Lapas attēli

Cinnamon, free.
Clay, unmanufactured, free.
Clocks, 25 per cent.
Cloth, rags of, any kind, free.
Clothing, ready made, 50 per cent.
Cloves and oil of, free.
Coach laces, 35 per cent.
Coaches. See Carriages.
Coal, 6 cents a bushel.
Coal hods, 25 per cent.
Cochineal, free.

Cocoa, cocoa nuts and shells, free.
Codfish, dry, $1,00 a quintal.
Coffee, free.

Coffee mills, 25 per cent.
Coculus Indicus, free.
Cologne, water, 15
Colombo root, free.
Colors, water, 15 per cent.

per cent.

Combs, horn and shell, 15 per cent.; iron, lead, copper, and brass, 25 do.; wood, 30 do. Comfits and sweetmeats of all kinds preserved in sugar or brandy, 25 per cent.

Coney, wool of, free. Copper, bars, cakes, pig, for sheathing ships, free; braziers, 15 per cent.; copper vessels, and all manufactures of copper not otherwise specified, 25 per cent. Copperas, $2,00 per 112 lbs. Coral, free.

Cordage. See Cables.
Cordials, 53 cents a gallon.
Coriander seed, free.

Corks, 12 cents a lb.; bark, free.
Corrosive sublimate, 15 per cent.
Cotton, 3 cents a lb.

Cotton bagging, 3 cents a square yard.

Cotton, all manufactures of, or of which cotton shall be a component part, 25 per cent; excepting cotton twist, yarn, and thread, (which see). Provided, that all manufactures of cotton, or of which cotton shall be a component part, not dyed, colored, printed, or stained, not exceeding in value 30 cents a square yard, shall be valued at 30 cents a square yard, and, if dyed, colored, printed, or stained, in whole or in part, not exceeding in value 35 cents a square yard, shall be valued at 35

cents a square yard. Nankeens imported direct from China, 20 per cent.

Cotton yarn, twist, and thread, unbleached and uncolored, 25 per cent. All unbleached and uncolored cotton yarn, twist and thread, the original cost of which shall be less than 60 cents a lb., shall be deemed and taken to have cost 60 cents a lb., and shall be charged with duty accordingly, 25 pr. cent. Cotton yarn, twist, or thread, bleached or colored, 25 per cent. All bleached or colored cotton yarn, twist, or thread, the original cost of which shall be less than 75 cents a lb., shall be deemed and taken to have cost 75 cents a lb. and be charged accordingly 25 per cent.

Crapes, silk. See Silk.
Cummin seed, free.
Currants, free.

Cutting knives, same as adzes.
Cutlery, 25 per cent.

Dates, free. Demijohns, 25 cents each. Diamonds, 12 per cent. Diaper, linen and hemp, 25 per cent. Down of all kinds, 15 per cent. Drawings and paintings, free. Drawing knives, same as adzes. Duck, sail, 15 per cent. Drugs, dyeing, not otherwise specified, free, except bichromate of potash, prussiate of potash, chromate of potash, nitrate of lead, aqua fortis, and tartaric acid. Drugs, medicinal, not otherwise specified, free. Dye woods, free.

E. Earth, brown, red, blue, and yellow, being considered as ochre, 1 cent a lb.; in oil, 13 cents a lb. Earthen ware, 20 per cent. Elephants' teeth. See Ivory. Embroidery done with a needle with thread of gold or silver, 12 pr. ct. Emery, 15 per cent. Engravings, 15 per cent. Epaulettes of gold or silver, free. Epsom salts, 4 cents a lb.


Fans, 25 per cent.

Feathers, ornamental, 25 per cent, bed, 15 do.

Felts, or hat bodies made wholly or in part of wool, 18 cents each. Fiddles, 30 per cent. Figs, and Filberts, free. Filtering stones, free. Fire arms not enumerated, 30 pr. ct Fish, foreign caught, $1 per quint. Mackerel, $1,50 pr. bbl.; Salmon $2 per bbl.: all other pickled, $1 do. Dry or smoked, $1 per 112 lbs.; pickled in kegs, 15 per cent. Flannels, 16 cts. per sq. yard. See Wool.

Flax unmanufactured, free. Flax and hemp, inanufactures of, not otherwise specified, except yarn, and cordage tarred or untarred, ticklenburgs, osnaburgs, and bur25 per cent. Flints, free.

Floor cloths,patent, stamped, printed, or painted, 43 cents per square yd. Flour, wheat, 50 cents per cwt. Flowers, artificial, 25 per cent. Chamomile, free.

Fossil and crude mineral salt, 15 per

$2,50 per gross; above 4 oz. and not above 16 oz. each, $3,25 pr. gross.

Gamboge, free.

Gilt ware, 25 per cent.

Gin, 1st proof, 57: 2d 60: 3d 63: 4th 67 5th 75: above 5th. 90 cts. a gal. Ginger, free.

Glass, window, not above 8 by 10 inches, $3,00 per 100 sq. feet; not above 10 by 12, $3,50, per do; above 10 by 12, $4,00 pr. do. ;window glass imported in plates uncut is charged with the highest rates of duty; apothecaries' vials and bottles exceeding the capacity of 6 oz. and not above 16 oz. each, $2,25 per gross; perfumery and fancy vials and bottles not above the capacity of 4 oz. each,

Do. bottles, black, not above 1 quart each, $2,00 per gross; above 1 qt. $2,50; demijohns, 25 cts. each. Do.all wares of cut glass not specified,

3 cents a lb. and 30 per ct. ad val. Do. all other articles of glass not specified, 2 cts. a lb. and 20 per et. ad val.

Glauber salts, 2 cents a lb.
Gloves,woollen and worsted,25 pr.ct.
Glue, 5 cents a lb
Goat's hair, wool, or raw skins, free.
Gold dust and coin, free.
Grapes, free.
Grindstones, 15 per cent.
Gum, arabic and senegal, free.
Hair, not made up for head dresses,
15 per cent.

Hair, unmanufactured, and hair pencils, free.

Hair cloth and seating, 15 per cent.
Hair powder, 15 per cent.
Hammers, blacksmiths, 2 cts. a b.,
all others, 25 per cent.
Hams, 3 cents a lb.

Harlem oil and hartshorn, free.
Harness, 30 per cent; furniture for,
same as adzes.
Hatchets, same as adzes.

Hats, fur, leather and wool, 30 per ct.
See Bonnets.
Head dresses, ornaments for,25 per ct.
Hemp, unmanufactured, $40 a ton,

all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, 25 per cent. Henbane, free. Hides, raw, free. Hoes, 25 per cent. Honey, 15 per cent. Hooks, reaping, iron or steel, same as adzes.


Frames or sticks for umbrellas and

parasols, 25 per cent. Frankincense, free. Furs, dressed, 12 pr. ct.; undressed, Hats or bonnets.

free. Fur hats. See Hats. G.

Horn plates, for lanthorns, free. Horns, ox, other horns and tips, free. Hosiery, woollen and worsted, 25 per ct.; cotton, 25 per ct. ; silk. See Silk.


Implements of trade, of persons ar-
riving in the United States, free.
India rubber, free.
Indigo, 1 per cent.


Ink and ink powder, 15 per cent.

Ipecacuanha, free. Iris or orris root, free. Iron, anvils and anchors and parts of, 2 cts. a lb.; in bars or bolts not manufactured in whole or in part by rolling, 90 cts. per 112 lbs. Do. bar or bolt iron made wholly or in part by rolling, $30 a ton. Provided, that all iron in slabs, blooms, and loops, or other form, less finished than iron in bars or bolts and more advanced than pig iron, except castings, shall be rated as iron in bars or bolts, and pay duty accordingly.

Do. cables or chains, or parts of, 3

cents a lb.

Do. cannon, 20 per cent. Do. cast iron vessels not otherwise specified, 1 cents a lb. Do. all other castings of iron, not otherwise specified, I cent a lb. Do. mill cranks and mill irons, of wrought iron, cents a lb. Do. round iron or braziers' rods of 3-16 to S-16 of an inch diameter inclusive, nail or spike rods, nail plates, slit, rolled or hammered, and iron in sheets, hoop iron, and iron slit, rolled, or hammered for band iron, scroll iron, or casement rods, 3 cents a lb.

Do. square wire used in the manufacture of stretchers for umbrellas, 12 per cent.

Do. in pigs, 50 cents per 112 lbs
Do. old iron, $12,50 a ton.
Do. wire. See Wire.


Do all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, or of which iron is component material, 25 per cent. Do. all articles of which any particular kind of iron constitutes the whole or the greater part of the weight, and not otherwise specified, pay the same duty pr. lb. as such kind of iron, these rates of duty not to be less than 25 per cent. Isinglass, 15 per cent. Ivory, unmanufactured, free; manu

factures of, 15 per cent. Japanned wares of all kinds, 25 pr. ct. Jewelry, gold, set or not set, 12 cent; false or gilt, 25 per cent. Juniper berries, and oil of, free.


K. Kermes and kelp, free.

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specified, 25 per cent.

Leather and all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, 30 per cent. Leghorn hats and bonnets. See Bonnets.

Lemons and Limes, free.
Lime, 15 per cent.
Linens, bleached and unbleached, 15
per cent.

Lines, fishing, 25 per cent.
Liquors or cordials, 53 cents pr. gal.
Loaf sugar, 12 cents a lb.
Locks, 25 per cent.
Logwood, free.
Looking glasses, not silvered, 2 cts.
a lb. and 20 per ct. ad val. ; silver-
ed, 20 per ct.; frames of gilt on
wood, 30 per cent.

Lump sugar, 10 cents a lb.


Mace, free.

Machinery of iron and brass, 25 pr.ct.
Madder and madder root, free.
Mahogany wood, free.
Malt, 15 per cent.
Manganese, 15 per cen
Manna, free.

Manufactured tobacco, other than snuff and cigars, 10 cents a lb. Manufactures of the United States

and its Territories, free. Maps, specially imported, free. Marble, unmanufactured and busts of, free; manufactures of, 30 pr. ct. Materials for composing dyes, not otherwise enumerated, free. Matting, floor, made of flags or oth materials, 5 per cent.

Medical preparations of anatomy, free.
Mercury or quicksilver, free.
Mits, woollen or worsted, 25 per ct.
Mill cranks and mill irons of wrought
iron, 4 cts. a lb., mill saws, $1 ea.

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Plane irons, 25 per cent.
Planks, 25 per cent.

Plats for hats or bonnets. See Bonnets.

Ploughs, 25 per cent.

Pocket books, leather, 30 per cent. Porcelain, 20 per cent.

Porter. See Beer. Potash, bichromate of, prussiate of, chromate of, 12 per cent. Potatoes, 10 cents a bushel. Powder, gun, 8 cents a lb. Precious stones, set or not, and all articles composed wholly or chiefly of, 12 pr. ct.; glass imitation of, 2 ets. a lb., and 20 per ct. ad val. ; other imitations of, 15 per ct. Preserves. See Comfits. Printing types, 25 per cen、

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Prunes, free.

Prussiate of potash, 12 per cent.


Quadrants, 25 per cent. Quicksilver, free.

Ꭱ. Rags of cloth, free. Railroads, iron for, if actually em. ployed for the purpose, there is a drawback equivalent to the duty. Raisins of all kinds, free. Rattans, unmanufactured, free. Raw silk, 12 per cent. Razors, 25 per cent. Reaping hooks, same as adzes. Red lead, 4 cents a pound. Reeds, unraanufactured, free. Rhubarb, free.

Rice, 15 per cent. Rifles, $2,50 each.

Quills, prepared, 25 per cent.; un- Shovels and tongs, 25 per cent.
prepared, free.
Sickles, same as adzes.

Silk, all manufactures of, or of which
silk shall be a component part,
coming from beyond the Cape of
Good Hope, 10 pr. ct.; all other,
5 pr ct. except sewing silk, which
is 40 do.

Rochelle salts, 15 per cent.
Roots, bulbous, free.

Ropes, grass or bark, 5 cts. a pound.
Rotten stone, free.
Rum, 1st and 2d proof, 53; 3d, 57;
4th, 63 cents per gallon.
Saddlery, plated, brass, and polished
steel, same as adzes; common
tinned and japanned of all descrip-
tions, 10 per cent.
Saddles, 30 per cent.
Saffron, free.
Sago, free.

Sail duck, 15 per cent.
Salt, 10 cents for 56 lbs.
Saltpetre, crude, free: refined, 3 cts.
a pound.

Salts, Rochelle, 15 per ct.; glauber,
2 cents a pound.
Sandal wood, free.
Sarsaparilla, free.
Saws, mill, $1 each, all other, 25 pr. ct.
Scale beams, same as adzes.
Screws, wood, (so called, but of
iron) same as adzes.
Sculpture, specimens of, specially
imported, free.

Scythes, same as adzes. Segars, $2,50 for 1000. Senna, free.

25 do.; for children, 15 do. Shellac, free.

Sheeting, Russia, 25 per cent.
Sheetings. See Cotton.
Shoes, of silk, 30 cts. a pair; nan-
keen, prunella stuff, and leather

Shells, tortoise, free.

Shovels, of iron or steel, same as adzes.

Silk, raw, 12 per cent. Skins, undressed, free.

Slates of all kinds, 25 per cent. Sledges, blacksmith's, 2 cents a lb. Slippers, silk, 30, leather 25, and

children's do., 15 cents a pair. Snuff, 12 cents a pound. Soap, 4 cts. al b., perfumed, 15 per ct. Spades, iron or steel, same as adzes. Spectacles. gold or silver mounted,

12; shell, 15; metal 25 per cent. Spikes, 4 cents a lb. Spoons, not silver, 25 per cent. Spirits distilled from grain, 1st proof 57; 2d, 60; 3d, 63; 4th, 67; 5th, 75: above 5th, 90 cents a gal. Spirits, distilled from other materials than grain, 1st and 2d proof, 53; 3d, 57; 4th, 63; 5th, 72: above 5th, 85 cents a gallon. Sponges, free.

Squares of iron or steel, same as adzes.

Starch, 15 per cent.

Steel, $1,50 for 112 lbs. ; all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, 25 per cent.

Steelyards, same as adzes.
Strings, for musical instruments, free.
Stone, load, 15 per cent.
Stone-ware, 20 per cent.
Stones, precious, 12 per cent.
Stuff goods, worsted, 10 per cent.
Sugar, brown, and syrup of sugar
cane, in casks, 2 cts. a lb. ; white
clayed, 3, do.; lump, 10 do. ;
loaf and candy, 12 do.

Sugar of lead, 5 cents a pound.
Sulphur or brimstone, free.
Sulphuric acid, 3 cents a pound.
Sumach, free.

Sweetmeats preserved in sugar or brandy, 25 per cent.

Swords and swordblades, 30 per ct.

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