Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, 141. sējums,28. izdevums

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152. lappuse - Of all civil causes of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, saving to suitors in all cases the right of a common-law remedy where the common law is competent to give it, and to claimants the rights and remedies under the workmen's compensation law of any State.60 Fourth.
292. lappuse - ... permitted or required to work more than eight hours in any one calendar day except in cases of extraordinary emergency caused by fire, flood or danger to life or property.
65. lappuse - Subdivision one of section seven hundred and twelve of chapter twenty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An act relating to education, constituting chapter sixteen of the consolidated laws...
143. lappuse - Annually on or before the first day of February, the commission shall make a report to the legislature, which shall include a statement of the number of awards made by it and the causes of the accidents leading to the injuries for which the awards were made, a detailed statement of the expenses of the commission, the condition of the state insurance fund, together with any other matter which the commission deems proper to report to the legislature, including any recommendations it may desire to make.
61. lappuse - To ascertain by a comparison with other similar institutions, whether any improvements in instruction and discipline can be made; and for that purpose to appoint, from time to time, suitable persons to visit the schools.
64. lappuse - Couteulx Saint Mary's institution for the improved instruction of deaf-mutes in the city of Buffalo; or, 4. The Central New York institution for deaf-mutes in the city of Rome; or, 5. The Albany home school for the oral instruction of the deaf at Albany; or, 6.
219. lappuse - Number Per Number Per Number Per Number Per cent cent cent cent...
152. lappuse - The remedy which the Compensation Statute attempts to give is of a character wholly unknown to the common law, incapable of enforcement by the ordinary processes of any court, and is not saved to suitors from the grant of exclusive jurisdiction.
183. lappuse - ... shall forfeit to the people of the state the sum of one hundred dollars for each refusal and answer untruthfully given, to be sued for and recovered by the commissioner in his name of office.
294. lappuse - Each member of the board and the secretary shall have power to make personal inspections of all factories, factory buildings, mercantile establishments and other places to which this chapter is applicable. (2) To subpoena and require the attendance in this state of witnesses and the production of books and...

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