Interconnection Networks and Mapping and Scheduling Parallel Computations: DIMACS Workshop, February 7-9, 1994

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American Mathematical Soc., 1995 - 342 lappuses
The interconnection network is one of the most basic components of a massively parallel computer system. Such systems consist of hundreds or thousands of processors interconnected to work cooperatively on computations. One of the central problems in parallel computing is the task of mapping a collection of processes onto the processors and routing network of a parallel machine. Once this mapping is done, it is critical to schedule computations within and communication among processors so that the necessary inputs for a process are available where and when the process is scheduled to be computed. This book contains the refereed proceedings of a DIMACS Workshop on Massively Parallel Computation, held in February 1994. The workshop brought together researchers from universities and laboratories, as well as practitioners involved in the design, implementation, and application of massively parallel systems. Focusing on interconnection networks of parallel architectures of today and of the near future, the book includes topics such as network topologies, network properties, message routing, network embeddings, network emulation, mappings, and efficient scheduling.

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Restricted routing and wide diameter of the cycle prefix network
Permutation routing via Cayley graphs with an example for bus interconnection networks
Using helpful sets to improve graph bisections
Modification of consecutived digraphs
Highly adaptive wormhole routing algorithms for ndimensional torus
Conflictfree access to constantperimeter rectangular subarrays
Makespan minimization of task graphs with random task running times
Scheduling of structured and unstructured computation
Asynchronous packet routers
Cayley digraphs of finite cyclic groups with minimal average distance
Shuffled tree based faulttolerant hierarchical interconnection networks
Restricted connectivity and restricted fault diameter of some interconnection networks
Sorting and selection on interconnection networks
Towards a simple construction method for Hamiltonian decomposition of the hypercube
Generalized reduced hypercube interconnection networks for massively parallel computers
List of participants

The problem of contention
Communications in optically interconnected parallel computer systems
Faulttolerant Kautz networks
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