. Peter Woodbury, Francestown,

7. Nathaniel Knowlton, Hopkinton,

8. Phinehas Handerson, Chesterfield,

9. Eleasar Jackson, Jr. Cornish,

10. Robert Burns, Hebron,

11. Jared W. Williams, Lancaster.

12. HOUSE OF Rep. Franklin Pearce, Hillsborough, Speaker.


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Superior Court.

Wm. M. Richardson of Chester, Chief Justice, 1816,
Samuel Gieen ot Concord, Associate Justice, 1819,
John Harris
of Hopkinton,

do. 1823, George Sullivan

of Exeter, Attorney General,

Salary. $1,400

1,200 1,200


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Water communication between Boston and the central part of this state, has been opened by means of Middlesex canal and Merrimack river ; around the numerous falls of the river the following canals, within the limits of New Hampshire, have been constructed ; Bow Canal, completed in 1812, is $ of a mile in length, and passes a fall of 25 feet with 4 locks. A dam is constructed across the river at the head of the falls. Cost of the whole $21.000. Hooksett Canal, 50 rods in length, passes Hooksett falls by 3 locks with a lockage of 16 feet: Cost $17,000. Amoskeag Canal, 8 miles below the above, passes a fall of the same name by a lockage of 45 feet, with 9 locks. Cost $50,000. Union Canal, immediately below Amoskeag, overcomes 7 falls in the river, and has 7 locks in 9 miles. Cost $50,000.

In 1811, a charter which has since been renewed, was granted to a com. pany for the purpose of constructing a canal from Winnipiseogee lake to Cocheco river below the landing at Dover. The distance is 27 miles. The waters of the lake are 452 feet above the level of the river, and the fall would require 53 locks. It is estimated that the expense would not exceed $300,000.

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Stephen Boyce,
Samuel S. Phillips,
Nicholas Baylies,

Assist. Justice,

do. do.

1,050 1,050 1,050

" Direct tax,

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Receipts. By Balance in the Treasury,

$4,094.35 “ Six per cent. on dividends of banks,

3,463.20 « Debts due to Old State Bank,


59,391.05 " Other receipts,

6,986.45 Total,

$77,072.05 Expenditure. To members of the General Assembly,

$12,443.20 “ Salaries of Judges,

5,875.00 " Court orders for fees of witnesses, jurors, &c.

17,336.91 " Commissioners of Deaf and Dumb,

2,550.00 " Superintendent of the State Prison,

5,000.00 “ Amount applied to School Fund,

9,586.00 " Other expenses,

9,087.79 Total,

$62,878.90 Balance remaining,

14,193.15 Total,



The State of Vermont is 157} miles in length, and from 35 to 90 in breadth. Its surface is computed to be 9,000 square miles; and its average population to each square mile in 1830, was 31.18. The face of the country is very uneven, and in many parts, mountainous. The lowest parts of the State are on the borders of lake Champlain, the surface of which is but eighty seven feet above tide water. The highest point is the peak of Mans field mountain, called the Chin, in the east part of Chittenden county. It is 4,279 feet above the level of the sea. Seven other peaks, principally in the

range of the Green Mountains, exceed 3,000 feet. The soil of Verinont is peculiarly adapted to grazing ; yet wheat, rye, barley, oats, potatoes, and Indian corn are extensively cultivated. The whole State is extremely well watered; and the mountains are cultivated to the height of 2000 feet.

In addition to the abstract of the Constitution of Vermont given in the American Almanac for 1831, it may be stated that in all elections, except those of counsellors and electors of President and Vice-President, a major

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