Administrative Law of the European Union, Its Member States and the United States: A Comparative Analysis

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Intersentia, 2007 - 419 lappuses
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This second edition offers a comparative introduction to the most important aspects of administrative law in various European Union (EU) Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK), at the EU level itself, and in the US. The book contributes to the 'transboundary' understanding of different regimes, related to actions and decisions of the administration. It is designed for education, research, and legal practice purposes, and therefore the contributions to the book are all based on one and the same format, thus making it more accessible for its readers. The areas examined include: the definition of administrative law --- who does the administrating --- the available instruments for the administration --- the formal rules/principles, written or unwritten, governing administrative actions --- access to administrative courts against administrative actions/decisions --- enforcement by the administration --- financial liability of the administration for unlawful actions --- recent and future developments and conclusions

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